An Echo for Every Fighter

Sep 26, 2018
After watching a whole video of this by RelaxAlax, I wanted to take my own stab at this. I’m gonna list what I think would be the most interesting echo fighter for every single unique Smash fighter, and I want everyone to join in! Try not to go with the predictable answers (Shadow, Ninten, Ken, that lot). Also, for my list, I’m gonna be going mostly with characters who are actually separate entities, so nothing like Tanooki Mario or Super Sonic. You can go with whatever rules you like obviously.
Now, let’s be true to ourselves here—with threads like these, the main appeal isn’t reading what other people have to say, but showing off your own ideas. So show me what you’ve got!

Mario – Blue Toad. I don’t particularly want (non-Captain) Toad in this game, but if we had to have one, I want this plucky dude who’s been helping out the heroes for almost a decade. This is the same Toad we see in NSMB, 3D World, and to this day in the Toad Brigade (after he got glasses). He can be compared to Bandana Waddle Dee: a drone made playable by a main series game when it needed an additional hero who has since gained a following.

Donkey Kong – Chunky Kong. Okay, I know everyone thinks Funky Kong would be a better choice…and those people are right, and I would much prefer Funky, and he’s actually one of my top picks…but we'll see him later, I promise. For the sake of originality I’m gonna go with Chunky. He’s a heavier, slower DK who can’t jump as high, but his punches can absolutely devastate an opponent and his Primate Punch has the potential to one-hit KO a target if fully charged up. Plus we legitimately haven’t seen this guy since DK64 so…Sakurai please?

Link – Dark Link. Another villain? Yes please! A fourth Link? Sure, why not! Yes, I know that with his inclusion we would have THREE “Dark” clone characters in the game, but you know what? I don’t care. I looove me some villains, and this is one who has some real history dating all the way back to Zelda II. At last Ganondorf could have some backup going against all these Links and Zeldas we have running around!

Samus – Master Chief. Okay, yeah, this is where my ideas are going to get a little weird. I don’t exactly want this guy in the game to any degree whatsoever, and I’ve never really played Halo, but how hilarious would it be if we got one of the most megaton announcements in Smash ever and he just turned out to be a Samus clone?

Yoshi – Boshi. I have wanted to fight this jerk on the battlefield for so long. I know he’s not the most original character (blame Square for that), but I think his edginess is what makes him endearing, like Shadow.

Kirby – Mirror World Kirby. This Kirby would have all of the original Kirby’s moves, but in reverse—so front smash goes backwards, back air goes forwards, etc. Seems like a joke character at first, but he could really juke out your opponent if used skillfully!

Fox – Slippy Toad. I’ve got a soft spot for the Star Fox team, and getting Slippy would be just one step away from completing it! Also…Grippy Toad alt?? Where’s my Star Fox Guard representation?! At least incorporate it into Slippy’s Final Smash!

Pikachu – Luxio. I love the Shinx family, and another quadruped would be great in Smash. It even works well since Pikachu already runs on all fours. Keep the final smash the same—just call it Wild Charge instead of Volt Tackle!

Luigi – Cosmic Mario. I admit this one was hard, but I feel the otherworldly nature of Cosmic Mario actually fits Luigi quite well. You might argue that Cosmic Mario is a drone, but I prefer the interpretation that all the little guys following you are just duplicates of the same guy. You could change the proportions slightly and it would fit like a glove!

Ness – Poo. Everyone is saying Ninten, so I’m going with another character from Earthbound instead. He’d probably be a bit faster than Ness with harder-hitting attacks, but way higher knockback. It’s been a while since I’ve played the game, but I believe Poo also has PSI. There are some items that Poo cannot use, such as the baseball bat, so swap those out for pure punching or karate.

Captain Falcon – FAST Racing Neo/FAST RMX Driver. Much like the original Smash had to make up a whole new moveset for an existing character, this time they’re gonna make up a whole new character for an existing moveset! His name is Kemo Kamagori and he’s a no-nonsense racer who’s here to win the gold. He just didn’t get the memo that this is a fighting game…

Jigglypuff – Wigglytuff, but specifically the one from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers. He can’t float, but his attacks hit like a truck and his Rest is much more viable. His final smash is Perfect Apple Meltdown, where he completely humiliates and flogs an opponent who can’t supply him with his favorite food. The Grand Master of All Things Bad is ready to rep this legendary subseries!

