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Apr 18, 2016
I actually don't use Greninja and am looking for tips against him. Greninja has some pretty good shield safety and is fast. How should I approach this fight in the neutral?


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Sep 12, 2014
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Don't spam focus attack against Greninja, he has a few multi hit moves that can counter it pretty well when used in the air (Uair, Bair, Usmash), and when used on the ground it's easily poked and grabbed on the end lag.

I haven't played a ton of Ryu's but the ones who did well against me were making good use of his quicker attacks, lots of Nair, Dtilt and weak jabs. His side B is a good move in short range as it goes right through the uncharged shireken, can't be shield grabbed and will beat a roll backward as well.

The multi hit hadouken is always a good move as it forces greninja to jump or hold shield.

The more I think about it the less help I am, I don't find the Ryu MU to be too difficult as long as you dance around Focus Attack carefully. Good luck!


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Apr 19, 2015
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I actually don't use Greninja and am looking for tips against him. Greninja has some pretty good shield safety and is fast. How should I approach this fight in the neutral?
Greninja's best offensive oos options are jab - frame 10, grab- frame 11, and bair - frame 9. At 0 none of these are threatening. You shouldnt have any trouble pressuring him.

Greninja gets under shaku hover easily. Dont do it.

Greninja doesnt have grounded multi hit combo starters, and has really slow grabs, so focus is good.

Greninja wants falling aerials and dtilt. If he jumps at you feel free to retreat or reposition out of the way. watch out for dtilt.

Dont worry about grabs until about 30-40 percent. just mash jump and di away. until then camp in shield.

Greninja's projectile is pretty good, so be ready to shield and punish or just jump in on him.

Jump in's on greninja are pretty free if you space. His only options to anti air are advancing up tilt and retreating ground normals. he can also jump over your aerial and try to land one of his own, but in general jump in on greninja a bunch.

Thats the short of it.
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Feb 23, 2015
With what little Ryu experience I have I can honestly say, don't go for the heavy attacks, your light attacks and faster aerials will make it harder for the frog to get in and start his combo game, which I at least find is really effective on Ryu given his weight and fall speed. Play defensive and make sure to shield both nair and fair attempts because they are not safe at all unless properly canceled, which is easy so it's better to just shield and if you read a grab punish with a jab since Greninja's startup for his garb is still pretty long at 11 frames.

Above all, never, NEVER, let Greninja get you offstage most of Ryu's recovery options are either easy to predict or are somewhat slow and thus both are food for the up be gimp or on a good read a bair stage spike or even a footstool or if the frog feels brave and gets the right read a dair spike for a mostly guaranteed kill. If you do get offstage try to predict the edge guard and either tatsu shoryu when it's safe, also tatsu after getting pushed by hydro pump can work if Greninja goes back onstage.

As for killing, Greninja is still somewhat light and a well timed punish can and in many cases in late game lead to a stock being taken on either side.

I might honestly be wrong on everything but that's my experience with fighting Ryu, hope it helps a little.


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Apr 21, 2015
From your side, you have really really strong pressure against gren's shield, as some have pointed out. I think you should be able to have true blockstrings if you time your aerials late enough.

Of course, greninja doesn't have to sit in shield and take that, and he is mobile enough to avoid entirely. That is the nature of the fight, you have to catch him and punish with your supreme strength and early rage TRSK kills and immense block pressure, while avoiding his multitude of setups and juggling ability.

Also, be wary of his hydro pump on your recovery. Straight down hydro pump will make your recovery Shoryuken send you flying to centre stage for a free punish. Not much you can do about this once you are in the position of barely making it back, but otherwise recover around that.