Request A code that requires only one event for interrupt functions


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Aug 23, 2015
Some time ago, UnclePunch made this code:
$Interrupt Swap Subaction Event v1.1 [UnclePunch]
*Syntax = 33XX0000 YYYYYYYY
*XX = 00,01,02 / 00 = IASA Function / 01 = Physics Function / 02 = Collision Function
*YYYYYYYY = Move Logic Function
C207162C 0000000C
81DD0008 89EE0000
2C0F0033 4082004C
808E0004 89EE0001
2C0F0000 41820018
2C0F0001 41820018
2C0F0002 41820018
48000028 909E219C
48000014 909E21A4
4800000C 909E21A8
48000004 39CE0008
91DD0008 4E800020
7C0802A6 00000000
While it does work, I'm planning on using this code to replace the IASA event on every attack so the moves can be canceled with everything, not just A attacks or jumping. I've been told a lot of things involving the IASA mechanic are hardcoded, so I figured I'd ask for a code that does what this code does but without the need to use an extra event (because adding space manually to a move is time consuming, obviously, and sometimes you don't want to sacrifice events). I'm not sure if it's possible, but I want the code to have the two options set to something specific by default: the function type would be an IASA function and the move logic function would be this one:
800ccaac : ac_Interrupt_AS_Fall
Normally, that's what you do with the code, but the subaction must have the "33XX0000" event inside of the subaction as well, so I want the code to be rewritten so adding that is not necessary by having specific settings be set by default within the code.
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