Peach – Peachette. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but for her Final Smash, she turns back into Toadette and creates a Papercraft from Mairo & Luigi: Paper Jam to crush everyone in sight!

Bowser – Turtonator. Yes, another interseries echo! He’s slower and heavier, but hits harder and has more fire-based attacks. Also, whenever he runs, he leaves a trail of fire in his wake! So make sure to stay on his good side (the front).

Ice Climbers – Baby Mario Bros. Yes, I’ve broken my rule of no repeating entities, but I feel that these guys pretty much have their own identities at this point. They both carry hammers and instead of ice shards they can hit Koopa shells at the opponent. Final smash would likely be one of their Bros Attacks.

Sheik – Impa, but specifically the old lady version. I think we need more elder representation in Smash, so all you’d have to do is make her taller and more agile. Get out there and teach ‘em a thing or two!

Zelda – Kind of obvious, but Hilda. I liked her tragic backstory in Link Between Worlds, and of course Ravio needs his princess to look after! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Dr Mario – Derek Stiles from off of Trauma Center. He would be a much faster character with more medical-based moves, but he still has all that doctor flair preserved. His Up B would be changed to involve medical equipment of some kind, but other than that you can keep him pretty similar!

Pichu -- Minun. Just Minun, but a specific Minun: the one from off of Pokemon Ranger! Its final smash calls in the main protagonist of that game, boy or girl, and draws a line around the opponent to “capture” them. It’s about time we repped that series!

Falco – Peppy Hare. At least, OG Team Star Fox is complete! I wanted to base Peppy off the slower spacie character since I felt that Slippy would be erratically moving all over the place while Peppy would run at a more calculated pace. His final smash is an extremely dangerous barrel roll onto the stage that crushes everyone—he should probably have his pilot’s license revoked.

Marth – Takamaru. I admit I don’t know this guy, but it seems he has his fans who must have played his game on NES. Since he and Marth both use standard sword attacks going by his Assist Trophy, I thought it was a natural fit.

Young Link – Ravio from off of A Link Between Worlds. This makes way too much sense—in this game, who does Young Link rent/buy all of his equipment from? That’s right, Ravio! Ravio could theoretically use a bow and arrow, boomerang, sword, hookshot, and bombs, pretty much all of Young Link’s weapons. This is way too perfect not to be considered, and I’d love a rep from this game.

Ganondorf – Master Kohga. Another Zelda villain, this time the Sheikah defector from Breath of the Wild. His movement is quicker, but his obese nature makes him more likely to tire out if he is forced to run a lot! Final smash is summoning the entire Yiga clan to bust up the traitors to Ganon.

Mewtwo – Genesect. Another human creation gone wrong, I find that you could actually make this bug beast work as an echo of Mewtwo. It can fly to emulate Mewtwo’s floating, it can shoot beams out of its drivers like Shadow Ball, and instead of teleporting to recover, it can simply zip up with invincibility frames. Red Genesect is an alt, and it’s the specific one from the movie Genesect and the Legend Awakened. It even has that character’s unique voice.

Roy – Adol Christin. Let’s put a redhead on a redhead! I absolutely adored Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA on the Switch, and if we absolutely had to get another anime swordfighter, let’s make it this dude who’s had over 30 years of adventures across all consoles. He’s faster than Roy but requires more strokes of his blade to do a noticeable amount of damage. His final smash would be the Lacrimosa, a large-scale extinction event that affects the whole stage. Characters become slower, weaker, and floatier.

Mr Game & Watch – Commander Video. Though his attacks would emphasize his running prowess and remove all the fancy effects, he would be much faster as a trade-off for the more straight-forward presentation.

Meta Knight – Morpho Knight from Kirby Star Allies. Not much is known about this warrior except that he’s super powerful. Plus, Galacta Knight is a little predictable, no?

Pit – Satoru Iwata. As a fallen tribute to their fallen ally, Sakurai and the team immortalize him as angel who fights for justice. When you clear classic mode as him, you unlock video of all the Nintendo Directs to watch whenever you want.

