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9/22 C3 Results


Smash Lord
Aug 9, 2004
Singles Bracket (Black Hayato in the bracket is Soap, lil error in the pools we didnt catch til the bracket already started.)
Teams Bracket

Singles there were 102 entrants, but only 48 made it to brackets.

1: m2k
2: azen
3: chllin
4: jiano
5: chinesah
5: cactaur
7: eggm
7: neo
9: tope
9: sensei
9: sliq
9: chu
13: km
13: lozr
13: plank
13: g-reg
17: drephen
17: korn
17: husband
17: kirbstir
17: bass
17: treble
17: woz
17: wife
25: kaiser
25: aho
25: special k
25: velocity
25: bigD
25: cyrain
25: kel
25: aero
33: scar
33: slikvik
33: scissors
33: pakman
33: ether
33: savage
33: omni
33: juke
33: LK
33: okin
33: meep
33: soap
33: Frozen
33: free vick(souroush)
33: blues
33: frenziefool


1: Azen + Chu
2: Chillin + M2k
3: Neo + Omni
4: KM + Jiano
5: watty + drephen
5: cactaur + sensei
7: Tope Savage
7: Newlyweds (husband + wife)
9: Kel + Sliq
9: cyrain + ether
9: special K + black hayato
9: Team Nasty (aho + fonz)
13: Treble + Eggm
13: lozr + tc
13: Kaiser + Plank
13: Kirbulate (kirbstir + g-reg)
17: scar + LK
17: hat + slikvik
17: Kiwi + Perry
17: cstick + yeroc
17: Woz + Philly
17: Vist + Meep
17: Juke + BigD
17: Big R + Frenzie
25: velocity + pacman
25: hova + egy5
25: btree + nacker
25: darksyde + pac!
25: blues + EE
25: yo + em
25: tenken + chinesah
25: okin + splode
33: XDRuthless + Hope
33: chred + voodoo
33: nkk + dk
33: biz + embree
33: Triad + Bass
33: thunder + lightning
33: CK + aero
33: zeps + taK$


Smash Journeyman
Feb 8, 2005
Richmond, VA, USA
To anyone that can confirm: Did the top 3 actually play out their matches or did they just split the money w/o playing the finals?


Smash Journeyman
Mar 11, 2006
standings might not show it, but i think i've upped my game immensely -- i'm very optimistic about the next tournament (college is really improving my game)

chinesah - awesome match. i think my falcon matchup is finally clicking. good **** on your end.
g-regulate - very fun match... :)
tope - i love your sheik
korn - is too good at this game
blues - :/ i love you blues

Scissors Sir

Smash Ace
Jun 28, 2006
Queens, NYC myspace.com/15453187
SHOUT OUTS (again)

Lemme transfer my shout outs from the other thread...

hope i dont miss too many people on this one....

Pac Strife & ur team mate (darkside i think?) - cool teams matches. I think that's the first time I played anyone from NC.

KM - **** what did you do? I didn't even recognize you when i saw you...plz tell me ur weight loss secrets O_O

Jiano - We didn't get to play after our teams match. *shakes fist* congrats on 4th

Woz - Thx for teaming with me. We didn't do so bad for two rusty old farts. LMAO @ me thinking i was fox for a second and jumping out to shine only to realize I have thunder...

Plank - fun matches indeed. I'm gonna get my revenge dont you worry...

Kaiser - We never play in singles. It's always in teams LOL good job at bringing our teams series to a 2-2 tie. Who will win the tie breaker...?

Aho - Be honest. I put the fear of God in you that 1st pools match right? cool matches. why'd u have to beast on my marth like that later on though?

Chinesah - I was rootin for ya while u were playing jiano man. good matches between us though. that dair is still haunting me...

chu - rockstar FTW. we didnt get to play but i'll be coming back to MD/VA real soon.

Chillin - not to s**t on chu but you dissected those **** IC's... it was a beautiful thing to watch. We didn't play either...**shakes fist**

G-reg - cool matches. we FINALLY got to play each other. It was worth the wait though.

NEO - i see u retired ur teacup hat. LMAO good to see ya again

eggm - lol @ trying to intimidate people... seeing as how i've changed so much, it amused me more than it annoyed me.

tope - random @$$ victory over chu. congrats though. and NO i wasnt tryin to play u in chu's car. LOL though... here's you.. "so what do they say about me...?" hahahahaha. we didnt get any pika dittos in either

sliq - cool friendlies matches. spread the word about pika. i'll do the same for jiggs.

voodoo- you just barely missed brackets man. good s**t in pools though. Doc counters me so hard... that second match will be memorable.

