Animal Crossing Direct Announced for February 20th


Nintendo just announced that an upcoming Direct for Animal Crossing New Horizons is slated for this Thursday, February 20th.

You can catch the Direct at 6 am PT and 9 am ET. Please check your regional time zone to verify the time of the Direct. The livestream will be 25 minutes in length and will feature the upcoming New Horizons. While it’s unsure if any Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content will be shown, we for sure see tons of new information and content about the upcoming game. New Horizons is set to launch in March 20th for the Switch which is almost a month away. This Direct comes after a long drought and numerous Direct rumors so this is a welcomed announcement for many; especially for Animal Crossing fans!

What do you want to see in this Direct? Are you hyped about the game? Please let us know in the comments below!
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


I do wonder what new content they have planned for this Animal Crossing.

Personally I'd love it if you could customize the shape of the rooms in your house, so some rooms could be wider and others smaller if you want.
As a long time fan of the series, I am extremely excited to see what’s in store. I am super hyped to see what new fish, insects, and fossils will be included! The flying fish, dumbo octopus, giant squid, electric eel, dung beetle, katydid, and Earthworm are high on my lists.
Oh man I didn't even think about new fossils and collectible animals, that will be neat!
Oh man I didn't even think about new fossils and collectible animals, that will be neat!
I like fish, I like bugs, I like paintings, and I like dinosaurs. So naturally the whole collection thing spoke volumes to me. The nerd is me wants to see tons of content added like beluga sturgeons, hummingbird moths, and dodo fossils. And I even forgot the Diving creatures as well...

And while I don’t think it’ll be added, I have always wanted to see Relics (sarcophagi, pottery, medieval swords, suits of knight armor, etc) and plants (fruit trees, flowers, and new content like Venus fly traps and blue berries) included in collection/museum.
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I'm interested in finding out what auxiliary stores we'll be getting. We can expect the usuals like the Nook store and the Able Sisters and what not, but I'm lookin' towards stuff like Shampoodle, Kicks, Club LOL, stuff like that. Shops we can unlock as we go on to make our life more interesting.
For the longest time, my younger sister has been the Animal Crossing fan of the family. Not me. But I have some fond memories of watching her play it for hours on end. So I made the decision a fair amount of time before New Horizon's was revealed that I would give the newest console entry in the series a try to see if I can experience some of that magic again.

However friend requests end up working in this game, I look forward to sending her one by surprise once the time comes.
This series is something really special, it just seems like one of those games where, if you were having a rough day and you played it. It would make you feel atomically better.

The music is just plain beautiful too.

I'm looking forward to this.
Really hope we get more amiibo neighbors. That was such a fun idea in New Leaf.
I really want my Off The Hook inspired villagers since NL has Squid Sisters inspired villagers. Snooty Hamster based on Pearl and Uchi Ostrich based on Marina?
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