Zero Suit Samus – Lara Croft. They’re both action girls with slender builds, and Lara could join to represent the PlayStation rivalry. This is basically another Master Chief situation as well: huge 3rd party gaming icon joins the cast, and…she just copies Samus. What is it about Samus?

Wario – Foreman Spike. Many consider him to be the proto-Waluigi, but his stocky build renders him a better Wario echo than any other. His moves could invoke imagery from the Wrecking Crew Mario game and for his final smash, he’ll shove you right the heck off a tall building. Wario’s Bite attack could even be replaced with a clamper tool used in construction, and the up special could utilize a cherry picker for visual effect.

Snake – Bomberman. Both characters utilize explosives, and Bomberman could be a shorter version of the Metal Gear protag. Plus, they’re both from the same company! I guess if you weren't able to shorten him, you could just use the taller version of him from Bomberman Act Zero. That would probably be a pretty popular decision.

Ike – Kratos from God of War is another bulky dude with the ability to wield a sword. Although Kratos usually wields other weapons, I could see him picking up a sword to imitate Ike on the battlefield. Anything to get into the exclusive Smash club!

Pokemon Trainer – N would make a great second trainer. For his Pokemon I’d like to see a more diverse bunch, so let’s go with Oshawott, Bayleef, and Talonflame; the only issue I could see here is Talonflame, but I believe it could work if they exaggerated the bird’s size and allowed it to walk on its little legs for the battle. I’ve always wanted a second Trainer, and N is a character of genuine significance.

Diddy Kong – Kiddy Kong. So yeah, obviously everybody is saying Dixie Kong would be the obvious pick here (and I agree; I want Dixie more than any other Nintendo character right now and I won’t shut up about it), but I recently had a dream that Kiddy was playable in Smash 4 and we had just never noticed. I believe he could work as a heavy Diddy echo; the peanut popgun could be replaced with Chunky’s pineapple launcher, and the jetpack would be substituted entirely for an assisted ascent courtesy of Parry the Parallel Bird. I’ve love to see this tyke make his return in Smash! Also obviously Dixie deserves her own moveset, I mean she's better than all the other losers on this list.

Lucas – Okay, now I’m saying Ninten. Gotta have that Earthbound Beginnings representation obviously!

Sonic – Knuckles. I’ll never get why Shadow seems to have been chosen over Knux—sure, you’d need to incorporate the glide somehow, and digging is also one of his skills, but you could easily just give Knuckles a glide after a spring jump and visually incorporate some dirt into his down smash. To tell the truth, I just think he’s the coolest Sonic character after Eggman.

King Dedede – Shadow Dedede. I know, another Dark version, but I don’t care. More Dedede is always a good thing no matter what, plus it’s yet another villain.

Olimar – Obviously I’d want Alph to take his rightful place, but since he’s a confirmed alt, let’s go with Brittany instead. She could have Louie as an alt and use Rock Pikmin.

Lucario – I like Passimian. Let’s get him in here and just get rid of the Aura effect in exchange for higher base power. His visual flourishes would also have to be changed quite a bit to account for the lack of aura powers.

R.O.B. – The Virtual Boy. It has the same moves as R.O.B., but with a slightly different body type and more erratic movements. Its final smash converts the screen’s palette to red and black, blinding everybody.

Toon Link – CD-i Link. He’s smaller from the compressed graphics, but his moves are pretty much identical to Young Link’s. His final smash is Octorok Eat, where he confuses the fighters for Octoroks and just eats them. Whew, that’s what, five Links we have now? Not enough if you ask me.

Wolf – Andrew Oikonny. Andross himself is just an Assist Trophy, so he sends his worthless nephew to fight in his place on the battlefield. He’s erratic and unpredictable just like Wolf, and he uses a Wolfen in his final smash as well. He could even have a hunched gait much like his team leader.

Villager – Kicks. People love Kicks. I love Kicks. He’s just a cool dude who looks like he just came off a rehearsal of Newsies, and it would be fun to have a shoe-shining final smash!

Mega Man – So Proto Man and Bass have both been deconfirmed through Mega’s final smash. A huge shame if you ask me. Let’s give the role to Roll then! She’s a robot built by Dr Light as well, so she can use all of Mega Man’s weapons and abilities. She doesn’t even need a power suit—she’s ready to roll right out of the box.

