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App for finding Brawl Players


Smash Journeyman
Sep 19, 2006
Memphis, TN
Hi all,

My name is Ryan, and together with a close friend of mine I built a free Android app that we call Phase. We have a very straightforward goal: making it easier to play games with others.

Phase is an Android app designed to help you both coordinate group play with friends and find new friends to game with. We just launched a new version today with some very Smash relevant features that we believe you will find useful. Here's how it works:

1) Download the app on the Play Store here and register a username. You can search for "Phase" if you need to find the app without a link.

2) Join one of the already existing public online games and play with the group when the scheduled start time rolls around.

Alternately, hit "create game" and make your own game (use any title you want), time to play, and play style preference (competitive/casual). If you mark the game as public it will be visible to anyone on the app.

Looking to play in person? Phase has a local games tab where you can find games in your area or schedule games at an location of your choosing. Great for finding new smashers where you live.

3) That's it! There is a group chat option with notifications to help get everyone organized and playing together and a reminder will be sent to everyone before the game starts.

Note: You can also invite friends to your games by phone, email, or in-app by hitting the “Invite Friends” button on the game details screen. For friend that don't have the app, they'll get a personalized link to an RSVP site so they can see the game details and accept or decline (works on iPhone).

FYI: For all public and local games your real name will not be visible, usernames will be shown instead.

Thank you for reading, please try out Phase and tell us what you think. Everything is completely free, we’re just trying to help more people play games together. My partner Russ and I will be responding to comments and questions in this thread as well as private messages, so ask away! You can find more contact information on facebook here if you prefer to chat with us by other means.

Oh and finally, we also have a lot of exciting plans for future versions of Phase! Some of our upcoming features are an iPhone release, profiles with friend codes, alerts when a local game is happening in your area, and money match support. Let us know in the comments what features we could add that are important to you, all feedback is welcome.
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