An Idea for a new kind of Melee Ruleset

Would you rather want Melee to stay at the singles format or go to a crew battle like teams format

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Jan 12, 2018
Me and my brother came up with this idea a few days ago. We realized what melee does not have compared to a lot of the big esports like League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota. It isn't a team esport. Me and my brother thought about and how cool would it be to not only see Mango vs Leffen in grand finals, but to see Cloud 9 vs TSM in grand finals.

We were thinking that it could be a five v five sort of crew battle format, but instead of having your team be by what part of the world you live in you can have it by who your friends are in the community and whoever you want on your team. For example team Cloud 9 could have Mango, S2J, Lucky, Crush, and Axe. While TSM could have Leffen, Armada, Ice, None, and Trif.

Think about all of the possibilities you can have with teams. All of the combinations that people could have in their teams. There would be teams like Cloud 9, TSM, Echo Fox, Alliance, Tempo Storm, Dignitas, Pheonix 1, Liquid, CLG, G2, Splyce, and there can even be a Weedmaps team if Alex19 wanted to do it. Its a fact that more people would rather watch a team sport than a solo sport. the only problem is this might lose the accessibility that melee had before, but having this new set of rules doesn't mean that you have to get rid of singles. Singles can still be an option to get peoples names up and to make some money on the side. We also wouldn't have to rely on tournaments on EVO every year in order to bring melee's number up in terms of attendance and viewership.

This would also make things even more hype then before where you can see a comeback happen like how you can see in crew battle. You can see players in more stressful situations and try even harder because there not just playing for themselves anymore. Their playing for their team. It would make sets longer and more intense. It would make top 8 instead of a couple hours a whole day. It would bring people from different countries to the tournaments because they have more of a chance to make an upset happen this way. This type pf rule set would revolutionize melee and would bring a lot o new players in the scene. With not just one player joining at a time. It would have 5 new players joining at a time. It would bring in new advertisers and sponsors and it would let melee compete with the top esports.

I want at least one tournament to experiment with this idea, but not like how Red Bull did with Smash gods and gatekeepers, but with just a regular crew battle as the main event. An invitational where the players with the best and most recognizable sponsors were the captains and brought in four players of their choosing to come and help them in the tournament. Mango for Cloud 9, Hungrybox for Liquid, Leffen for TSM, Sfat for CLG, M2K for Echofox, and Westballz for G2 for a top 6 tournament. My goal is for at least one tournament in 2018 to experiment with this idea and to make it a main event over singles. I am confident that this would make Melee a top esport with even more viewers than it has right now.

I truly believe with this kind of format for tournaments this can make Melee last forever.
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