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Mar 14, 2008
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:happysheep:Be-all End-all All-in-one Project64k Vista Edition Pack, with sparkles:happysheep:
Long but pretty good video tutorial on setting up EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR SMASH 64 ONLINE, props to Knitephox :drshrug:

If asked to change connection type:

American servers use LAN, other servers vary.

"Tier List said:
Please upload to mediafire - not everybody has or cares about a premium account for downloading sites

Please post any links you think should be on here. Uploading to Mediafire is appreciated if it's needed.

The 64 Backroom Recommended Ruleset

SSB Advanced Techniques: Stuff you should know

All credit to dch

Contains every techskill tidbit the aspiring new player needs to get with the game as it is.
Emulator not working? Try these, beginning from the top.

Be-all End-all All-in-one Project64k Vista Edition Pack, with sparkles
Courtesy of Semp. Has everything. EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Standard Version

This is the emulator the majority of players online use. It has been kitted out with the glide64 graphics plugin and Ownasaurus's tweaked kailleraclient.dll.

Uploaded by dandan (MF link) and WOTG (RS link), thanks :D

Vista/Windows 7 Edition (new link)
I uploaded this myself, because I’m a nice guy :)

old build: to dandan)

Please check back for updates every now and then.

This client is a replacement for the 'kaillerclient.dll' file you find in preprepared downloads of Project 64k and netplay-enabled Mupen emulators. It has been modified extensively, and includes a number of incredibly useful features, such as:

  • Inbuilt P2P and Playback functions
  • The 'ping spoof' function
  • Multiple server lists
  • Tweaked P2P and Server address memories
  • Faster connection
  • More 'modern' interface
and many, many more.

To switch clients (assuming you downloaded PJ64k or Mupen from their respective sites), simply download the provided client and transplant (copy and paste) it into your emulator directory. You will be asked whether you want to replace the existing client, which you should answer 'Yes' to.

The original client lacks the P2P function. P2P stands for Person-to-person, and is a faster, less laggy method of playing your favourite games online. Instead of sending packets and information to a server, players use the client as a direct go-to, making the connection faster and less likely to desynch, given a good computer. Even if your bandwidth for the month has been used up, you can still join a hosted game and get at least server quality matches.

The weakness of P2P is that it cannot support games with 3 or more players...yet.

Original thread here: Essentially a plugin for p2p multiplayer. A little laggy, but functional.

Updated variety of cheats for Project 64 and Project 64k, all credit to Gaudy

Includes cheats for convenience, several gameshark stages and cheats for Dairantou Smash Brothers (J). Many thanks to malva for it. Mediafire mirror is my own. name changed because malva is modest and stuff

This is the updated, super awesome, portable pdf file of the basic 'techniques' in Smash 64 All newbies should give it a once-over, if not a twice- or thrice- over, because it is very concise and very informative.
How do I play online?

See these guides.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

The Video Thread
Regularly updated and polished video thread by Blue Yoshi.

Wenbobular's Advanced Terms and Techniques
Fairly outdated, but all the standards (Z-Cancels, crouch cancels, some character specifics) are here.

The Online Player Index/Compendium
Active Online Players and their contact details (AIM, MSN, etc), the emulator they use, their location, and their P2P status.

The European Smash Index
For those of the old continent.

cht. file including Final Destination
Not perfectly sure why it's still stickied but whatever

The Social Thread
bring the inane, mudane and arcane talk here (yes i know what arcane means)

Old Smash Index
by craiigg


The New Tier List

Backroom Tier List with Stats
So I've compiled all of the votes and extracted some statistics. Here's what I came up with:
Tier List



Color coded to highlight the extreme votes:

In terms of order, it's exactly the same as the current tier list except Kirby / Fox and Jiggly / Ness are switched and Link / Luigi are tied. Discuss.
Old Community Tier List
*IMPORTANT* The tier list is for HIGH LEVEL PLAY and was based off theorycrafting matchups. It is important to note that, unlike many other competitive tier lists, this list did not have significant tournament results to work with, and thus the community collectively discussed matchups and used MATH to come up with this list. It is not intended to let you to go and complain to your Pikachu using friends, nor is it there for you to say 'haha you suck because you use Samus'. Once again, it is for HIGH LEVEL PLAY.
S Tier

A Tier


B Tier


C Tier

Some people believe Pika should be in his own tier (on Dreamland, anyway), as he's just that good. Others believe Kirby is just as good as, if not better than Fox, because he has the same sort of viability as Fox without camping, and his U-Tilt is considered by many as the best ground move (if not the best move period) in-game.

