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Advanced/Competitive Peach Guide! (SSB4)


Smash Rookie
Sep 26, 2016
What's up, SmashBoards/Amino community!
Welcome to my attempt at a guide for Princess Peach in Smash 4.
In celebration of 200 followers, I shall teach you all the stuff you need to know about this woman who can't seem to stop getting kidnapped by Bowser.

So I've been playing Peach since Melee and have stuck with her ever since. I never see many Peach players in the FGC, which is kinda sad. She's pretty underrated and very technical, but that's why I chose to play her.
Before I begin, there's some things I need to point out.

1. RAR = Reverse aerial rush.
While running, quickly tap the analog stick in the opposite direction before inputting a jump. If done correctly, your back should be turned after you jump. Now you're set up to do a back air while maintaining the momentum from your dash/jump.
Peach GREATLY benefits from this because her b-air is 6 frames so it's fast. Please, please use this technique more often.

2. Whenever I use a ">" it means go to the next thing in the sequence
For example:
D-throw > b-air > b-air
Is a down throw, followed up by 2 back airs.

Anyway, drifting from the point.
When I do see Peach's, I notice that they don't use some of her best tools.

Ex: her jabs, d-tilt, b-air, pivot grab, RAR b-airs.

Uuuuse themmmmm, they're so gooood

•High kill power, no problem killing
•Mix up-heavy
•Very good movement options
•She can freaking float.
•High damage/combo output
•Can be played very defensively, which smash 4 favors.
•Can switch between defensive and offensive with ease

•Has a hard time getting in/opening certain characters up
•Being rushed down can be a problem
•Gets out spaced by some characters (Marth, toon link)
•Her weight. She is liiiiiiiight
•Not the fastest runner..She has to carry her dress.

So yeah, tips, let's go.

•Be annoying with turnips. They're unlimited. Every time you pick a turnip, you're rolling the dice. Literally probability. You have a chance to pull a stitch-face, Mr. Saturn, or a bomb.

•If you're having trouble approaching, try jumping and air dodging through the opponent, maybe you'll find an opening that way. Just a tip.

•A good thing I like to do is run in one direction, then quickly tossing a turnip the opposite direction. It catches a lot of people by surprise

•Z-dropping is also verrrry important to know with this character because Peach loves using items. This is done by simply pressing the grab button in the air while holding a turnip. A z dropped turnip off the end of a stage can gimp maaaaaany characters
Like Diddy, he kinda gets rekt as seen here.

•If you know how to float (jump and hold the button down, then just tap down at whatever height you wanna float at but keep the jump button held down), if you have a turnip in your hand, you can press the grab button in the air to quickly drop a turnip as seen here. http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/147013772279 to continuously roll the dice. With a little practice, you'll be doing it as fast as me. (Use this at your own discretion, be smart about when you do it)

•A very very scary mind game you can do is running up to someone with a turnip in your hand, scaring them into shield, z dropping it in front of them and running up to grab them as seen here http://http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/150950927706]
It's terrifying to be honest and I don't see any Peach's doing it.

So yeah, starting off with her grabs

~Up throw~
•Why. No. Don't use this lmao. Not worth at all.

~Forward throw~
•For some reason, with rage at VERY high percents, this kills if you're right at the ledge.
•It's a good quick slap, if you just want somebody away from you.
•Good for keeping your opponent OFF the stage.
Not much to say about this one.

~Down throw~
•Like the majority of the roster, it's her combo throw.
•Down throw to f-tilt is true and guaranteed on every character at 0%
•Now this is where the mixups can start.

•On fast fallers, after down throw > f-tilt, you can go for a d-tilt as a mix up if they either air dodge to the ground or just don't react period, resulting in way more damage if you keep going.

•On heavy-weights, after a down throw, you can get like 3 Reverse Aerial Rush b-airs if you really wanted to. Carry them off the stage with your booty. Or, after the first f-tilt, if you think they're going to air dodge, go for a d-air to catch it then extend the combo however you want to.

~Back throw~
•Her kill throw. Surprisingly strong, not a bad throw whatsoever.

~Pivot grab~
•For someone who's standing grab is kinda meh, due to her short arms, her pivot grab actually isn't that bad.
Has pretty good range, you'd be surprised, as seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/147701174213

•A pivot grab is done by running in one direction, then QUICKLY and immediately turning around and pressing the grab button at the same time. You'll notice the difference in range.

