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advanced pichu guide, the how to **** (no egde advice that's in tommy's)


Banned via Warnings
May 14, 2008
thank you for reading you could have said hmm, pichu sucks, forget him

order of stuff
1.why pichu
2.how to grab
3.how to use your throws with grab set ups
4. thrunder
6.notes and tidbits

NEW why to play as pichu :chuckle:
1.isn't gay or broken
2.if you like someone with more kill moves than bowser
3.great grab game or if you played the ice climbers
4.you want to go fast , but without it being fox hard
5.if you want to play as a nazi blonde hair blue eyes and he has a red scarf
6. you can't l-cancel or WD( they can still help a lot but they in general aren't needed)
7. need a fox counter
8. you hate the ice climber's chain throws
9. great SHFF-L
10. you like to spin a lot lol nair spins 7 times
11. brawl sucks
12. pika didn't feel right
13. you are racist of white characters (see a therapist)
14. you want to say in your face
15. and if you are hyper pichu is for you

frames data by super doodlman i am not sure about the up B part

stuff i am working on
1. tests for fox
2. b-throw tech chase with up B WD(quickly jumping and up Bing)
3. a pichu drop zone
4. ice climber chain throw :chuckle:

pichu can do massive chain throws like the Ice climbers but 1st here is a list of all his grab set ups and keep in mind i don't know for a fact (other than who i say this stuff can work on) if they work really good all the time

Up air- on spacies on the ground(45%lower) or C. falcon(20%) leads to a grab normally people would go for the 2cd one and juggle(which is good it has a lot of stun) but pichu can run and get a grab

Nair- on anyone at 0-30% or so and you may want to L cancel , because if it throws them to far for a grab you could get another Nair

fair- anyone, anytime. the ICs can't grab you if you grab 1st and keep in mind this is the best grab set up in the game ,it's like fox's dair but you don't need to l-cancel

Dair- anyone if you l cancel and hit with both parts (i don't know if you just hit with the 1st part)

Bair- at like 0% and if you l cancel (maybe at a higher percent)

up tilt- what you want to do is use nair or some other air first then up tilt for extra damage. it can work by its self

up Smash- works on fast Fallers

Maybe i think it could work but i need to check F-Smash- maybe it they Di out of the last hit you might be able to grab

UP B- zoom around next to them and grab.

B- hard to master . jump up B them where link's shield would be on them (if they had one) and if it hits you could a grab. you would have to see it to understand
NEWB up is uber good ,if you barely jump and use up b sideways you can slide in for a up smash or grab
and to know you are doing it perfect you will slide and WD
uses you can chain down smash to d smash and you can tech chase b-throw note: it dosen't work with pika

1st chain throws

up throw on fox and falco

F-throw to F-throw

pro like ways

1. up throw to Fair to grab

2. down throw to 1 fair or 2 up tilt or 3 up smash

what works (% are for when he is at that percent not when you take him that high)
up-smash to-35% about 28% if he Dis right
up air him on the ground -45%
at jungle japes you can B-throw fox at 17% to 65% and if you make fox hit the small platform it will knock him straight down and if he techs it he can't punish you ,plus the croc may get him
few ideas

NEW great kill set-up up-throw to F-smash.

up throw to SH upair to fair if you can and this works till about 20%

real grab game used fair 0% ,grab , up throw,SH upair (then fair if you can),grab ,f-throw to grab, up-throw, to grab uptilt to grab , d-throw ,fair, grab ,toss his *** b-throw and use up B to tech chase to something

note: this can work but this is just an idea grab game set up you can do with fox ,you could use more up smash or fair and what ever you what and remember this takes time to know when to strike

Popo or nana you can chain throw popo with d throw to fair or just d throw i don't know to what percent and if he attacks shield grab him
up tilt works till 10% but you can fair before he can jump out
f-throw to f-throw works till 50%
kill setups
1.b-throw to B-up WD for a tech chase about 50%- 80% ,but works because if you play the ice climbers you have no tech skill
2. f-throw to nair to whatever till 55% or you could use fair
3.d-throw to up-smash at high %s or d-throw to D or F-smash and with the up B WD you can easily chase it

most likely there some other grab set ups and keep in mind 2 things .1i need people to look at them and maybe try them out because we need to find out if they can be Died out of easily andand this will make more people play as pichu and about all ICs will 2cd pichu and now the ice climber know someone can chain throw about as good

most of this stuff is really hard for pika or he can't do it and his grab sucks even more

i am working on which throw works best and post your option/advice

many great grab setups in this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGFfU3TnLd4

i will add videos soon, if i am not to lazy

KDJ upair grabs and just to good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC74-uDN5F4&feature=related

