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A tiny thread of hope: Jace Beleren support thread!


Deleted member

One of the few most-wanteds I have that I feel has even the slightest, miniscule chance of making it in. So why not make this thread?

A planeswalker whos native plane is Vryn, with magic based around mind control and other blue-colored abilities,(spell cancelling, for example) he is one of the most well-known of the massive group of planeswalkers, and I think is the best fit for a MTG character, being a mage in the same vein as Robin(minus the sword)


Neutral Special: Creates a clone, which will mirror everything Jace does. Maximum of 1 Clone can be on the stage at a time, and they will disappear after 40 seconds.
If the original Jace dies while a clone is out, he will simply take over one of his clones instead of losing a stock(but only once-per-stock, and will not work in non-stock games)

Side Special: Sends a small amount of mind magic in the direction the move was imputed, anyone hit by the projectile will be stunned for a few seconds and takes damage over time for a short while afterwards.

Up Special: uses blue magic to blast himself up into the air, then upon landing setups a small barrier on both sides for a brief moment. Any attacks that hit these barriers will be bounced back and deal double damage to the person that used the attack.

Down Special: Counter, with the main difference being that there is no response attack, rather Jace heals himself for the damage he would have taken and becomes invulnerable for a few seconds. Opponents are stunned for a few seconds as well.

Final Smash: Jace locks onto the nearest opponent, and wipes their memories. Any opponent hit by this move and survives will be unable to do anything for 5 seconds afterwards, and will auto-die if at 60% or higher.

Closing thoughts
Overall, I don't think this will happen for a long time(if at all) but at the very least it isn't impossible, unlike my other most wanteds being 90% anime boy.
I can see Chandra being another option for a MTG character, but I think that Jace is cooler so I went with him. (Also Nicol Bolas is way too big to make work, he's like 2 times bigger than canon-sized Ridley, and it would look weird to have a titanic dragon be the same size as Ridley, of all things)

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