9B and Kei Confirmed for UAE Smashers' 'Dubai Dojo'


UAE Smashers, the United Arab Emirates' competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, recently announced that Japan's Kei and 9B are set to attend Dubai Dojo, a regional major taking place on November 25 - 26 at the Ezone Net Cafe in Abu Hail, Dubai.
Retired Brawl legend 9B :4bayonetta:, also known as Kyubi, will be making his first international appearance since EVO 2016 at this tournament. With his recent results of 5th at Karisuma 10 and 4th at Sumabato 14 9B is sure to be a threat in this tournament. Kei :4cloud2: on the other hand, is known for being one of Japan's links to the Western community due to his ability to speak fluent English. Though he isn't a top-level player, his time spent in a competitive region will make it interesting to see how he fares against the UAE's best.

The two players first came into contact with the UAE's scene when Saif “Marche” Al-Suwaidi, one of Dubai Dojo's organizers, visited Japan. "I went to Japan earlier in April and spent a lot of time playing with 9B and Ranai at 9B's house. It was pure destruction," Marche told Smashboards. "I asked 9B if he would like to attend a tournament in the UAE, and he agreed. He also persuaded Kei to come since he's fluent in English. On top of all the big events we had recently, we're proud to have these guests for our last UAE major in 2016, and it would be a good test for our players!"

Dubai Dojo will be UAE Smashers' last major for 2016 so you don’t want to miss this exciting grand finale! For more information on their community, one can check their Twitter and Instagram accounts and Facebook group.

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