0 controllers tossed
0 chairs thrown
100% fun had by me

did I miss anyone? I hope not... if I did sowwy


Smash Champion
Aug 6, 2003
Baltimore, MD
g-reg - >_>

Kitsune - good seeing you, pools were mean.

slikvik - good ****.

chillin - I think I enjoyed that set more than any of my matches all day. You ****.

Nacker - good try. Some other time!

Frozen - gg making it to brackets. Next time don't get 0-2'd though. Same to slik. lol

Woz - we played several friendlies near the projector screens (you didn't gimme your name for some reason), fun matches until all the super bsing matches began. I couldn't get near your Zelda, I have no idea about that match up.

Velocity - why is your Doc so mean? You guys ran that teams set.


Mar 15, 2005
Norfolk, VA
Fun tournament.

Clearly I need to stop losing to people that can out camp me.


Jun 12, 2005
Long Beach CA
Aho: you can upload results to my server to show brackets, pools, etc. It's easy. Just use this link and follow the instructions to claim your account, then create a new tournament and use the Upload Results link. Groovy :).


Smash Master
Nov 1, 2004
To my pools people:

Kirbstir-well we played four stock, so i got to play you more. I did better than last time, i only got two stocked ^_^ I'll try not to kill myself at 0 next time though :D

ZM2004- DAAAAAMMN you have a sexy mario. We had close pools matches, you ***** me in the firendliesw though, until the third match when i was winning and we got kicked off the TV >_<

Savage-marth. gah. I need a lot more experience like you said. I don't think i was really playing my best against you (not johning you would have won easily anyways), but i still learned some stuff.

Nacker- nice doc man. I must admit, i arrogantly thought i was going to win. But i couldn't handle the pills. good ****.

Special K- that was fun, man, like savage, i was kinda tired when i played you, but the friendlies were great, thanks for that!

Zio- hey man, no hard feelings, just keep playing, you'll get better. don't get upset about it, laugh it off.

Hat+Slikvik-good **** in teams, voodoo was pissed, he thinks it's my fault even though he stole a life in the second match lolz, now he's gonna post or tell me in person how utterly wrong i am. cuz that's voodoo :D

Amazing controller dude-sorry, i couldn't really hear your name, and didn't want to keep bothering you for it. good **** with the friendlies, and the pichu. PICHU TEAMS WIN

Omni-on a similar note, poor mewtwo. j/k feel better man.

nightmare korn kid-same as above had fun in the friendly teams.

vist-i'll beat your luigi next time, we were going even until the second stock and then you whipped out the **** and two stocked me.

clown,-that was some good **** man.


Smash Master
Jan 7, 2007
Columbia, MD
I Main Link

Good job everyone, time for shout outs!

First off aho and company good job running the tournament turnout was great. I just wish I wasn't so out of it and didn't get a chance to register for singles. woo being up for 30+ hours is not good.

Chinesah- Nice job man handling my Link, atleast I got one win wooo!

KM - I was playing you and didn't even know who you were :p, nice freindlies tho.

Omni - One more! lol Good job in teams w/ NEO, we need to play more!

Kornnn- Good freindlies, too fast for me

Shinku- We didn't get a chance to ditto and you suck

HOVA- good stuff too bad by that time I was so tired I was ready to past out, I'll be even better next time

Btree- I got the last laugh :p

Slikvik - We didn't finish our match but my link was giving it to your peach! lol Let me know we you coming back to md

Frozen- Where have you been all my life? lol jk we need to play next time

Dk smash- Crazy match, I expect both of us to improve even more next time we meet, LOL @ you recording team finals

Everyone that was at the lock-in - I can't remember everyone's name but I'll know you next time I see you guys good matches all around, I've improved because of it. Expect to see me again next time!

Good matches too everyone I played if I forgot you on the list! Next time I want to ditto your link/ylink chu or azen after seeing you guys in teams. Hope the next c3 is as good as this one.


