A few Diddy doubts


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Feb 16, 2018
Hi everyone, im a Diddy main from Spain and id like to clarify some doubts i have with this little monkey:

1 Ive seen some players do a monkey flip reverse to a grab, how do I do this? ive done the reverse flip many times but either im missing an imput but ive never been able to do the grab.

2 Fair or Bair? which one is better for each situation? does one have more knockback or more % damage than the other? i find many situations where I could hit the opponent with any of them and I dont know which one is better.

3 If i get hit with anything (opp. attack) while im recovering with barrels these go flying anywhere and diddy stars falling a lot faster, is there any "tech" to charge the barrels again and come back to the ledge?

4 Following with barrels, sometimes they explode and I cant tell if there is because ive hit a surface too directly or if it was because i was going too fast the moment ive collisioned with the wall/ledge.

Thanx everyone and sorry for my bad english.
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