Wii Fit Trainer – Wrinkly Kong! She was really into fitness near the end of her life, so it would be great to bring her back from the dead to Salute the Sun just like the master of fitness herself.

Rosalina – Pauline would take her place using Cappy as the substitute for Luma. Instead of Star Bits she’d shoot NDC purple coins. Instead of launching, she’d sing “juuuump” and get thrown by Cappy. There’s plenty of room to get creative here with this beat-boppin’ bureaucrat.

Little Mac – Let’s be uncreative for once and go with Glass Joe. The body types might be slightly different, but I believe if you adjusted Joe’s posture a bit, you could work him in much like Ridley. It would be great to allow this underdog a chance to shine on the Battlefield.

Greninja – Accelgor is another ninja Pokemon whose movements would fit rather well with Greninja’s. Replace the water effects with more appropriate ones, such as green smoke representing Bug Buzz and Energy Ball. Everything else would fit to a T!

Mii – Animal Crossing Villager from New Leaf. This Villager actually looks very different from the version in Smash with its taller, more realistic build. Since they’re also avatars, they could substitute for the Miis just fine! Maybe you could even replace the swords and guns with more Animal Crossing-themed weaponry like a shovel and a slingshot.

Palutena – I don’t know much about Kid Icarus, so let’s go with Medusa, mainly just because I love villains and I’ve heard her name get passed around a lot.

Pac-Man – Jr. Pac-Man, the son of Pac-Man who first appeared in Ms. Pac-Man. He’s all grown up and ready to follow in his father’s footsteps! Just don’t trip on a hydrant…

Robin – Kamek. The Magikoopa master is also a spellcaster, and he could use his wand as a replacement for the Levin Sword. Really, it’s a perfect fit if you adjust Kamek’s proportions a tiny bit!

Shulk – Malos from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Both wield a Monado and have the same build, plus Malos is the cheesiest, most absurd and cartoonish villain I’ve ever seen in a game that took itself seriously. I unironically want this and have for a long time.

Bowser Jr – This would’ve made more sense before Piranha Plant, but…Goomba! That’s right, it’s a simple Goomba who pilots a Koopa Clown Car and shares a moveset with the Koopalings. However, when you switch around his alternate costumes, you can instead play as a Koopa Troopa, a Chain Chomp, a Cheep Cheep, a Blooper, a Buzzy Beetle, a Fuzzy, and Boom Boom! Now Bowser’s got a whole army in Smash to back him up. Let’s see Mario stomp all of these guys.

Duck Hunt – Ness’s dog, King, along with a Spiteful Crow. King doesn’t show much personality in Earthbound, so now would be his time to make a name for himself. Plus, who doesn’t remember that classic enemy Spiteful Crow? It’s a match made in Onett!

Ryu – Kung Fu Man, the pack-in character from the infamous open-source fighting game MUGEN. He’s pretty much a stock martial arts guy just like Ryu, so it might fit better than you’d think. Plus it would be our first representative who is exclusive to PC.

Cloud – Zeke from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Yeah yeah, I know, more Xenoblade, but Zeke is a pretty fun dude and has a similar build to Cloud, if a little taller since he’s the mentor figure in the game’s cast dynamic. Change his animations like a reverse Dark Samus and you’re ready to fly with this prince of Tantal.

Corrin – I don’t know anything about this character as I never bought him in Smash 4, but no way am I quitting when I’m this far ahead, so…Ampharos. That’s another character who turns into a dragon. Give him a sword of lightning!

Bayonetta – Lanky Kong. A lot of people say Waluigi would be the best fit here, but I think Lanky just makes the most sense. After all, he can stretch his arms out, which could come into play when imitating Bayo’s otherworldly limb attacks. He can turn into a balloon for Bayo’s recovery moves and dance just like she does. If Spring Man had gotten in I’d say save Lanky for that, but Bayo is the next best thing I believe.

Inkling – Captain Cuttlefish is a cool old man character from Splatoon, and his body type actually fits the normal Inkling decently well. We need more old man characters in Smash (I mean we literally have zero of them), and since Nintendo has lost faith in Cranky Kong, let’s bring in the Cap’n.