Smash Hero
Aug 29, 2006
Neptune, NJ
Shout outs time :
Chinesaw - WTFFF lol, wow. Your fox is amazing man.. its the way I want my fox to play.
Vist - Luigis not low tier wtf.
Pacman - Yeah hes really not.. :(
Aho - Thanks a lot for making it top 3 Definitely made my day. xD
Neo - Coolest smasher in the MD/va area thanks for being so cool with me and my crewmates, we forgot to do roy vs yoshi. xD
Tope - Out camping falco is hard, m2k thinks sheiks the best camper, but I dunno lol.
Slikvik + Hat - Nice team man... that second set was mad close, HAT you've improved vastly since pound keep it up.
Jiano - Your falcon is truly amazing, thanks for owning me. xD
Sensei - Just stick w/ fox yours is too good forget about marth. xD, I know what stage to ban on you now ^^ good job on your placing as well, nj's too good.
Chu - Fun low tier matches in pools, ur YL and pikachu are nasty.
The peach player in my pool - WOW your mad good ... I was scared. xD
Korn - Your sheik was really tough, DK 64 for a counterpick? ? Sheik has way better counterpicks than that vs spacies. xD
More later as I remember.

Super duper fun tourney, that venue is really awesome, thanks to everyone that helped run it.

Oh and the eagles are owning, this was a good weekend. :)


Smash Champion
Sep 9, 2006
Kyoto Prefecture Japan
this competition was ridiculous and. im gonna start playing with inferno omni and step up my game to a close pro level and hopefully at least make it out of pools and **** some people. however this tourney i just wanted to have fun and watch extremely good people play, might as well do shout outies

m2k - i would kill to be as good you. the cheap kills off the ledge are a thing of beauty. wow. thanks for teaming with me for freindlys

jiano - good **** for taking out husband, you made it look so easy

azen - nice bowser on kiwi lol

chu dat - baaazing is like yayuhhz, but its better cuz its my version 2.0, you should try it sometime

-.- Chinese - good **** for taking out km and chillin man. i can tell you were really trying hard.

korn - dude your getting soooo much better, its not even funny. i think your at the pro level, mainly cuz ****** drephen. insane

omni - almost pro too, you and neo are a sick team. i love you guys

lobo - my link will always be sexier, mwahahaha

slikvik - *cough* **** peach

frozen - you always open, like 24-7, lets keep it that way, lmfao!

btree - the samus adivice really helped. thanks a bunch

kazman/ EE - is really gonna join team ben? dum dum dum

c-dot - next time we play, im going to be stronger, watch out :p

Z-M / Boss - Its a me, fox. lol

everyone else, good battles. ill probably be at the next c3, peach out!


Smash Master
Nov 25, 2006
RamenKing! (*´ω`)/ Falls Church, VA

Very awesome tourney :D I really like C3 this one, I get to played a lot of good people and had so much fun!
lol... and i finally made it out from pool

Boss - Good sh*t "uugghzzzz" lol

Blues - Thanks so much for a ride :] ..and you are AMAZING!! =D

Aero - Thanks for supporting me so much ..and GOOD SH*T ..you get a LOT better =D

CK - Thanks for supporting me as well :] ..and you *****

Tin - we get to played only one match..=( but your peach get a lot better as well :]

BlackHayato - haha Nice to see you again :] we should team sometimes!!

Aho - Nice friendly w/ you on friday-saturday morning :]

DosV - Nice friendly! :D your samus + fox are very good

NEO - ..lol your marth ***** me but fun friendly

PAC! - your falcon is goooooood! :] fun falcon ditto

Israfel - fun team matches lol.. your peach WONT die lol

BigD - your Falcon is dangerous....... but good matches in tourney :]

Drephen - haha gay sheik matches lol but it was fun to played you in the pool :]

Shinku - closeeeeee match your marth vs my falcon =D but good sh*t!

LOZR - tooo goooooddd!! and fun friendly :]

Eggm - your Falco, Fox are sick... :D but yeah my sheik is lil gay ..but you ***** me anyway lol >___< i pick kongo jungle ....cuz lol i dont really know whats sheik counter pick stage

Slikvik - Good sh*t friendly with you :] ..and im sorry for not MM you :(

Perry - Thanks so much for a ride home and nice to see you =]

Chinesahh - why you are so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD !!! lol and nice friendly with

Okin and ..some guy in MK crew that play doc ? - good friendly matches :]

Nelo+Cyrain+Frozen+EE+BowserTree+Rei+Tak$+Zeps - nice to see you guys again :]


Smash Lord
Mar 13, 2006
Baltimore County
This tournament was a lot of fun, and was run really well.

