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Any Charizard specific tech?


Smash Apprentice
Mar 15, 2015
Hialeah, Florida
Hey, guys! I'm new to Charizard (not to PM) and would like to know if there's any Charizard specific tech or anything in general really. I'm a Sonic main and lately have found myself enjoying Charizard due to the fact that I'm not used to playing someone with such priority and power. I've been doing really good with him lately and even took him out at a tournament. I've done some super neat stuff but half of the time I feel like the only reason I've been getting results with him is cause I know basic fundamentals so it made me wish to enhance my Charizard by actually finding stuff about him. Any help would be greatly appreciated :D


Smash Hero
Jul 19, 2010
Grieving No Longer
Mostly glide shenanigans. Edge canceling glide attack, stalling at/getting off the ledge with it, b-reversing the end of it, etc.


If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?
Aug 8, 2014
Your moms house.
Upsmash Down B Side B kills ridiculously early because people try to DI for the Up B out of your Down. No real "tech" but some REALLY GREAT mixups


Smash Cadet
Jan 10, 2015
far away from any tournament
The only thing I know related to charizard, if that if you press B with your back to the ledge, while standing on the edge, you'll drop straight to the ledge. can use it to edgeguard but wavedashing might be faster idk


Smash Rookie
Sep 29, 2014
Palo Alto, California
Hi, I just started labing with Charizard a bit myself and these are some of the things I've decided to work on. I'm obviously not experienced at all because I'm just starting, but maybe this will help.

On Ledge Options:
  • Regrabbing with down-b and b-reversed down-b (not sure if these are fully invincible but they seem like a good way to refresh for edge guarding etc.)
  • Glide attack to regrab (regrabbing with the attack animation is risky because you don't maintain invincibility all the way through, and you die if you miss the grab, but it could maybe be a good mixup if your opponent is playing to aggressively at the edge.
  • Glide attack on stage (if you are touching or just above the stage and your glide attack angle is parellel to it, it will cancel the end lag. I've found getting the right angle from the ledge a bit trick so far, still working on it)
  • Down-b cancelled land (I'm assuming this is the fastest way to get back to stage, faster than his waveland, because I always see good Charizards use it, but I don't actually know)
Edge Guarding
  • Drop zone b-reversed down-b (seems pretty fast and consistent because you can just run off the stage. plus it looks cooler than wavedashing)
  • On stage neutral-b fast fall (it's good if you're going for a tightly timed ledge grab but if you're just trying to get to the edge from center stage there are faster ways)
Nair Shenanigans
  • Reverse nair from ledge
  • Timing edge guards with the bottom hitbox
  • RAR nair: early hit, late hit, short hop, delayed nair so only the early hit comes out before it's l-cancelled
Follow ups

This seems like the biggest part of the learning curve for Charizard so far. He has some very strong punishes but I never know the correct way to punish. When should I chain nairs or finish with bair? Fair or reverse bair? Up air to up air or up air to dair? When can I fly to side-b versus fly to up-b versus fly to whatever else? Obviously it's all percent and DI dependent but I think it's gonna take a while to figure anything out?

So yeah, that's what I've got so far. Anything Charizard specific you're working on that I didn't mention?


Smash Cadet
Nov 3, 2008
brampton, ontario
The only thing I know related to charizard, if that if you press B with your back to the ledge, while standing on the edge, you'll drop straight to the ledge. can use it to edgeguard but wavedashing might be faster idk
if your back is to the ledge you can also just hit backward and downward (tilting). this works for everycharacter to snap to ledge, with the angle being slightly different, but it is safer then wavedash back when you literally have no space to wavedash backward
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