Smash Wii U A Guide on a few of the Harder Challenges


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Nov 7, 2015
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I somehow managed to complete these after failing more times than I'd like to admit, and for anyone who is struggling, this is how I did them:

Clear the "All-Star Match: Special" Event on Hard

I did it with King Dedede, and it was rather easy - only took two or three tries. The key is to to just throw your weight around - they will hardly ever counterattack or try to intercept, so just lay down your strongest attacks on them. Dedede's forward smash, down smash, up air, and dash attack are good kill options. Forward air and back air work too.

Clear All-Star as Duck Hunt on Hard Difficulty

This was probably one of the hardest challenges around here. Been trying this for about a week and I finally got it. It also helped that I also main Duck Hunt, but even then it was difficult. So here is what you need to know about the specific stages (keep in mind that this does not involve DLC characters Bayonetta and Corrin, though Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, and Cloud are included). You really need to worry about projectiles - they for some reason deal regular knockback as opposed to other attacks, which deal decreased knockback.
  • Stage 1 - Probably the easiest stage. The stage you want either Mario Galaxy, Coliseum, or Kalos Pokemon League as the stage. Wii Fit Studio and Skyworld have never worked for me. The enemy AI is the easiest here - just use Clay Shooting on them and if they get too close, use down smash. Trick Shot and Wild Gunman can help too, but only when they're far away. You really want to focus on Robin at the start of the battle, since he/she can charge up Thunder to use Thoron. Wii Fit Trainer is another character you need to look out for. Rosalina is slightly easier - take out Luma and she has no projectiles. Dark Pit and Greninja can be annoying though, as the former can reflect your projectiles and has super armor with Electroshock Arm and the latter can use annoying moves like Shadow Sneak and Water Shuriken. I don't think it'd be that much harder with Corrin and Bayonetta involved, but Corrin's projectile would be something to look out for. You want as little damage as possible ~25%.
  • Stage 2 - Garden of Hope or Pyroshere is the stage you want here, mainly because of the size. This has nine enemies, most having projectiles. Deal with Lucario first, as his increased-aura-powered Aura Sphere can be lights out for you. Also watch out for Lucas' PK Freeze - he won't spam it, but he will use it. Toon Link and Olimar are ones you need to be extra careful with - Toon Link's Boomerang can be hard to dodge, and since Onlimar's Pikmin are registered as projectiles, he can one-shot you with his aerial and smash attacks. Focus on him when he appears. Bowser Jr.'s Clown Cannon is also something to look out for. If you get Garden of Hope, let the crab take them out when it appears, but be sure to not use Trick Shot on the bridge, bowl, or stick - you'll jest end up damaging yourself. If it's Pyroshere, use the platforms to your advantage, as the AI never seems to properly use them. You want ~80%, but you'll usually get around 130%.
  • Stage 3 - You have two options - recover or head into the stage. If you have anywhere between 100% and 110%, use up the Fairy Bottle. The Maxim Tomato can help a little, but it seems better to save the recovery items for the final four rounds. I've never really had any trouble with this stage, but that's just me. Your best choice here is Onett, but Pokemon Stadium 2 also works. If you get Onett, go behind the left house and spam up air as opponents just walk into it - works wonders. If you get anything else, Charizard and Ness are your main priorities - Charizard's Flare Blitz and Ness' yo-yo attacks for some reason aren't lowered in All-Star Mode, so take care of those first. Otherwise, should be fairly simple - use Clay Shooting with a few smash attacks, aerials, Wild Gunmen, and Trick Shots mixed in.
  • Stage 4 - If you haven't recovered yet, use a Heart Container, since chances are you're over 180%. Gamer is the best stage here, mainly since you can throw opponents into 5-Volt. Deal with Fox and Falco first, since their reflectors are annoying. King Dedede will sometimes use Gordo Toss, which means you can hit it back at him, which helps. Otherwise, fairly basic.
  • Stage 5 - This is where things start getting harder. Woolly World seems to generate the best results here, but Suzaku Castle also works. Focus on Mega Man, since he can one-shot you with his forward smash, but otherwise, just play safely with Clay Shooting, Trick Shot, and Wild Gunman.
  • Stage 6 - By far the hardest stage, mainly because you're thrown in with Link, Zelda, and Samus. At the start, you want below 30%, so recover if you need. It doesn't matter what percent you're at, Samus' Charge Shot WILL kill you, so take her out first. Bowser is also a threat - attacks are usually lowered, but his attacks are so powerful that it almost nullified the advantage completely. There aren't many good stages here, but Mushroom Kingdom U and Norfair are large enough to work in your favor.
  • Stage 7 - Be sure you saved up a Hear Container for this. While it only has six opponents, they have the hardest AI. You absolutely need Luigi's Mansion, because the solid platforms will save you when knocked back. And trust me, you'll be knocked around a LOT. PAC-MAN is the one you need to worry about the most, as he can use Bonus Fruit and Fire Hydrant. Knock his Fire Hydrant back and NEVER let him use a key. Mr. Game & Watch's 9 is also an issue - he won't spam it, but it can happen.
Get 8 Fevers in Trophy Rush as Dr. Mario

This is actually possible if you have an equipment that arms Dr. Mario with a Star Rod. Makes it much easier.

Survive 1 Minute in Cruel Smash as Luigi

Just jump of the stage, midair jump, Super Jump Punch, ledge attack, rinse and repeat for one minute. Really that simple.

I'll have some other challenges out in a bit once their done. In the meantime, can someone PLEASE tell me how to KO my rival three times in Rival Smash?
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