Good **** to everyone in my pool and brackets. I had a lot of close and gentlemanly matches with a lot of people.

Good ****


Smash Journeyman
Nov 22, 2005
Piano Island
This was a great tournament. I got a lot better. Go me! GG to everyone I played. You're all great people.

And really, nothing beats the ride home from tournaments. Ever


Smash Journeyman
Aug 8, 2007
wheres Tru=? wheres ChozenOne? wheres c-mart? foun
Torny was ****ing great but a let down at the end not being able to see the finals play\\\'d out... again...

Shout Outs

Chin v/s jiano was the best match handsdown at that torny, Chin had that **** =[

Husband, Wife and Bibble it was great chillin\\\' and rooting for you guys, Team Ben is the shiz

Neo it was cool driving you back with Hova, I\\\'m not crazy though I swear

TA ~pound~

Good job Slik, Korn, Blues and Frozen making it out of pools, I fell 1 short but playing M2K, Sliq and Ether in pools was joy and the Falco from Midwest, I only won that one cause Husband + Wife + Bibble were rooting me on lol

Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuues I had fun in teams, we only lost to good teams (Special K and Plank + Kaiser) so we got nothing to be mad about y0

Thanks for the ride Hova, we gotta train more!

NC peeps glad u came up, it was nice seeing you guys.

Azen has the best car ever, when we left AppleBees and u showed it to me I was like wow .___.

everyone else it was great seing you


Smash Hero
Apr 14, 2004
ashburn, VA
i wanna thank everyone for coming out, i didn't think the entrant list would break 100, but i somehow forgot that the EC is the best and we just exceed all expectations for greatness. this includes NJ, PA, NC, MW Kentucky and MW Ohio (and philly from NY). i know it was crowded but i hope everyone was comfortable for the most part, and lots of people brought TVs (much thanks for all the people who brought setups, that was huge.)

we started about 12:30ish or so and finished up at about 9 or 10. for a 100 person tourney i guess thats not too bad, so thanks for every for not slacking in pools and stuff. i did my best to keep things moving.

-so we didn't start at noon like we had promised, but **** happens and there were still people registering in line so nothing could be done. sorry for the inconvenience.
- i realize some pools had people in the same region/crew in them. unfortunately the tourney program used wouldn't let us fix pools manually, so we had to create and recreate seeded pools like 8 times before we eventually just stuck with one. once again, sorry for the inconvenience.
- we took top 3 from pools. however, there were several ties between the 3rd and 4th places. this was split by # of TOTAL WINS, then, LEAST LOSSES. if it was still tied, it would go to head -to-head. the instances in particular i can remember are boss and voodoo, many apologies for the confusion but thats just how it rolls.
- Yes, the top 3 did NOT play it out. they split the top 3 prize money and went on their way, claiming they "had to go". i tried my best to get them to play but to no avail. i'm really sorry @ the people who wanted to see them play, i also wouldn't have minded watching azen vs m2k, but they didn't. however, for all later C3's, there will be a rule that makes finishing all tournament matches mandatory. prize money WILL be withheld until every match has been played. so, when chu and chillin run off the stage 4 times and end the matches as quick as possible, you can direct your feelings toward them.
- Bill (EGY5), Hova, AND MEGA, were all at this tournament. this filled my heart with excitement and happiness, truly a day that will live in infamy. "dude, does this place have food? like, steak? potatoes?" lol you are amazing
- sorry i didnt money match everyone i had hoped to, i was way busier running the tournament then i thought i would be. same goes for OOSers, i wouldve like to play more of you but oh well.
- aho is the man, anyone who says otherwise gets their balls in the vice.


Smash Lord
Apr 21, 2006
once again c3 ran another amazing tournament

chin vs. jiano was the best set of the day i hope that was recorded by chance/ i wish i had gotten the chacne top play either of them

Omin funnest set of the day close matches you came back so hard on r3
aho, neo, and plank close matches you guys are too good and cool peoples
ne one else i played good matches
too many good people come to this

i will be coming to the next one if c3 promises to be as good as this one

/edit my lucky 777 post coincidence i think not

Andrew Ott

Smash Journeyman
Nov 25, 2005
Herndon, VA
Yay shoutouts, or shoutins... >.>'

Good job on running the tourney Aho, great teams set with you guys (can't believe we went 2-1 O.O).

Thanks a bunch for Chinesahh for teaming with me, I dislike waiting around during teams greatly. If we ever team again, I promise to be better.

