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Anyone have data for...

F. Stein

Smash Journeyman
Nov 23, 2015
Gathering my own data slowly since i can't find it anywhere else and this place seems a bit dead.

1. If Doc can utilize NIL? If so, on what stages is this easiest?

2. What percentages does up throw force a spacey to land or tech on a platform, and what is the variance between stages?

BF - Side Plat = 13% Fox - Top Plat = 111% Fox - Uthrow Kill off top = 222% Fox
DL - Side Plat = 27% Fox - Top Plat = 104% Fox - Uthrow Kill off top = 267% Fox
YS - Side Plat = 0% Fox - Top Plat = 76% Fox Uthrow Kill off top = 208% Fox
PS - Side Plat = 0%

3. Does Doc have any tricks from the ledge using his invincibility frames?
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Smash Lord
Apr 6, 2008
West Palm Beach, FL + the Doc Boards!!
Doc has an invincible ledgedash. If you're near frame perfect you can get any attack that comes within 5 frames without trading hits; jab, f-tilt, d-smash, up-tilt, up-B, D-TILT (under-used by the world). You MIGHT be able try grab with the invincibility still active, but it's not dummy proof that just yet.
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