Link and Luigi are incredibly close in terms of matchup math, but for now the sequence is as given. Link is actually above Luigi by the slightest of margins, but the difference isn't hugely important.

Individual Matchups
If you have queries on matchups, please discuss them in here.

Character Hitboxes
              CF DK Fox Jiggly Kirby Link Luigi Mario Ness Pika Samus Yoshi
Duck          .. .. ... ...... [url=]Kirby[/url] .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
Get-up Attack  .. .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] .... ..... .....
Jab            .. .. [url=]Fox[/url] ...... ..... [url=]Link[/url] ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
Roll          .. .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] .....
Shield Jump    [url=]CF[/url] .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
Dash Attack    [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] [url=
Dash Attack:Jiggly:]Jiggly[/url] [url=]Kirby[/url] [url=]Link[/url] [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
Grab          [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] [url=]Kirby[/url] [url=]Link[/url] [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
BThrow        .. .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... [url=]Mario[/url] .... .... ..... .....
Dtilt          [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] [url=]Kirby[/url] [url=]Link[/url] [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
Ftilt          [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] [url=]Kirby[/url] [url=]Link[/url] [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
Utilt          [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] [url=]Kirby[/url] [url=]Link[/url] [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
DSmash        [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] [url=]Kirby[/url] [url=]Link[/url] ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] ..... .....
FSmash        [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] ... ...... ..... [url=]Link[/url] ..... ..... .... [url=]Pika[/url] ..... .....
FSmash (high)  [url=]CF[/url] .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
FSmash (low)  [url=]CF[/url] .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
UpSmash        [url=]CF[/url] .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... [url=]Mario[/url] [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
Bair          [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] ...... [url=]Kirby[/url] .... [url=]Luigi[/url] ..... .... [url=]Pika[/url] ..... .....
Dair          [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] ... ...... [url=]Kirby[/url] [url=]Link[/url] ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
No cancel Dair .. .. ... [url=]Jiggly[/url] ..... .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
Fair          [url=]CF[/url] .. ... ...... ..... [url=]Link[/url] ..... ..... .... [url=]Pika[/url] ..... .....
Nair          [url=]CF[/url] .. ... ...... [url=]Kirby[/url] .... ..... ..... .... [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] .....
No cancel Nair .. .. ... ...... [url=]Kirby[/url] .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
Uair          [url=]CF[/url] .. ... ...... [url=]Kirby[/url] .... ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] .....
No cancel Uair .. .. ... ...... [url=]Kirby[/url] .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
DJC Uair      .. .. ... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] .... ..... .....
B              [url=]CF[/url] [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] ...... ..... .... ..... ..... .... [url=]Pika[/url] ..... .....
DownB          .. [url=]DK[/url] [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] ..... .... ..... ..... .... [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] .....
DownB Air      .. .. ... ...... ..... .... [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] .... .... ..... .....
DownB Ground  .. .. ... ...... ..... .... [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] .... .... ..... .....
DownB initial  .. .. [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] ..... .... ..... ..... .... .... ..... .....
UpB            [url=]CF[/url] .. [url=]Fox[/url] [url=]Jiggly[/url] [url=]Kirby[/url] .... [url=]Luigi[/url] [url=]Mario[/url] .... [url=]Pika[/url] [url=]Samus[/url] [url=]Yoshi[/url]
UpB Air        .. [url=]DK[/url] ... ...... ..... [url=]Link[/url] ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] .... ..... .....
UpB Ground    .. [url=]DK[/url] ... ...... ..... [url=]Link[/url] ..... ..... [url=]Ness[/url] .... ..... .....
UpB initial    .. .. ... ...... ..... .... [url=]Luigi[/url] ..... .... .... ..... .....[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Yoshi Parry

Full props to Fireblaster for the gifs and Pink_Kirby for the table format


Playing Kaillera online (all credit to Myztek) (a guide by Nintendude1189)

Causes of Desynch and Desynch Discussion by JaimeHR)

A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Your Emulator Working

Boosting the Community (Please read it!)

