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Apex Training: Shirts Off! aka The $1 Hotel Room Tournament on Saturday of Apex


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA
Wow. This whole thing was completely spur of the moment. We were expecting maybe 20 people at maximum. I can't believe we had 54 people play (and more pass through) our hotel room on Saturday! I loved it and I hope you all had a great time.

Thank you to everyone who participated for being super cooperative and helping me move this along as fast as I could. With 4 setups (3 were recording!) I'm amazed we were able to go start to finish in 5 hours 20 minutes. <3

I had a little fun with this allowing people to buy-in a spot from those who had left and weren't coming back. I'll do my best to have it make sense in the results where people jumped in and all.
Maine (th0rn, banks, morgue, SOLAR) were placed in losers for arriving late, and MacD forfeit in winners because he did not want to play HugS. I hope everything is clear!

Bracket without buy-in names
Bracket with buy-in names
1: Codi (Hungrybox bought in on r4 losers vs th0rn) ($53)
2: Shroomed ($1)
3: Lovage (Kirby Kaze bought in on r2 winners vs violence)
4: darrel (Unknown 522 bought in on r4 winners vs lovage[kirby kaze])
5: Hugs (I.B. bought in on r8 losers vs codi[hbox])
5: Mafia
7: Zoso (Weon-X bought in on r4 losers vs veda)
7: banks
9: toph
9: andy
9: vish
9: S2J (th0rn bought in on r6 losers vs banks)
13: morgue
13: Jpeg
13: MacD (stabbedbyanipple bought in on r2 losers vs GSO)
13: Sheridan
17: the prime
17: veda
17: th0rn
17: L
17: Lefty
17: KevinM
17: Arc
17: Violence
25: Diesel
25: Silent Wolf (spife bought in on r2 losers vs darkdragoon)
25: Lupe
25: Blanky
25: Tarheel jks
25: ycz6
25: HaileyM
33: Twix
33: SmashJin
33: Dark Dragoon
33: Tafokins
33: lance in the pants
33: GSO
33: MattDotZeb
33: Nick
33: larx
33: tom
33: Tope
49: Jinjo
49: Boatmode
49: tyler
49: juan

We had Vish, Codi, and Blanky recording. Check out their channels!

Also check out Blanky's channel for uploads from Thursday night's smashfest in Boatload, Lupe, and Nick's room starring Captain Jack, Duck, Javi, Hack, DoH and other stupidly good players.


Smash Hero
May 26, 2006
Why didn't I know about this T_T
I didn't want to go to the venue and not be able to play but it sounds like this was pretty sweet :(


Smash Apprentice
Nov 21, 2011
Really think shroomed deserves more cred overall. He really does manage to be consistant. Definitely top 10 imo. Also I would('ve :p) love a spoiler tag on the results.


Smash Lord
Jul 12, 2006
Tuk House, WA
shoutout to MDZ for hosting this thing last minute
If this was scaled by x6 the players, it would've been better than apex itself lmao


Smash Lord
Apr 1, 2010
Could you please post links to the vids when they're up? Those channels seem to never be updating.


Smash Hero
Jan 4, 2006
Quincy, MA
Could you please post links to the vids when they're up? Those channels seem to never be updating.
Yes, I'll monitor them and they will most likely be added into Juggleguy's APEX video thread.
this sounds hella fun
i like the random buy ins haha
I'm getting a huge positive feedback from this. I might attempt this again at the next Brawl/Melee national where Melee has absolutely nothing going on one day.
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