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AI Shaidrops 20xx Samus Movement


Feb 2, 2013
This is exactly the same in Melee and PM:


Timing is weird AF, and its kinda tight but once you get it down you can use this pretty consistently. What this reminds me of is pseudo double jump cancel aerials because of the way the momentum just switches instantly. When successfully performing up air AI on plats, the frame at which you land up until frame 4, bring control stick downward and frame following that, light shield (or if you have an analog trigger button you can just press it in and it works the same).

Fastest Shai Drop
Frame 0 - land, down + shield
Frame 1 - down + shield
Frame 2 - down + shield
Frame 3 - down + shield = shield
Frame 4 - down + shield = drop

Latest you can perform Shai drop
Frame 0 - landing lag
Frame 1 - down
Frame 2 - down
Frame 3 - down
Frame 4 - down + shield = shield
Frame 5 - down + shield = drop

Fastest Frame Perfect Isai Drop
Frame 0 - landing lag
Frame 1 - down
Frame 2 - down
Frame 3 - down
Frame 4 - down
Frame 5 - down + shield = shield
Frame 6 - down + shield = drop
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