Ridley – Hydreigon is another gargantuan dragon Pokemon like Ridley. I don’t really have much to elaborate on—they’re both big ‘ol dragons. Hydreigon does have a tail, too.

Simon – Trevor Belmont, but specifically the Netflix version. The new show is already a hit, but what’s the harm in advertising it a little? Ever since those Zelda TV show rumors I’ve wanted Nintendo to collaborate with Netflix, and this is the perfect opportunity to make NxN happen!

King K. Rool – Okay, now I’m gonna say Funky. What’s that? You’re asking what the heck is wrong with me? Why it’s simple—after K Rool’s long-term defeat in DK Jungle Climber, Funky makes off with all of his items and weapons. So Funky throws the crown, uses the blunderbuss, hovers with the jetpack, even carries around K Rool’s brass armor to protect himself and counter against attacks! All of this effort just to stunt on the Kremling King—that’s why Funky’s our main monkey.

Isabelle – There are so many Animal Crossing characters to choose from, I pretty much have my pick of the litter here! So let’s go with Tom Nook, as he’s a pretty big Nintendo mascot who still to this day isn’t playable, obviously because they’re pushing Isabelle as the new mascot of AC. But I say Tom still has his place, so let the nice landlord in.

Incineroar – Crunch Bandicoot. For those of you who don’t know, this is Crash Bandicoot’s “older brother” who was created by Dr Neo Cortex to kill off Crash once and for all. Problem is he turned out to be an good dude voiced by Mr T. Anyway I could see him using these pro wrestling moves, and to justify the fire effects, just say he’s using Py-Ro the Elemental from The Wrath of Cortex. He did that in a boss fight, so it makes sense. And yeah, he’d be the only Crash Bandicoot character in the game.

Piranha Plant – Shadow Sunflora from Pokemon Colosseum. Sunflora can already spit poison, so just replace the spiky balls with Energy Ball and that’s a wrap. I’m going with the Shadow variant because I want this echo fighter to share Piranha Plant’s villainous, or at least mischievous, personality.

So that’s it. This took me literal months to finish, and if you’ve read all the way to the end, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll be in the lobby later signing autographs and writing my will. Also, if you write your own list of creative echo fighters for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER like I did, I’ll buy you a Nintendo Switch. Just kidding. But seriously, try it and see how far you get.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 11, 2018
Well...that was quite the ride to read through...Can't say I agree with a lot of them, but I *do* think you've got some solid bangers in that lineup! If I had to take a stab at it, I'd put these as my Echo picks.

- Mario: Toad (SMB2: Red Spots, Blue vest. The Original Toad.). Like I said, real solid choice here. Replace Down-B with Peach's turnip pull (make it faster though), give him some animation changes and a new Final Smash (Mega Mushroom Punch? Rip it off Bowser and have a giant toad in the background? I dunno.)? You'd be good to...besides: If Chrom's Tactician Wife can summon Chrom to kill Chrom while Chrom, Chrom-Mii, and Chrom-Cina watch, then we can have Red-Spotted Toad with his blue vest. Alternate color spots and vests available upon request.

- Doctor Mario: Why, Doctor Luigi of course! Coming to the Nintendo Switch - Summer 2019, only on the Nintendo E-Shop!

- Luigi: This one was tough, but I eventually settled on- Doctor Luigi, of course! Coming to the Nintendo Switch - Summer 2019, only on the Nintendo E-Shop! Otherwise we could go with that Evil Luigi from Paper Mario. Make him a featherweight, boom. done.

- Wario: Foreman Spike is a solid choice, and I'm willing to accept- Doctor Wario, of course! Coming to the Nintendo Switch Summer 2019, only on the Nintendo E-Shop! Okay the joke's done now I swear.

- Peach: Dai-oh, wait. Maybe Doctor Peach, she worked hard for that degree how dare you call her a nurse.

- Rosalina: I'm really digging the Pauline&Cappy idea...but if she wears the hat that means that its not out all the time the way the Lumas are...could mean enough deviation to not actually be an echo. We could always go for Doctor Rosalina and Nurse Luma?