Onto her tilts

•This move is fantastic, BUT it is slow.
•Comes out on frame 13
•13 is kinda slow in this game, so space it accordingly so you can't get punished. Lots of things can beat it out and out speed it, but that shouldn't deter you from using it. It can lead to a lot of damage.
•Has good range
•Try to keep Max distance when using this to prevent getting punished if it misses
•At 0% off of a d-tilt, you can get at LEAST 40% and once you practice it enough, it'll become second nature as seen http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/150950959579

D-tilt > floated n-air > d-throw > b-air

•That's a free 40% off of 1 d-tilt, and you can get more than that. Your opponent can't do much to get out of it if you're fast.

D-tilt > virtually any of her moves (d-air, b-air) can connect. Mix and match :3

•At literally any percent after like 20-30, you can start getting an f-air after a d-tilt, even a b-air, and at way higher percents, she has 2 "hoo-ha!" 's (not really guaranteed tho cause DI is always a factor but then again, so is hitstun)

D-tilt > u-air
•..For some reason, the rainbow kills
•Will almost always combo at mid percents onward

Orrrr d-tilt > up + b
•Her parasol comes out on frame 7 and has disgusting knock back and if they're at high percents and you have rage...well, gg.

Moving on from d-tilt


•Sigh. This move is kinda bad, but it has an okay hitbox.
•Comes out on frame 9.
•Only use this for platform pressure/if somebody's above you. Otherwise, don't really use it. It's not that great.

•This move's not that bad. Just like u-tilt, use it when somebody's either above you (the hitbox ends above her head), or if someone's jumping towards you. It's an okay anti-air but it's not the best.
•It's her fastest tilt coming out on as early as frame 7.

•Very. Very important that I put the *'s next to it. Her jabs come out on frame 2.
•FRAME 2• That's as fast as Mario's jabs and it's literally one frame faster than Captain Falcon's.
•The slaps don't reach very far but omg UUUUUSEE IT ANYWAY.
•Spam it if you're in a hairy situation (being rushed down)

Now onto the good stuff . Her aerials.

•What she's known for, besides turnips. Smacking you in the face with her crown. It is one of her many kill options, arguably one of her best, but it is veryyy slow. Freakin 16 frames :l
•It gets beaten out by many faster aerials but that's no problem, because you can kill bayonetta at 65 with rage so speed doesn't matter.
It has really great range, and auto cancels off of a short hop only if you don't fast fall it though.
Really good for scaring opponents too, keeping them out. Really good for spacing. Overall, amazing move.

•Throwing a turnip down can confirm into an f-air as seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/150056193937

•I haven't done much testing on this, but if you fast fall this move before the hitbox comes out, but she still takes her crown off, it's as if she's ducking and can duck under an attack as seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/147171472057
It's very interesting and I have to play around with it a bit more.

•Don't stay above Peach or you'll get hit by this, or even worse, her tipper up smash. Comes out around frame 10, And it's really not that bad. It's pretty good.
•Used mainly when under an opponent.
•The beginning hitbox acts as a spike if you fast fall with it at a certain height, greatly increasing her mixup game and combo game seen http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/148016135161

•Reaaaaally good poking tool. Use it to poke shields down to an m&m.
•Also used for spacing.
•DEMOLISHES spot dodges, witch time from Bayonetta and ryu's focus attack because of multiple hits.
•Overall, I love this move. Use it. It's great.

•Coming out on frame 5, it's her fastest aerial.
•One frame faster than her b-air, so use it just as much~
•Has alright range, it was buffed in a patch a long time ago, making the hitbox just a little bit bigger, and since then, Peach hasn't really gotten any changes in patches at all, which I'm really happy about.
•This move is a fantastic combo breaker, can be used to interrupt many things your opponent tries to throw out at you.
•Kind of like a "get off of me" tool while also being a "get away from me" tool at the same time.
•USE IT. It's great.

• I already went over her Reverse Aerial Rush B-airs, it's all the way at the top.
*This move is one of my favorite moves to use just in general.
•Comes out on frame 6, so use it a lotttt.
•Her booty got range, use it.

~Dash attack~
•Really good dash attack.
•Catches rolls, and kills at high percent. Overall, really good.

On to her special moves

~Neutral special~
•Toad..toad, toad. He should be DLC. I'd pay for it. He's exceptionally good at gimping recoveries that have active hitboxes.
••For example: Ness: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/138106153937
IKE ESPECIALLY: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/137357051158
Mario: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/150788104536]
Corrin: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/143919804635 ..the list goes on.

•If your up b has a hitbox, Toad can counter it.
•Also, another great thing that I thank Sakurai for is that you don't have to be facing the person to counter like you did in Melee.
•She'll automatically turn around, so b-reversing this move is completely useless.