Marth being chained(remember this is the soonest he can get out this di and jumping)
he can be chain throwed till 30% then he can jump out of f-throw(tested on 1/4 speed to be more precise

uptilt works till 5% so don't use it to much

link 30%

The pichu boards got more posts when i was temp banned and i saw some stuff talking about thunder

a **** load of things about thunder

pichu's vs pikachu's

pichu's does more damage 4-25% when pika's is 10-17%

pika's is impossible to combo(in training combo) after the thunder hit but it is possible to thunder marth at an angle(so it doesn't hit pika) so he flys into an up-smash, but i really doubt that will happen. but for pichu it is a 100% possible to get a combo(in training) a down B to upair and it will count if you angle it right (it not hitting pichu)
pika's has more range if it hits pika, his tail is the added range

if marth counters pichu's thunder marth will be hit before he can do anything (counter does 7% to both pika and pichu)

in home run i checked the knock-back i pushed sandbag to the egde for best outcome

with them hit, meaning the sweetspot , where thunder hits them
pika: 82.9 feet
pichu:69.9 feet

not hitting them
pika: 35.7 feet
pichu: it when staight up higher than pikachu's

pichu's thunder
Total: 78 Hitboxes appear: 20, 28, 36, 44 Hitboxes disappear (total whiff): 60, 68, 76, 84 --Pichu gets hit-- Total: 69 Hit: 1-9 --when does Pichu get hit?-- Standing still: 40 Falling: 53
pikachu's thunder
Total: 78 Hitboxes appear: 20, 28, 36, 44 Hitboxes disappear (total whiff): 80, 88, 96, 104 --Pikachu gets hit-- Total: 69 Hit: 1-9 --When does Pikachu get hit?-- Standing still: 40 Falling: 51

so this means pichu's thunder can kill over the top better, causes more damage, possible combos, safer other than 3% damage, doesn't kill to the side as well,(works best on midfloaties)

EDGE GAME use thunder to panic them and it messes up most hopes for sweetspotting the egde and you can be punished very hard if this fails

Thunder Sheilding maybe it's not important, but still nice to know or try and use (got the idea from the threads)

Theory: SH then jump back or run and SH then thunder and punish them for being disjointed and wanting to **** pichu

wait hold on punishment because they are disjointed? because there are 9 frames of lag from thunder after the last hit into the ground and there is 10 frames of lag from wave dashing and remember pichu has the fastest jumping time and least amount of lag when landing and the fastest nair and standing attack and grab

If they try and attack from this point samuses don't read

hello stupid (unless you are samus grabbing) to give you an idea why this is wonderderful, pichu can combo with it pika can't. what they may try and may fail badly.

fox's down B- to reflect it this will give him stun time to his down B and you can try to f-smash him

peachs turnips- will only work if you are hit by thunder (not too useful because even if it hits it will just bounce off and you can't catch it)

link's bomb-here we go something useful, unlike pikachu's thunder you can catch the bomb because pichu's thunder just bounces it around but it's terrible if the thunder hits you and link throws it, because everytime you think, oh i am going to

catch it, but it falls staight on top of you right after the thunder ends

young links bombs- same thing but it may be safer

bombs in general bounce off

dk's gaint fist-hurts him bad 1. 4% damage 2. pichu has more control 3. you have to charge it up again

marth's whole move set- marth can't hit pichu unless he did it bad and marth take damage same for roy, dk, gann and c.Falcon

sheik's needles - hey it beats that? yes and no it stops most of her needles if she has them all, but hey it stops most, and her needles will fall on to the ground to stop thunder jolt

bowser may think i will just use my fire breathe, well he can, but, wait give me a minute to take it all in... ok, but due to pichu's light wieght, speed , bowser's

start up time and lag time(30 frames) pichu can punish him hard

another note i know as an ice climber never ever try this on them, why one they have the scariest up air in the game and their down b has more range than marth's sword and a little bit of damage on the ice climbers is never worth a grab even if

only one chain throw works on pichu(fun fact there are more ways to chain and kill j-puff as the ice climbers than there are for pichu)

kirby's B fails to this and why would kirby even touch pichu with his B? it's the dumbest thing he can do vs pichu

DON"T use this on and why-spamus will spam missles,ice climbers down B, zelda side b and zedla could teleport over, mewtwo same for zelda, ness for pk Flash, j-puff she will try to rest or air dodge

again you can try it but i don't think it will work

pichu thunder only-pichu's slows down arrows and pk fire and works with needles a little better