- Donkey Kong: Chunky Kong. He may move slow. He can't jump high. But this Kong's one smashing guy. Or Doctor Kong.

- Diddy Kong: I'm actually digging the Kiddie Kong idea (because I want a unique Dixie Kong)...or maybe DK.Jr. ...but then you'd have Donkey Kong the Third fighting his infant dad. But hey- It's Smash, waddayagondo?

- King K. Roll (Professional Bad Guy): I am down with the Funky Kong logic, because it's too dumb not to support. Plus, Funky's no stranger to gadgets; the guns from DK64, his Barrel Plane from DKC (and Diddy's Barrel jetpack now that I think about it), that whole Donkey Kong Barrel Blast racing game thing...Remove the armor, but make our main man into some sort of DK/KKR echo hybrid and I am down.

- Yoshi: Birdo. Replace the tongue animation with a forward-projectile egg launch. Everything else can stay, sans some personality tweaks in the animations and maybe the Final Smash.

- Bowser: Dry Bowser Wart. Give him a new neutral B and some animation changes, and you're good to go.

- Bowser Jr: I was digging the Mook-in-a-Box idea, but then I said to myself: "Ray, what if we had Super Mario World Bowser?". Thus, I'm imagining a hilariously tanky Bowser in a fat clown car. He'd be the slowest character in the game, and would retain his neutral-B from his normal moveset.

- Pirahna Plant: Deku Baba from the Legend of Zelda...they're basically the same thing, it's fiiiine. Final Smash calls in the Manhandla.

Link: Young Li- wait. Though I'd like TP Link back, because I'm that jerk who flings the gale boomerang at every opportunity. Maybe give us the Hero's Shade instead.

Young Link: Eh, Ravio's a quick and easy pick (also I forgot he was back)...even if part of me wants to call Young Link an echo still.

Toon Link: Toon Adult Li- Wait...but now I want this because a scrapped idea for Wind Waker was to watch Link grow up over the course of the story.

Zelda: TP Zelda. Slightly taller, Slightly heavier...and about 500% less charming and 50% more likely to punch you in the groin. Otherwise Hilda if we're being simpler. But part of me also imagines Hilda as a Palutena echo for some reason.

Sheik: Impa...and not that Hyrule Warriors one. Maybe a mix of OOT and SS? Give us some o' that SS representation.

Ganondorf: TP Ganondorf...but that's because I want the beard back. Make him heavier, give him the Sword Thrust custom move from Smash 4...and also make his side-b inescapable again...ah...I cann dream.

I'm lying.

Samus: Dark Samu- wait. Otherwise I'd give this role to Spire; He'd be bigger, bulkier, his down B would be new to him ( a melee attack), and his neutral B would set people on fire as a magmortar homage.

Z.S Samus: Fusion Suit Samus. An Echo Hybrid of the two current renditions of Samus, it makes use of the grapple beam as a weapon and recovery option, but retains the Neutral, and Down B moves of the original Samus and the side and Up-Bs of ZSS. They are faster than normal samus and more durable than Zero Suit Samus, making a nice middle ground of the two fighting styles. Besides, Smash's Samus isn't accurate to how she really is in her power suit, so this is a nice...ahem, Fusion of her representation in the series. Final Smash is ZSS, but without the model change into her Power Suit.

Ridley: There's the Robot Ridley, the Clone Ridley, Meta Ridley, Omega Ridley, Proteus Ridley, The X-Parasite impersonating the Clone Ridley...the list goes on and on here, folks.

Pikachu: Raichu...but it's actually weaker than Pikachu because of how the game logic worked until we got Alolan Raichu...but we ain't playing as Alolan Raichu. Oh no, we're playing as the inferior original.

Pichu: Pachirisu. I hate myself already.

Jigglypuff: Igglybuff. Following Pikachu in melee, we're giving Jigglypuff a chance at not being the worst character by making the actual worst character. It's smaller and it's weaker...the one advantage it has is that it has no landing lag...because it immediately bounces back up. All air-game. All the time.

Mewtwo: Lol let's put in the female-esque Mewtwo from that one movie. Toxicroak. Why not. Give it Sludge Bomb for Neutral, Toxic for down B. have some DoT effects in there but make it worse at recovery. Or Zoroark...remember when that pokemon was hyped? Yeah, I don't know why either.

