Amiibo Restocks at Best Buy

Jedidiah "SHSL Jedi" Baker


Sweet! Valuable collectibles that I'll never get (at least for this year)! I should save some money for next year though.
I checked shortly after the tweet went up. It's preorders for PacMan, Ganon, Captain Falcon and Marth. They all come out Dec 7, and are MSRP.
I'll have to get my hands on Bowser, Duck Hunt, King Dedede and Rosalina & Luma then in that case. They along with King K. Rool and Ridley will be the only ones I'll unlock instantly assuming the rumor is true and when I get a Switch down the road.
I've already got my Robin amiibo from Amazon, but it's great to see amiibo restocked. Anything that prevents or at least hinders amiibo scalpers is good. It brings back memories of that one guy who bought 600+ Rosalina & Luma amiibos out of hatred for the character, as well as to spite some people.
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