Any Smashers (Melee/Smash 4) in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs? \_(0^0)_/

Feb 2, 2017
Just wondering if theres a smash community in the eastern or general sydney area keen for Monthly smash events.
Semi-competitive on either melee or smash 4?


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May 8, 2014
hey welcome! we tend to post mostly on the facebook page

cal has a weekly meet thats pretty much just melee and pm but if a bunch of people rock up with smash4 gear he'll let em use powerpoints. of course, we missed one because he was hospitalised (which is totally understandable). cal makes a post in the facebook group a day before each wednesday/thursday confirming it's happening

smash4 TOs (hans and invisi iirc) have booked nerd cave for monthlies but nerd cave is going to move, theyll run monthlies and definetly will post an event in the facebook page when things are set in stone. i think theyre trying to be more in the middle of sydney to make travel easier for as many peeps as possible which is sweet

i'm going to book a venue each month for CRTs as long as im on top of uni stuff

outside of notifying you of cal's weekly meets, the official next tournament thread in smashboards-australia is usually updated with the newest stuff.
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