Any tips for the Incineroar vs Ganon matchup?


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Apr 6, 2019
As an Incineroar main I do know that he struggles with fighting zoners and speedy characters. But Ganon, who normally isn't classified as either a zoners or fast character, is giving me such a hard time. Incineroar's super heavyweight means nothing when fighting Ganon (just one or few mistakes and you are dead). His weak mobility and large hurtbox also make Ganon's side B and aerial attacks hard to escape from. I used to think this is an even matchup, but after losing to some Ganon mains for like 30 or 40 times I started checking some tournaments videos and I hardly found even one set with Incineroar taking the lead.

Is this really a bad match up for our beloved big cat? Are there any tips that I can hold on to when I am fighting a Ganon player?
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Oct 31, 2018
I wouldn't say I'm super familiar with the matchup or Incineroar in general, but I'm wondering if the spinning lariat move would beat out flame choke. It's probably tough, since the two characters have a similar archetype, but Ganon's significantly faster. My only other thought would be to try challenging the aerials instead of just avoiding them. Incineroar has pretty fast frame data, right? You might be able to out-button or out-space some of Ganon's shorter moves.

I don't know if any of that is feasible or even possible, but I wish you the best figuring out the matchup.


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May 3, 2019
I've played incineroar as a main against my friends Ganon. I run up shield utilize lariat and nair to punish. Get read and use revenge. Side b is good to use when they down b or smash attack. Edge gaurd with Fair, Bair, or go for dair spike but watch our for their up b stage spike be ready to tech. contest arials with uptilt. Try Fsmash on hard read cause that will be the easy kills moves. Also try to go for back throws on high percent. Good Luck

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As both a Ganondorf main and an Incineroar main, I’ve played the matchup from both sides.
Use Incineroar’s quick n-air and f-air to bait and punish, and see if you can get a few good hits or strings in.
On the defensive side, due to ‘Dorf’s powerful, far-reaching moves, you’ve got to either out-reach him, or outspeed him. Incineroar can’t outspeed.
So, stay out of his offensive range and force him to approach; he’ll likely use dash attack or Wizard’s Foot, both of which are easy to read and can be countered.
Hopefully that helps a bit, good luck with it! :)


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Sep 11, 2012
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Ganon's love using Wizkick and it's extremely punishable, even when it goes passed your shield, so try to bait it out. The mu is still very difficult as Ganondorf is extremely good at exploiting Incineroar's biggest weaknesses like range and recovery. Doesn't help that Ganondorf is actually faster than his opponent for once.
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Jul 29, 2015
Imo matchup is in favor of incineroar.
Play defensively, by approaching shielding and punishing, you can use well-spaced Fair, Dodge then lariat will be very useful, also ganon will must fear your revenge, the only threat is flame choke beware of it.
Try to play the closest out of Ganon Neutral range, which is better and more powerful than incineroars.
Punish with Side B.
When ganon is recovering from deep, edgeguarding with Nair or Fair Bair just after his jump result a K.O.


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Oct 6, 2019
Is tryin to get a Revenge boost against Ganon risky since he has 2 command grabs and can easily deal enough damage to remove it.