Are Hitboxes Broken, Abilities? Or Am I Just a ****?

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Smash Rookie
Dec 31, 2018
Hey, just getting into Smash but I just find it somewhat broken and or stupid compared to other games and smash titles when it comes to hitboxes and attacks.
I would like to know how a fist, that is not even close to hitting me, hits me? Like can someone explain? I understand that if it was completely accurate that landing hits would be close to impossible. But, wtf. If I was in that situation, and trust me I have, it would not have landed.
Secondly, how does a foot outrange a sword? I can understand them cancelling attacks but having a kick go through a sword attack (these were both tilt attacks) is dumb. If one was a smash or special I can understand but nope, the kick or punch always beats out the sword (I have tested this with a friend).
Third, can we get rid of specials that are grab moves? They are dumb. I face people who only side B on Inciniroar and do nothing all game. Plus ****ers who only throw projectiles and hide in the edges of the map. Can we get cooldowns? Or even cooldowns for spamming by reducing the damage and or next availability and reward projectiles and or any special moves if it does land?
I feel like balances only affect high-level players and don't consider the lower level players. I find it a little unfair, but also understand the high-level players have the most voice and or image for the game on social media or playtime.
PS. anyone know if I can get refunded. Maybe I'll play Mario Odyssey because it is fun.
Not open for further replies.