~Up special~
•Her parasol is surprisingly fast, coming out on frame 7, so now that I think about it..under certain circumstances, it can be a good out of shield option besides her jabs, grab, and down smash. But don't get crazy with it out of shield because it's punishable if you miss.
•Also pretty good with killing, the very last hit has huge knockback, so if you ever see the opportunity to use it in the air, take the chance.
•A very (obvious) but good bait using the parasol is seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/150403957654
•If you're ever high in the air near the blast zone and you're confident in it connecting, and you have rage.. go for it, because it can kill even at 5% as seen below.
Or if you b reverse the parasol and get that right hitbox.. You can get a kill as low as 10% as seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/140949348045

•But of course, in all 3 cases, you can see that I have at least 100% rage..demonstrating her parasol's true power

~Down special~
•Ahhhh, the good stuff, turnips.
•Before I start I have to explain the difference between throwing and smash throwing.
•Pressing A to throw it normally throws it at a different angle and should be used if you're a bit closer to your opponent.
•However, if you throw a turnip like how you'd normally doa forward smash, you'll see a little star show up and you'll throw it noticeably farther than usual.
•Try and always smash throw your turnips to get the maximum distance possible.
•Jumping and smash-throwing turnips also increases the distance.
•Also, VERY good for edge guarding, sniping off stage. Have fun with it. •I've already gone over z dropping turnips, so scroll up if you missed it.

•Also, a good thing to do to create space and continue your defense: Throw a turnip UP. Just up in the air, and hide behind it. Let it be your shield. If anything, you can always recatch it and throw it back up/at your opponent.

~Side special~
•Da booty. This move is sooooo much better than it was in previous games. It was literally trash in Melee and brawl. It was slow and almost went nowhere, but daddy Sakurai buffed it in smash 4.
•It's safe on shield, only a handful of characters can actually punish it, but if you use it correctly, that shouldn't happen.
•It's really really good for catching rolls, and overall, it's a fantastic move, please use it more.

•After a side b, you can choose to jump away and continue your defense, or continue your offense.
To continue offense, you could maybe fast fall with a n-air, and go from there.
•You can d-tilt, grab, jab..see how the person reacts to side b first before trying these out.

Lastly, her smash attacks.

~Up smash~
•Her best smash attack hands down. Has a tipper effect just like Marth's sword and it really hurts.
•Think of the hitbox like a giant cone around her, with her hand being the tip.
•This smash is the ultimate "don't stay above me ever" move.
••The tip with rage can kill at disgustingly early percents as seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/144513731226
•••A very very good mind game if your opponent likes to air dodge after down throw, or even just as a mixup is an empty hop to a charged up smash as seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/150950944442

~Down smash~
•Definitely catches rolls, if they're trying to roll behind you. Relatively fast, comes out on frame 6 so it's good out of shield.
Not as good as it was in Melee but still a viable option.

~Forward smash~
••Tennis racket > Golf club > Frying pan.
•Remember that order.
•Tennis racket has the most knockback. Golf club has the most range. Frying pan has the shortest range but hits the hardest.
That's about it for that.

~Edge guards~
•Peach is one of the queens of edge guarding, with a bunch of turnips at her disposal.
•Going to the edge of the stage and smash-throwing a turnip up in the air is a good way to limit your opponents options scare them at the same time
•A simple z-dropped turnip near the ledge is enough to kill some characters too.
•Sometimes, it'll force the opponent to up b past the ledge, and that's where Toad comes in handy.
•Running off the stage with an f-air can catch some people by surprise, similar to Falcon running off the stage and getting a knee.
•Against tether characters, I'd recommend either z dropping a turnip, or throwing it downward, or run off stage and hit them with a d-air to mess them up.
•Against characters with obvious recoveries, like falcon and ganondorf, you can simply float parallel to them, and f-air them. But be careful.
A z dropped turnip to a footstool can kill a couple characters such as Marth seen here: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/140430556176

•Get creative with your edge guards, Peach can float ffs.

~Shield break punishes~
•So you've picked a Mr. Saturn. You've broken someone's shield. What can I do that's stylish?
•My #1 favorite thing to do is pick a turnip, walk up to the opponent (make sure you're as close as possible) > throw the turnip UP, roll BEHIND them, and charge whatever you feel like;
Frying pan,
Tennis Racket: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/141407231881
or Up Smash: http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/post/145034059651

•It's super easy and looks cool too.

•Peach is very mix up heavy, and I honestly feel like she has potential. •But like every character in smash, she has flaws too.
That's all I can think of, hope you guys enjoyed my guide, I tried :p

Share this if you want, spread it around.
Spread the Peach tech~~
••Don't forget to SIDE TAUNT when you get a disrespectful kill, otherwise you're not playing Peach right :p

Check out my Peach vids on my tumblr http://dimitrees.tumblr.com/tagged/Princess+peach

Later guys. Trees out. ✌
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