All-Star - healing items left DOES affect the clear score

Master Knight DH

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Apr 1, 2008
I did some comparisons between my successful run of All-Star Hard no healing with Captain Falcon and ZeRo's own simple run of All-Star Hard with CF, and one comparison I noted was the Clear bonus: mine was 150K higher than ZeRo's, even though ZeRo had a faster time. That suggested to me that yes, healing items left do affect the Clear Bonus.

I did some experiments to see how much the Clear bonus would differ. With no healing items left, the Clear bonus is 360K, or actually a base of 120K because points are tripled on Hard. What healing items are left affects the amount of points added to the Clear bonus too:
-Maxim Tomado - 10K base
-Fairy Bottle - 14K base
-Each Heart Container - 20K base

Thus a no healing run has a base of 184K for the Clear bonus, tripled to 552K on Hard difficulty. Yeah, unfortunately, there is no bonus for avoiding usage of healing items, which I don't know why because even the Maxim Tomato significantly helps in dealing with the likes of Stage 6 which has a general demand of cat-and-mouse with all the characters who have a kill projectile.

At least this is a day and age where recording videos provides a way to work with the bragging rights of a no healing run. That said, if you only care about retaining score, the Maxim Tomato is easily the most worth coughing up, and then the Fairy Bottle after that.
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