The NEW Player Compendium (organized by Z.e.n, all credit to him)

Port Forwarding (a guide by Superstar, all credit to him)

The alternate RDB file (not recommended, it is not in wide use) (Original Thread) (Explanation) (Direct link)

Texture hacking and editing (a guide by BHLMRO, all credit to him)

Basically a redundant list, just use the Master Server List or the Anti3D List built-in with the Kaillera client.

New Galaxy: (Chicago)
West Wonderland:

SSB-64-Europe: (Netherlands) (EU): (Netherlands) Kailleraserver: (Germany)
Kekskruemel's EmuLinker Server: (Germany)

Desiree’s Server: (Canberra, Australia)

D&D: (Japan)
otokujuku: (Japan)
S|A|Y: (Japan)
Japanese Server: (Japan)

KOF98: (Korea, KOF server obvs)

Click 21 - (Brazil)
Bucle.Cl Kaillera - (Chile)

Kombat Grounds - (Russia)
8bit - (Russia) (Korean P2P player finder...I think)


Project64k (0.13)
Basic online-enabled emulator

Project64k Vista/Windows 7 Ready (Works on Vista/7) (new link)
Props to Semp for mediafire link, 4shared is my own
Majority of online players use this, even if they aren't on Vista/7.

Mupen64k (0.7.9) (Direct link)
A smoother emulator that requires a bit more memory to run.

Mupen Beta++ ( (Direct Link)
Another smooth emulator, runs Goldeneye, Mario Party 1/2/3 and Japanese SSB64 smoothly

Updated Cheat File
Thanks to nuro, NOKAUBURE and Ownasaurus (and felipe because if I don't credit him he'll cry :D)

* Force Stock Mode Always On
* For Stock to be 5
* Play on FD (Instructions)
* Music SFX Off
* Have All Characters
* Have Mushroom Kingdom (item selection screen)
* Etc.


Tournament Forum – Competitive Events

Competitive Rules (by Surri-sama, all credit to him)

Isai's Rules

Use this topic to discuss what the standard SSB console tournament rules should be. I created these rules for the TourneyPlay #4 tournament with a suggestion from Nintendude and Lovage. I think they are pretty good.
5 Stock, Double Elimination, No Items, Advanced Slob Picks

Best of 3, WF/LF/GF Best of 5, LS Best of 5 if pay out is top 3

Extreme Stalling will result in a Warning and then a Disqualification

Best of 3 Stage Rules (unless agreed upon)
First game must be on Hyrule
Counterpicks: Hyrule, Dreamland, Kongo Jungle, Peach's Castle

Best of 5 Stage Rules (unless agreed upon)
First game must be on Hyrule
Counterpicks: Hyrule, Dreamland, Kongo Jungle, Peach's Castle
SSB DSR: You can't counterpick a stage you have already won on (does not apply to the win from the first game)

Hyrule is the most neutral stage in the game. I think the first match should be on the stage with the least disadvantages for all characters. (unless agreed upon) means both players can agree to play on ANY stage for ANY match.

Advanced Slob Picks: Loser picks stage first, then winner picks character, then loser picks character (in that order)

DSR stands for Dave's Stupid Rule; a guy named Dave created this type of rule for SSBM tournaments. LS = Losers Semis.

Things to Consider
Maybe there could be a 10 minute time limit on Hyrule only. Dunno if that can be enforced every time though.
Sensei's Rules

•Double Elimination
•All matches are best of 3, with finals best of 5.
•5 stock, 10 min Time limit
•Team Attack On
•No excessively STALLING a match! If caught doing so, you will be asked to stopped with a warning. If you continue to do so, you will forfeit the match.
•Ties broken by lives/percentage
•Items OFF

••Stages available: Peach's Castle, Hyrule Temple, Saffron City, Dreamland and Congo Jungle.
••Stage Strike Rule - Each player or team can choose one (1) stage to remove from random select AFTER all players have selected their characters and have entered the stage select screen. This only applies for the first match. All available stages are allowed for counterpick afterwords.
••All other stages banned
••First round stage is random unless players can agree upon a stage
•Advanced Slob Picks - Loser may choose the next stage or elect to go to random, then winner may choose to change characters, then loser may change characters
•Double Blind may be called in the first match