DK can sometimes hit you with his down B

This owns pikachu's down B-more than it's owns sheik's needles

Another note pichu's is a little better tham pika's in a few ways

why marth's/roy's counter hurts marth/roy, dk giant punch will fail more often, can grab the bomb, kirby will not touch that ****, faster pichu jump, pichu can combo with it, people aren't as afraid of pichu's thunder, it takes longer for pichu to land

so it's less likely he will be shot or something

another problem. rolling duh, let's look at the frame data
the thunder hits land on frame 40 it ends on frame 78. 38 frames for them to act on
most rolls take 32 frames(really it's 31 but the soonest actable frame is 32) so this should give them 6(2 frames for marth and roy) frames to grab or whatever plus turn around which is a least 2 frames so it will be close but if they time and space it perfectly they can grab you

the good news pichu's thunder mind games and must likely roll to close to thunder and get shocked and remember it is like rolling pass pichu and not touching him, but they will miss space another thing about the frame data they will have to walk close to get it right so add a few more frames of lag
All in all you should just worry about fireballs and missles and stuff

note i haven't tested this as much in combat and this works best in FD for duh reasons and i want to see how this does in teams

in depth guide aboout one move

pichu's agility (alt.) wave dash and it's not the QaD (that's pikachu and i didn't know that at the time) besides a qad sounds like something you would choke on

WHAT-basicly you use the first part of up B and you slide with only 1 frame of lag WTF, for 1% damage and why you take that 1% damage is it would be twice as broken if you weren't hurt

WHY- Simple same reason as in other wave dashs to get to piont A. fast, and with only 1 frame of lag to any of the fastest moves in the game like a really fast upair or grab or you can run like you have been running or up, smash and really this can F*** up someone approach like the ice climbers WDing in and grabbing you and it's like WTF i didn't have a chance
WHAT GOOD IS IT- Now your pichu can do the following approach, tech chase twice as good, combo with d-smash(d-smash up-B to whatever) and b-throw, combo with weak attacks at high %s, higher kills dur faster pichu, scary the crap out of people it's like an extra fast WD that leads into everything and that right there can be a mind game
FLAWS- It has less lag than fox's shine, a single frame of lag (chances are you going to be punished by all moves faster than 1 frame), if you fail at doing it right (more details later), you do it alot and they predict it , 1% damage , arguably the easiest move in the game to edge gaurd if you mess up, if you don't attack you will be punished
HOW TO IT- A few notes before i start it is just as easy to do in 1/4 speed as it is in 2x(to me) but relly don't slow it down because it will mess you up more than it will help you
1. skip to step3. if can use up B good. go to hyrule temple and just use up B to the right or left on the big platform and good news you just did it perfectly(if you see wavedash lines) and 2 things about the perfect one 1. it's faster 2.there is a bumper on it so so when you hit the edge it will stop you form flying off and to find how close you can be the the egde, jump roll backwards and tip toe an inch. it,s about 3/4 of the up B and this form of PAWD can be used on pokemon stadium for the platforms
2. still simple but useful run to the edge and up-B back on, now you have seen the not as good but easier PAWD and you can grab on to the stage with good timeing
3.Failure after failure till you have mastered it, this is harder than wavedashing and L-canceling and it's needs faster fingers,but when mastered pichu can truely cause fear in them first jump then use UP-B to the right or left and remember you want a perfect one more, good luck, you can use Y or X and up B but i personily like useing the control stick
1.On many stage you will see bumps like onix or some on PS don't worry most bumps can't mess it up unless you mess up really bad
2. it takes more skill on the fox stages
3. you can do this with pikachu but it's worthless due to the 4 frames of lag
4. try doing a perfect one and mash A when you meet your them it's funny and makes you understand how fast this is
5. you can dash dance and wavedash around in one spot and fly away with this and there is little start up time so it can be hard to predict
6.if you fail badly you will have 14 frames of lag andthink pikachu can easily be punished due to his 4 frames of lag
7. you can run jump or anything staight out of this + WD to increase the disances
8. it doesn't have a set range, look at the range of all 3 forms plus it stops at the edge for perfects (3/4)
9. this move makes me wish i never have to fight a pichu unless i am marth, true story
10. master the up -B it's a fast way to surprise someone when you are on a platform and on dreamland the top platform is just great for pichu
11. i have tried it, you can't use thunder jolt and up-B next to it
12.if you pause it during up -B 1 of things may happen 1. pichu will turn into a spear 2. da da da super pichu with his cape
13.some old pichus uses used this but not as well and i discovered it now my own and since i never saw a name for it i called it PAWD, because saying i up B across the stage makes me think bowser
14.this may be the greatest tech chaser ever with pichu abilitly over the small techs
15.dude i am good at making this list, took me about 10 minutes to think up, now for a fact thing, this move may be the closest thing to DBZ in this game, f-tilt, to PAWD to f-tilt and they are thinking did he just kick me into his own kick on the other side of the stage?
16. if MELEE ver. of pichu was in brawl they would be like WTF i can't jump on his head, spam against him, can't even use a gay laser lock, combo him or anyone else,and he doesn't trip, dude pichu is more broken than metagay and he can (list of melee only techs like WD)
17.at the 3/4 mark of a perfect one if you hit someone you will stop there and you can use any attack
18.if you fail and j-puff is singing you fall asleep a few feet away
It should be noted I made this after a few months (about5) after i picked up pichu

