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Applications of down throw?


Frost Tree Pokémon
Jan 3, 2015
Hi all, I've been playing around with Pika a lot recently. My question is: does Pika's down throw have any uses/applications other than tech chasing, or is it just strictly bad compared to his other throws in that regard?


Smash Apprentice
Dec 2, 2014
It combos icies pretty(although it doesn't lead into anything guaranteed, as far as I know), and gives you good frame advantage vs puff/peach at really high percent(they have to airdodge out to avoid a nair, which can be read and punished with nair/dair or something. It also is tied for his most damaging throw(upthrow does 10%, it does 10%, fthrow and bthrow do 9%), so if you're solely looking for damage and your other throws are staled, it not a bad option, especially since you can buffer dthrow out of a pummel. Over all though, its def his worst throw.


Smash Rookie
Apr 5, 2016
Accord, NY
At higher percents (around 90-120), you can immediately follow up with u-smash on Sheik and Marth. Other than that, for floaties, you can tech chase them a little easier than you could with up throw at low/mid percent.


SD God
Jun 11, 2009
Being a Scrub
use it as a mix-up tool, people will either jump out of it or fall down. If they jump, bam you took their double jump, if they fall usmash em.


Smash Journeyman
Mar 17, 2015
I think this set is the best example of dthrow's application. At high %s, If Peach doesnt airdodge she gets hit, but when she airdodges she doesnt have enough time to punish afterwards. I keep wondering why Axe will sometimes opt for fthrow or upthrow at high %s if dthrow gives him a risk free opportunity to convert.
I've already tested that upthrow -> nair is guaranteed from like 0% - 60%(cant remember off the top of my head) and upthrow -> upair combos til like 90%.
I saw that at 13:58 he dthrows Peach at 73% and true combos into nair but I think that was only because Armada DI'ed up. Can anyone confirm at what % dthrow gives enough frame advantage for pikachu to nair without the risk of being naired?
I also saw that at 14:22 he fthrow -> upsmashes at low % and it seemed to combo. Is this DI dependant, and at wht %s does this happen?
I want to see if we can make a little chart for Pika's throw followups on Peach. It'd be something like upthrow -> nair from 0%-60%, upthrow -> upair from 60%-70%, and dthrow -> nair at 70%+. If we can fit fthrow-> upsmash in there that'd be great too. I also wanna mention that if there isnt space to dash, fthrow or bthrow offstage may be the best option.
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