Terms and Advanced Techniques (by Wenbobular, all credit to him)

Technical Data Thread (collab by Sangoku)

Desynchronisation and How to Avoid It (by JaimeHR, all credit to him)

Frame Data for SSB64 (by AntD, all credit to him)
Attack Startup Data (by AntD, added by request of DMoogle
Fox's D-air animation ends at 32 frames (I'm being generous here). If you read my first post you will see that it auto-cancels at 22 and greater. The animation definitely has not ended.
Here is the data:

The numbers represent the earliest frame which is auto-cancelled.
The lower the number, the earlier the move is auto-cancelled.
1 means it is impossible to get lag, since frame 1 is the start of the attack.
The only attacks that do not require z-cancelling are Ness' Up+Down-air and Pikachu's Up-air.
The only attack which is not auto-cancelled is Ness' ANA. Well, technically it has no lag after hitbox, so it must not be auto-cancelled.

Directional Influence – DI: A Summary (by AntD, all credit to him)

Reverse Ledge DI (more advanced, I guess) (all credit to Nintendude)

The Smash 64 Learning Curve (by valoem, all credit to him)
*IMPORTANT* The higher levels of this curve are outdated. Do not take anything past level 4 as perfectly accurate.

Glitches in (U) SSB64

Japanese SSB thread (Nintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers)

Break the Targets/Board the Platforms Records (including TAS)


Original post from malva/isai is here:

Brief summary at the bottom of the quote

  • Higher jump and double jump
  • Shorter height
  • Lower Up-B
  • Fireball has more hitstun but is 1% weaker
  • Up-B sends opponent slightly higher and sends opponents further to the side
  • Fireball goes farther
  • Shorter roll
  • F-throw does 12% damage and has his (U) B-Throw knockback
  • B-throw does 16% damage and has his (U) F-Throw knockback
  • Shorter height
  • Lower Up-B
  • Fireball has more hitstun but is 1% weaker
  • Fireball goes farther
  • Shorter roll
Donkey Kong
  • Can do Japanese turning slide
  • U-Tilt is 5% stronger and has greater knockback
  • D-Air is 2% stronger
  • U-Smash is 2% stronger all-up (24% instead of 22%)
  • Higher jump and double jump
  • Up-B goes higher
  • Boomerang goes farther
  • Bomb doesn't flinch opponent unless they are at 100%+
  • Up-B and F-Air do 1% more damage sometimes
  • Bomb is 2% stronger when thrown except from above
  • Bomb is 1% stronger when thrown from above
  • N-Air has weaker knockback but a flatter knockback trajectory
  • First kick of B-Air is 1 frame faster
  • Second kick of B-Air has flatter knockback trajectory
  • His sword looks a little longer
  • When standing next to and facing towards larger characters, U-Smash only hits with one flame, as opposed to two in (U)
  • Higher jump and double jump
  • Up-B goes higher
  • F-Tilt is 1% stronger
  • Running speed is slower
  • Less lag after landing with PK Thunder 2
  • PK Thunder 2's hitbox lasts longer and is 5% stronger
  • U-Tilt is 1% stronger but has lower knockback
  • U-Air is 2% stronger
  • PK Fire is 9% weaker total
  • All smash attacks are 2% stronger at all points
  • First jump is slightly higher
  • Slower horizontal air movement
  • D-Smash is 1% weaker
  • Can do special Japanese turning slide
  • F-Throw has flatter knockback trajectory
  • Up-B goes slightly higher
  • D-Smash is 2% stronger
  • U-Smash is 2% stronger
  • U-Air is 2% stronger for the beginning frames, 1% stronger midway into the attack, same strength for the ending of the attack
  • Down-B is 2% stronger
  • Roll is slightly longer.
  • Can do Japanese turning slide
  • D-Tilt is 2% weaker
  • Up-B has invincibility frames in the beginning
  • Up-B is 3% weaker and has far more horizontal knockback
  • Laser is 1% weaker but has greater knockback
  • D-smash has a horizontal knockback trajectory like (U) U-Tilt
  • Reflected attacks do different amounts of damage
  • Reflector pushes opponents away faster and futher downwards
  • Can do Japanese turning slide
  • Thunderjolt goes farther
  • F-Smash has shorter hitbox
  • Dash-A has less knockback.
  • Down-B is 6% weaker
  • D-Smash has a shorter hitbox (both sides)
  • Can do Japanese turning slide
General Differences
  • Much less capability for DI
  • Less attack stun for ATTACKING player
  • Sounds for body hits are different and very cartoony (think BIFF, SWOP, etc)
  • Jigglypuff is called Purin
  • Name is 'All Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers'
  • FFA is called Battle Royal (not Royale)
  • Title announcement is 'Dairantou Smash Brothers' and has a duller logo
Link and Ness are a LOT better (+1 or +2 tiers)
Falcon and Fox have better recovery
Fox's D-Smash is weird and his lasers are quite different
Kirby is more amazing by a far amount
Mario and Luigi have better fireballs
Jigglypuff's Rest is weak
DK and Samus are essentially unchanged
Pika's F-Smash was nerfed