Lucario: Meinshao. A little smaller and less durable, but also faster in movement and attack speed. Moves can stay largely the same, too...the benefits of being Psychic and Fighting, just change the effects and get rid of the aura mechanic.

Pokemon Trainer: No echo, we just split up all three pokemon and give them all a new Down-B...even Charizard. I hated Rock Smash, even if it had some super armor. The separate pokemon are each technical echoes since you sacrifice swapping out for more utility with the added move...and maybe increased attack I dunno (thank god they didn't carry over the fatigue from Brawl). Cheap option, yes, but that's the point: it's better than designing three original pokemon who cannot readily replace the three pokemon within the Pokemon Trainer's arsenal (which would mean more work than is logical for a true echo.)

Greninja: Ryu Hayabusa. Why not. Insert other ninja here. Ninjas are readily interchangeable, I'm sure Nintendo's got a few lying around like Impa or any of the Fire Emblem Assassin characters. It's fine. Consider this one a wild card because of how basic Ninjas are.

Incineroar: the disappointment of everyone.

Kirby: I'll accept Mirror World, that was a good game. Imagine the salt of down going up, and up going down.

Meta Knight: Insert Meta Knight Echo from the Kirby games whose name(s) I do not know.

King Dedede: King Dedede is already perfect. Any alterations would be disgraceful and I refuse to participate here. Unless we get Doctor Dedede. Still, I suppose a solid bet would be a Bonkers, since the 'Mooks can't be in Smash' went out the window in Smash 64 (See signature for my logic there).

: Lucin-oh. Wait.

Roy: Chro-oh. Wait. Or Eliwood...aka Roy's dad and the man who probably trained him (even though Eliwood was more of a foil fencer...and, apparently a master of lances in FE6...what's that about? Man, we could have had the Lord Trio each use a different main weapon...I'd have been down with Lance Lord Eliwood.)

Ike: Priam is an easy choice, since he's Awakening's Store-Brand Ike. Or turn that sword into an axe, and give us Hector. I can dream.

Robin: Honestly? We never saw her swing it, but TP Zelda with her sword here would be groovy. Like- some sort of Robin/Zelda frankenstein of an echo. I'd be down for that. Specials being a mixture of the two.

Corrin: Character who can turn parts of themselves into a dragon...why does that sound familiar...oh well, I'll just slap in Corrin's kid whose name I don't care about, and then pass them off as the Young Link to Link's Link. It's perfect and I hate it; I thought I'd have trouble here.

Fox: Slippy Toad. Make him the slowest Star Fox character, but give him the best tech: the strongest blaster in terms of speed and power, the longest recovery, and the shine from Melee because I'm evil. His Final Smash has him haphazardly (AKA comically bad) pilot his custom Arwing from Star Fox command.

Falco: Peppy Hare. Give Peppy the best jump height of the Star Fox characters (in honor of his multiplayer stats in Star Fox: Assault), but make him the most defensive: better reflector, a quick and close range stun blaster (A la ZSS), but make his forward B have more wind-down and his attacks are overall slower and easier to punish. His Final Smash has him pilot the Great Fox, firing it's cannons after the other members take shots at the enemy from their Arwings.

Wolf: A toss-up between Leon and Panther...but my money's on Panther. The suave, rose-smelling new man of the gang, he is the Falco to Wolf's Fox (Personality-wise) and his elegant animations contrast Wolf's brutal style...but outside of Panther having better ground speed and inferior air-game, they're largely the same. He pilots his Wolfen in his Final Smash, with a nice close up on his Wolfen as he dances about the opponent. Also he gets a nice Spanish Victory Theme variant of Wolf's victory theme. Because it's Panther. You can't say no to his taste in music. I'm 100% sure that his conditions for joining Star Wolf was that he got to write them their new theme and this was the result.

Captain Falcon: Dragon King, the Fighting Game Fighter. It comes around full circle. But, in all seriousness, Black Shadow is the logical choice.

Ness: Poo. Why not. I don't like Earthbound so the sooner I move on to the others, the better.

ROB: I am oddly down with the Virtual Boy idea.

Lucas: Ninten, I'm totally not copying your answers.

