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A Smashing Playlist! - The Beatsaber Note Support Thread


Smash Journeyman
Nov 6, 2019
This is perhaps the stupidest, no actually I.... Nope actually this is the stupidest support thread I will ever make, but let's give it a whirl anyhow....

What is Beatsaber?
Beatsaber is a very popular, very well-known VR Game available on multiple systems, including the PS4

Why in the world would a Beatsaber Note be Playable?
There is no true main character in Beatsaber, but there are blocks... Using different note types, lightsabers, & barriers, there is actually a powerful moveset dormant in this tiny little block.

Are you actually serious about this?
Yes... I'm 14, not insane.... No, wait... actually... Uh... Nevermind.


Kirby's new look turns him into a cube. He has a white arrow right above his feet, pointing upwards

1. Red
(A red block)

2. Blue
(a blue block)

3. Green
(a green block)

4. Black
(a black block)

5. Purple
(a purple block)

6. White
(a white block, where all arrows & dots are black instead)

7. Yellow
(a Yellow Block, where all arrows & dots are black instead)

8. Brown
(a brown block)


You can tell which direction the Note is facing thanks to the arrow. It points in the direction it's facing, and changes accordingly... Although certain moves make it point up, or down, or turn into a dot instead.

I don't think I'm missing anything else, so I'll put the moveset here...


(Pushes a small red saber forward. It is only half as long as the nuetral special's saber)

Up Tilt-
(Jumps up a bit, hitting and damaging anyone above it. The arrow points upward)

Down Tilt-
(Crouches, and sends a small saber both in front of and behind it. The Note has 2 arrows now, one poining bith directions)

Side Tilt-
(Dashes sideways, then back to its original position. The arrow stays pointing in the direction Note is looking)

N Air-
(Two blades pop out of the sides of Note, & circle around it. The Arrow on note points down)

U Air-
(Jumps up a bit more, similar to its Up Tilt. It can be used as an extra jump or a recovery)

B Air-
(Thrusts a strong saber backward, dealing large amounts of damage)

F Air-
(Just like it's B-Air, except forward)

D Air-
(A short saber is pointed downwards)

Nuetral Special- Saber
(Same as :ultlucina:)

Down Special- Beat Barricade
(A barrier from beatsaber is built like a wall in front of Note. It works as a Reflector. Note does not have a arrow when this move, instead it is a dot in the middle)

Up Special- Cube-copter
(the note block grows taller, with a new area where it split. New sabers come our of this area, and work like a helicopter. This is very similar to :ultpiranha:'s Recovery)

Side Smash-
(Shoots a saber forward, then retracts it)

Up Smash-
(A Saber comes out of the Note in the direction it is facing, and quickly swipes over the note to the other side)

Down Smash-
(A saber strikes downwards, springing Note into the air, or harming the opponents that are close or underneath)

(small sabers that deal little to no damage)

D Throw-
(Pushes the opponent under itself as it bounces on it for a bit, then the oppenent goes flying)

U Throw-
(Headbutts into the sky)

S Throw-
(Pushes forward a bit then thrusts a saber to launch the opponent)

Note's grab animation shows a Claw Machine claw made of sabers grab the opponent...

Now, Last but not Least... Taunts...

U Taunt-
Note sits on another note, which changes accordingly to the alt chosen: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, & 7-8

D Taunt-
Note blinks a random different alt color

S Taunt-
2 sabers start to spin around Note, and blink random colors. This does not move Note at all, or deal any damage

On the character select screen, Note looks like just that... A beatsaber Note. The symbol representing the home series in the inzgame symbol for two-handed mode. It looks a lot like a jedi with 2 lightsabers...

What did you think of my ideas for Note? How would you react to this totally random character? I look forward to reading your thoughts!
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