lol LemonChiffon

64 Archive (organized by Adi, all credit to him)

Application Videos (organized by Zen Yore, all credit to him)

Youtube Video Channels (US/Euro) (Isai/Malva00) (SuPeRbOoMfAn) (smoke2jointz/s2j) (Sensei) (MattNF) (JaimeHR, lots of Brawl too) (Peek~) (Zen Yore) (KoRoBeNiKi) (A$) (Nintendude1189) (Fireblaster) (Wenbobular - FFFUUUUU MAPLESTORY) (ba11in41ife) (Shade) (Tambor) (Alancitu) (M3tr01D) (B Link) (3mmanu3lrc) (Dragoon Fighter) (Swedish Smash) (Tournament coverage, mostly SSBM)

Japanese Smash (Prince) (AkaMario/RedMario) (MEGU) (Keshiki) (Tatuman)

TAS Videos (AntD - SSB64) (AntD again) (House/JPleal10) (Blaze) (Snowmanthatknows) (Dennis Balow) (Rene Balow)


Character Mains


Mario (with Guide)

Donkey Kong

Link (with Guide)


Captain Falcon







Guides to come.


Gameplay Based
Q: How does Ness recover, his Up-B is just a thunderball projectile?

A: Use the control stick to redirect the thunderball into you and you'll be sent flying forward with enormous momentum. This doesn't mean the recovery is good though :\

Q: How do I do Link's Bomb Recovery?

A: Assuming you have been sent far off the stage, do the following:
1) Jump and pull out a bomb.
2) Lightly throw the bomb beneath you, maintaining forward momentum.
3) Use a B-Air to hit the bomb.
4) DI the explosion for additional distance.
5) Still fail to recover >_>

Q: How do I walk on keyboard?

A: See the above question, but use left/right to buffer. There is only one set walking speed, a weakness in the controller's functionality.

Q: How do I do a short hopped U-Air? I keep using my second jump!

A: First, you can buffer up. While buffering upwards, short hop and press A, and voila. Alternatively, you can short hop and press Up and A on precisely the same frame (might be more but meh) to do the same. Note that they have to be pressed within 1/60th of a second to each other.

Q: How do I do a non-fastfalled D-Air while falling?

A: Do the same as the above question, but buffer downwards. You can also do the 'same frame' method.

Q: So...what CAN'T the keyboard do?

A: See this list.
  • Tilt without buffering
  • Super slow walks
  • Pikachu/Fox recoveries in non-compass directions
  • Boomerang throws in non-compass directions
  • Pikachu's double vertical quick attack
  • Perfectly stationary F-Air/B-Airs
Q: How do I escape DK's Infinite Cargo Hold?

A: See this post:

If they escape within 47 frames then that is the only way to do it.
Escaping DK's Throw Trap:

To escape DK's Clasp, use the normal escape method: Smashing and pressing alternate buttons/directions. You can escape in 8 frames.

To escape the ITT you have to start by pressing Right+B as soon as you are on DK's back (you'll get some percentage), then follow that with Left+A etc... DK cannot grab you again if you do this. If DK grabs, it will go through you. If he turns around, you will be free to grab him. Even if the DK is perfect he cannot grab you.

If you cannot do the above method, then you should do the escape procedure, and mash A once you escape the first hold. If the DK player is 1 frame off then you will hit him before he can grab again. This method is easier but if the DK is perfect he will be able to grab.