Shulk: Malos. See Ness logic.

: Nintendo totally owns her, right? Jeanne is the simple choice. See Ness logic.

Ice Climbers: I can accept the Baby Mario bros. I think that would be pretty cool to fight against, though not play as personally.

Pit: Dark Pi- Wait.

Palutena: Veridi, just to piss off the people who want Veridi as a unique character...I don't actually know who this is, though, but I'm assuming they're some sort of Goddess and that they have an attitude problem.

Duck Hunt: This was probably the hardest one for me to figure out. I went from accepting your answer so I could move on, to coming back to make it a Pokemon duo (Growlithe and Pidgey? Brain, I know it's four in the morning but come on), to throwing random dogs and birds together. In the end, I Ness Logic'd and defaulted to your answer.

Mr. Game and Watch: You can't realistically echo this guy. That said, we could always get those Hanafuda cards that that one guy on the forums is crazy about. I could see that working for another flat boi.

Olimar: Louie...that's a joke because I remember fast-swapping between the two in Pikmin 2 to hear him say 'Louie' over and over. It amused me then and amuses me now.

Inklings: Octolings. See Ness Logic.

Isabelle: Tom Nook, because I like Tom Nook and he makes the most sense on all fronts.

Villager: Literally any other villager...however, I'm going to go with the former Mayor of the Town: Tortimer. He's slower, but heavier; that shell of his still has some strength left in it. Also he has cane...that's useful, right?

Little Mac
: I'm going to go with Von Kaiser. Because he has a sweet mustache. We need more good facial hair (pour one out for TP Ganondorf, lads). You could also go with Bald Bull or Mr. Sandman...King Hippo is too big (to be Mac's Echo), unless he was some sort of King K. Roll and Little Mac Hybrid...which I'd be kinda down with, honestly.

Wii Fit Trainer: Solaire of Astora. Video totally related. Imagine Solaire doing Yoga but being slower and having more reach thanks to his sword. I'm down for that. (This is probably my only joke Echo idea...but I want our boi as a unique fighter...even has his own Amiibo, come on).

Mii Characters: XBOX Live Avatars el-oh-el ex-dee. Since you can customize these characters in appearance, moveset, and height/weight/speed/defense/attack properties, all Mii Characters are echoes of each other and therefore I won't do them.

Megaman: Protoman. If Chrom's Tactician Wife can summon Chrom to kill Chrom while Chrom, Chrom-Mii, and Chrom-Cina watch, then we can have Protoman. Or Bass. Or X. Or any of the other Megamen...except Star Force. We don't talk about Star Force.

Sonic: Knuckles. Unlike Sonic he don't Chuckle. He'd rather Flex his muscles. That, or you cheapen the character and put in Tails; just give him a new Up-B (even then it's not required; just give him an extended second jump) and make him even lighter than Sonic. Or use Metal Sonic. Honestly, Sonic characters are a lot alike when you think about...

Snake: MGS2 Raiden, much to the disappointment of everyone. That or Venom Snake so that he can ROCKETO PAUNCH people. This is good, isn't it?

Pac-Man: Mrs Pac-Man, much to the disappointment of everyone.

Simon Belmont: Richte-Wait.

Richter Belmont: Simon-Wait.

Ryu: Ken- wait.

Cloud: Ike- wait. Uh...I don't actually know Final Fantasy, so I'm going to shove Sora in here and see how upset people get. Alternatively...uh...whose that guy in the New Final Fantasy? You know, the one in the boy band who drives around in his dad's stolen Mercedez and fights dragons without a permit and past curfew?

Sweet Lord I got through them all without blowing up...this is why no one should let me have access to a computer at 4AM.
Feb 14, 2007
I thought Darunia would be awesome in this game, maybe an echo for bowser or K rool
Nov 21, 2018
Rosalina – Pauline would take her place using Cappy as the substitute for Luma. Instead of Star Bits she’d shoot NDC purple coins. Instead of launching, she’d sing “juuuump” and get thrown by Cappy. There’s plenty of room to get creative here with this beat-boppin’ bureaucrat.
Okay most of these made me regret even opening this thread but this one actually has some real potential, obviously she doesn't float but once you sort that out its a surprisingly good fit.