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Any advice? [video included]

Lemonade Candy

Smash Apprentice
Oct 26, 2014
There are threads for this honey. Learn to read.

Everyone uses that half ***'d explanation when someone plays peach. It gets on my nerves because she is rush down. You're too aggressive is not advice! /rant

Side b more. Safe on shield. Gets rid of luma for free. Dash attack sucks on light weights. So if theyre at high %'s they fall out of second hit. Grab there or mash jab. If jab hits, they must tech if its at high %'s which can be punished with side b or dash attack. Short hop dair cancel double jump fair is a combo. Pretty much practice your combos. They give they give you the set ups you want to look out for. Up b is really strong. It has a hitbox out the duration of it. High BKB at rage for rage for peach. She can kill jiggly at 0% on dreamland from a float dair into up b.

Training room is this character.

im just peachy

Smash Ace
Jul 4, 2014
(: Hah-Cha that Luma away! very reliable move in Smash4. That luma will get knocked out quick and you bounce back into safety after you hit Luma or Shields respectively.
I like to Side-B into their shields and either do a neutral air or forward air right after, because they usually don't expect a second hit after the Side-B. Try it sometime!
I don't use her neutral slaps that often because the range is quite awful.. I also don't understand the rainbow when you get hit haha, they could use that against you..
Stay at a safe distance while floating/going in with an aerial.. like in the first video you did it at 6:40-6:42!! perf. that rosalina grabbed you whenever they wanted! She was so handsy.
Toad is almost unusable imo.. leaves you open a lot of the time.
The only reason you didn't do well against that annoying rosalina is because you didn't quite know how to handle the luma, other than that you're doing so good (:

Remember Peach is the most if not close to the most technical character in the game, always feel proud about how you do against your opponent because chances are you are doing 5 times the work they are even if you lose. :cyclops:
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