1 frame off:

DK Can't Fthrow:

^The same for Kirby and all other characters

Q: How do I play online?

A: See these guides.

Q: I have a controller problem...I calibrated and installed it properly, but...

A: Uncheck raw data in the options tab.

Q: I've got issues with using my controller...

A: Uncheck raw data.

Q: Controller...

A: ...

Q: My emulator doesn't have netplay! What gives?

A: You're probably using Project 64, not Project 64k (or Mupen64 over Mupen64k/beta).

Q: Where do I find ROMs?

A: We can't tell you that.

Q: I can't host P2P. Is there a process I have to do before I can?

A: See If that doesn't help, make sure your firewall(s) allow PJ64k/Mupen64k to send and receive data. If it is really a necessity, you can disable the firewall altogether so somebody can connect. This is not recommended.

Q: I can't join games in Kaillera - it says 'game not available'! But I have the game!

A: It's likely you haven't set your ROM directory properly. For PJ64k, go to File > Set Rom Directory, choose the folder with your roms, and restart Kaillera. Mupen64k has to do it by changing the path options, if I recall correctly.

The other possibility is a Bad Rom, in which case you'll need to find another ROM for use.

Q: I can't create games in Kaillera...I only have Chat and Away options!

A: See the above question.

Q: How do I record videos?

A: In Ownasaurus's client (link at the top of the post), there is a box labelled 'Record Game' in both server rooms and P2P rooms. Tick this beforehand and the emulator will record all button inputs from both (or more) parties. It will be stored as a .rec file for playback in the Playback function of the client.

Q: How do I turn my recorded match into a video?

A: The emulator only has the ability to record a series of button inputs, as a TAS would. The client has the ability to play back the rom with the button inputs, which leads to the match being played again in the ROM. You have to use an external recording device to capture the emulator's footage. FRAPS is recommended, though Camtasia and Hypercam 2 are also in use.


Video Subforum:
Character Discussion Board:

GameFAQs (lol) (N64) (Wii VC (super lol))

AllisBrawl (Finding online players)


also, it was once friday
Q: The Black Plague tires don exits list is horrible Disneyland is pathetic his only good move is his forward stick Friday and the dude sittin in the back seat should be higher you probably dont know his up-b if youre really close does like super de dooper pooper scooper POW damage and kills everyone youre all such noobs herp derp

A: The Black Plague and any questions like it are stupid. The Black Plague is the most dedicated (primarily) English speaking forum of Friday 9001 on the internet. Do you think we DON'T understand your reasoning? The Black Plague tires don exits list has been crafted for HIGH LEVEL PLAY and if you don't believe The Black Plague tires don exits list's structure is correct, you are not good at The Black Plague game, or are playing the Japanese version.

If you followed the evolution of the Bawrl/brawl lists, you would likely question The Black Plague because Mess dropped from top/high tires don exits to low tires don exits, probably the biggest relative drop any character has experienced in any Friday game. The Black Plague is because the metagame was only partially nerdeloped back when the old list (which I can't for the life of me find anywhere) was formed. The metagame has reached a FARE HANDSly critical point - most conceivable ATs are in use or are specific/obscure enough to be unusable in competitive play. The Black Plague is because The Black Plague game is well-emulated and has been broken down by TASers, and that The Black Plague game is simpler than Bawrl or Meree by a significant margin. Unless you are a walking encyclopedia or frame data, hitboxes and human reflex times, complaints of The Black Plague sort are invalid (and if you were such a being, you would never for the life of you make The Black Plague complaint).

Q: the dude sittin in the back seat and the dude sittin in the front seat are the same, but the dude sittin in the back seat's Up-B is better! Why are they so far apart on the tires don exits list?

