Any advise for the Marth matchup? I really need it.


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Feb 18, 2015
East Greenbush, New York
Marth is easily the matchup I have the most trouble with. First of all, I have no idea how to approach. Everything Marth does comes out faster and has a longer reach than anything I can try to hit him with. And if I get knocked into the air, I just get juggled nonstop. Once I am knocked offstage the stock is basically lost. The only way I can possibly get back is if Marth messes up REAL bad. His Fsmash just covers every recovery option I can think of. Maybe I'm just bad, but it seems to me like Marth has Ganon beat in every area. Even Fox and Falco don't give me this much trouble. What can I do against him?


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Sep 2, 2015
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bait out an attack and punish, Ganon has a pretty strong punish game. for recovering you can either try your best to sweetspot the ledge or recover to middle stage so you won't get edgegarded.

F. Stein

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Nov 23, 2015
ya bait and punish. If the marth knows better he'll just space everything and eliminate all your options.

Toa Idar

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Jan 18, 2014
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The Marth MU is my best MU, 50% of Norwegians play him. :054:

You want to make him commit to a move, and be ready to punish it.
Marths moves are kinda laggy.
Ganon can easily hit Marth with an U-air if he tries to approach with F-air.
If the Marth is a scruby Marth that just spams F-smash you should just dash in and out of his space to make him commit to a f-smash, then quickly punish with a f-air, b-air or grab.

I find that side-b is really useful against when the Marth tries to approach with n-air, since Ganon ducks under the hitboxes and is able to hit the side-b. side-b leads to a lot of such as u-air.
When edgeguarding Marth, the best options IMO is to either just hold ledge, or stand with your back towards him so you can tipman side-b recoveries that are used to high and close to the stage.
B-air works great if the Marth ends up over the ledge with up-b or you can use the Marthkiller if he tries to sweetspot.

You can get one regrab on Marth with d-throw if he is at 0% (not sure if this is guaranteed).
You can also get d-throw to Up-smash on him at around the 60% mark if he doesn't DI behind you. If he does you can B-air or U-air him instead.

I prefer fighting Marth on BF and DL64.
Yoshi's and FoD are ok, but he can get some easy tippers on those stages.
FD and PS are the worst stages in this MU IMO, avoid at all cost.

Hope this helps :079:

Barry BlaZe

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Jan 12, 2015
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- Against sh double fair approaches u can sheild the first fair and uair oos before the second fair comes out.
- I always find myself using runaway bair out of dash dance if i think marth is going to approach me.
- Waveland into bair/tipman is super sexy and nice for edgeguarding marth.
- Also use the marth killer!!!!! ganon has alot of oppurtunities because his moves have high knockback and theres a lot of cases where marth's double jump and up b will only allow him to reach the edge
- Generally out of down throw you can uair them if they di in front or above and bair them if they di behind.
- Wave land f tilts and down b is good for hitting marth when he thinks hes "safe" if u do double jump vertical waveland into f tilt it really closes the gap fast and with f tilt can suprise marth. I use down b sometimes when i read that marth will be caught in the air somehow.
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