please tell me if this has helped anyone (it will make me feel better :p )


notes on his power/ speed/ funny stuff

his up B has 1 frame of lag if you do a perfect up B, funny how the shine has about 3 frames of lag

pika can run a little faster and his up B comes out a little fast(a few frames) but but with way more lag and some othe comes out 1 frame faster, but pikachu l-canceling an air is about the same speed as pichu not l-canceling an air

if you SHFFL nair to upsmash with about 15 frames between the moves, it's not called a combo, but upsmash to up smash to smash on fox is called a combo with about 40 something frames between is called a combo even if it doesn't work as well as nair to up smash. funny how everyone hates pichu like that

ducking as pichu can dodge lasers and a warlock punch but pikachu is F***ed if he ducks

pichu is about half the size of marth and pichu is a foot tall and ken once said marths sword is 3 feet long as marth is 2 feet tall and has 3x the range of pichu WTF

the following things are the fastest in the game that pichu has
landing lag
speacial landing lag
and all of his moves are in the top 5 so he is at least the 5th fastest charter and the fastest pokemon to pick

pichu has in my optoin one of the best grab games some where in between 2-6


Smash Master
Jul 22, 2007
I am ninety percent certain that the only chaingrab Pichu has is the uthrow on fastfallers. I don't know what the rest of the post has to do with grabs.


Banned via Warnings
May 14, 2008
I think i broke my ankle in my sleep KosukeKGA and elvenarrow think about it about 10 grab set ups and maybe you could use one after a throw? and you could test them and if you want you could use up smash instead really i just need to test some more. really from what i have seen pichu could be more useful or usefullerthan pika and i have chained fair to up smash


Smash Ace
Nov 3, 2007
Ames, IA
Here's what needs to be understood:

ALMOST chain grabs are NOT the same as chain grabs.
ALMOST combos are NOT the same as combos.
If they can DI out of it, then they will.

really from what i have seen pichu could be more useful or usefuller than pika and i have chained fair to up smash
Pikachu also uses fair to usmash or grabs. If you're going to claim Pichu is better than Pikachu then 1) don't use something both characters have as an example and 2) use Pichu against a real person in a tourney first.


Banned via Warnings
May 14, 2008
as in grab game pichu is much better pika can't use nair 'bair'upair'and his B has more knockback so it's harder to do and pika has the worst grab range (pichu's is thrid) and to me pichu has more good traits (more bad ones too) and think of the ICs they have many chains throws that can be Died out of but if you did diffrent ones they wouldn't know what to do and i am just pointing ways to garb and regrab.

but have you tryed this out with pichu?

i am just uping his metagame and you as a pikachu main could get somrthing one of it pichu is a clone of him so you should always look for new things. like pichu's up air does wierd things to yoshi's seocnd jump. I am still testing

and READ THE QUOTE and think about what it said" more useful" not better like falco's dair to gann's dair


Smash Cadet
Aug 15, 2005
Thank you so much, this has furthered my Pichu quite a bit. I started playing Melee again this week and I decided to start using Pichu and Zelda :p This guide really helped me get a feel for his grab game.


Smash Ace
Dec 14, 2007
NEW why to play as pichu
1.isn't gay or broken - GTFO these forums if that's your mindset.

16.first part , back when i sucked bad - No offense, but I think if you use Pichu, you pretty much suck. I've never even seen someone in the top ten of a tournament that used Pichu.
Comments in bold.


2. down throw to 1 fair or 2 up tilt or 3 up smash
That will not actually work. You can tech the first d-throw, and there is no way that you can do 3 u-smashes to any character, whether they DI or not. (Unless of course they just sit there like level one AI.)


Smash Ace
Mar 15, 2008
Beab, check the Pichu video thread. A few well known pros play Pichu including KDJ, and they **** with him.

As for the down throw follow ups, I'm pretty sure he's using the numbers to list.
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