A: Simple answer? They aren't the same. the dude sittin in the front seat has better horizontal air speed, contributing to a better approach. His short hop is low enough to make all of his aerials effective when used at the peak, and therefore the the dude sittin in the front seat brothers' short hop double aerial is more effective with him. His recovery is also far better - he can use the tornado from afar to get height, then send a screen of fireballs down. the dude sittin in the back seat's fireballs are markedly inferior, being slow and of an inferior trajectory. the dude sittin in the front seat's Up-B is far super de dooper pooper scooperior for recovery, giving a large, constant hitbox and decent hitstun at the end, so even if you land on the stage it's not incredibly punishable (if the opponent is at high percents). the dude sittin in the back seat's Up-B cannot be used to hit the opponent in recovery. While it's true that the dude sittin in the back seat's zero-death combos are far easier to finish once they've started, the dude sittin in the front seat has plenty going for him that the dude sittin in the back seat can only dream of, and as such he is simply a better character overall.


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Jan 28, 2008
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Couple things I recommend changing:

Make a note that the tier list was created for HIGH level players.
Change PJ64K Vista Edition to Vista/7 Ready. It's not a different version of PJ64K, it just has all the settings needed to play online with Vista/7.
Might want to add GodWeapon's IP. That's usually the place people go when G64 is down, and I think they have people playing SSB there occasionally anyway.
There's really no need to link to the Tournament forum, IMO. Whatever, though.
Link to Malva's rules.
Definitely add a link to Superboomfan's and the Swedish guys' channels. I'd recommend Zenyore's as well.


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Mar 14, 2008
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You forgot Alancitu and Boom 's channels (amongst others), and who are Dennis & Rene Balow?
TASers/okay players.

I added a crapload of channels. Now it looks bad :\

Sorry for not ending up helping... I was busy most of the week (job hunting + more), and had no computer access for part of the week. I wanted to help... just never had a long enough break to help :(
No problem, you can still help if you want to. You get props anyway for putting your hand up :)


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Feb 16, 2009
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Nice working process.

For the video section, you should add all youtubers that have contributing videos to SSB64, not only "some" or popular ones.
The same goes for TAS channels, and shouldn't Rene and Dennis be on the TAS list?

Also, that guy's review made me laugh.


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Mar 14, 2008
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Nice working process.

For the video section, you should add all youtubers that have contributing videos to SSB64, not only "some" or popular ones.
The same goes for TAS channels, and shouldn't Rene and Dennis be on the TAS list?

Also, that guy's review made me laugh.
Changed. Also, if I added every SSB64er who has youtube videos up...that wouldn't work well. These videos have a purpose.


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May 19, 2009
add Superstar's P2P for dummies thing. link: It took me like a zillion years to find that, and it's actually quite useful. No one's gonna play p2p if they don't know how.

edit: WOW. It's already there, and I just missed it the first twenty times I looked through. MASSIVE FACEPALM.

Excuse my ignorance, Cheeseball.

PS unholyweapon- it's TIRES DON EXITS, BISH!!!1


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Mar 10, 2008
P64KVE works perfectly but it cuts off the [!] at the end of each file name, so whenever I try to join someones game it says I don't have the ROM.
Someone sent me a "fix" file but that did nothing from what I can tell.

Any help is appreciated.


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Mar 14, 2008
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What you have is merely a name problem. You can manually edit the rdb file to change the rom names. Open it in notepad and add the [!] to the end of the Super Smash Bros. (U) line (there should only be one in there).

I have robot unicorn attack on kaillera thanks to manual edits. You have to have the rom, of course.

Working on fixing link to PJ64kVE edition now that I actually have windows 7 and had to get a working copy.


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Mar 10, 2008
That was the file I had switched for a new one, it has the [!] at the end of everything for Good Name already.

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Jun 5, 2009
what i meant by you shouldn't be using project64kve in the first place isn't that the pj64k you had was for vista only and the download i provided was for windows 7. There is no need to use pj64kVE regardless if you're in windows 7 or vista when you can use the regular project64k program.


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Mar 10, 2008
Well if you say that one works for Windows 7 then I'll give it a shot, the reason I switched in the first place is because it kept crashing on me.

Edit: Okay the one you sent me doesn't crash but the cut-off of the [!] at the end of the file problem is still there.


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Well if you say that one works for Vista then I'll give it a shot, the reason I switched in the first place is because it kept crashing on me.
it crashes if you do not name the graphics card. That is why you need the project64k for vista, which adjusts the name of Jaboo3d8 to "trick" the computer into thinking that the graphics plugin works.


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Mar 10, 2008
Did a fresh install of P64 and then re-added Untrusts file and it works perfectly now.
Thanks a bunch.