M2K - 50 cent money match. XD Thanks for the tips, they really helped.

Cactaur - *adds to list of awesome people* Your Fox is like a tidal wave of dairs and shines. Great teams friendlies, best matches at the whole tourney (lol at pokemon stadium wall gimps!).

Jiano - Glad to say I've played you, good Falcons are really impressive.

XD at Chillin and M2K trying to get more kills than each other in teams. Chillin by his own mouth is awesome. I heard some hilarious conversations during you guys' friendly matches.

Can't wait for the next one!


Smash Master
Apr 25, 2004
Columbus, OH
east coast kicked my *** this time around, toooooo much talent over there

might post later with shoutouts


King of the Mews
Jul 18, 2002
Cinnaminson (southwest NJ 5 min drive from Philly)
who has the tapes? anyway, for the finals, me and chillin did a best of 1 to decide a set, so i used Fox and chillin used Marth, and I played amazing and we won, and next set we did a best of 5 and it was all 2ndary characters and low tiers and such mostly, and we were 2-2, last game chus marios at like 150% + and me and chillin are trying to kill him in embarassing ways and we both ended up getting caped because of cockiness. we agreed to split teams that's why we weren't playing it that seriously.


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
Midwest represent! Haha I'm glad we all made it out of pools at least.

EC tournies are so fun. They're just super far. Maybe I'll be able to go to the next big Md/VA tourny.

I recorded Sliq Vs M2K pools first two rounds and then my batteries ran out. I can post the link when I get them up in the vids thread (if there is one).

Street fighter/whatever players suck for being ******* and cutting off like 4 tourny matches and being obnoxious.

Thanks a ton for housing Plarinnk.


Aug 8, 2005
Richmond, Virginia
Looked like fun =)

Nice job from what I've heard KM and Travis, too ****ing good.

I want revenge on Sliq *yawn* >_>


Smash Master
Jan 13, 2006
1: m2k
2: azen
3: chllin
4: jiano
5: chinesah
5: cactaur
7: eggm
7: neo
9: tope
9: sensei
9: sliq
9: g-reg
God deezey I'm fvcking amazing.


Philly - Your Pikachu is OVER 9000!!!! You were wrecking my Jiggs. I had to bust out the Link in order to ward off the extreme amount of win eminating from the Pika. 222Good.

Plairnkk - Hey, I rested you like a gillion times in our match. You might want to knock that off. Just so you know. Also, thanks a lot for the housing. No thanks at all for 2 Girls 1 Cup.

M2K - If only the match was best 1 out of 1, I'd be the new Mango. Good matches. I'm still disappointed in missing that rest, but I suppose I wouldn't have missed it if I were better, so I'll just have to get better then.

Jiano - L2P sir. That way, when we play, I won't spank your *** like I did your mom last night, during the hot buttsecks we were having. Right after I came on her face, I screamed, "NO ONE COULD HAVE SURVIVED THAT BLAST!" Good job fro'ing Chinesah. The collective disappointment moans of the entire EC as you knee'd him in his dome filled my heart with much joy. You should main Link after this.

Big R - How do you miss an up throw rest FTW? By sucking. Good **** beating me, but L2P Luigi so you can make it out of pools you ***. GOD DEEZEY!

Slikvik - We will have our MM some other time I suppose. Sorry about "skipping out" on it, but I wanted to see Jiano fro some Fox.

Treble - Your Samus is pimp. You balls kicked me in the head like forty times. And Jiggs is all head (like Jiano's mom). Sorry you sort of got fro'd via messed up bracketing. If it makes you feel better, I beat Plairnkk too, so he lost twice. Plairnkk's humiliation is worth something, right?

Souroush - Next time I'm not taking you to get "fun juice." We got lost, and I had to fight Azen. You should step yo game up so you can do better in the tournament and not lose like you did. Bust out the Super Fox next time.

Azen - You hit me with your sword a lot and beat me. Good ****.

Neo - You karate chopped/hit me with your sword a lot and beat me. Good ****. Fun times at Plairnkk's house.

Juke - 222Good with the Florida and lol'ing Azen. Now that you have a secret weapon, you shouldn't lose to any more Luigi's (you better practice that **** up).

Big D - Your 222Good. You should pretend every match is like when you 3 stocked Darkrain. I'm going to do the same thing, except I'll use my set against Jiano. S; )

Kel - That bear and deer are about to FIGHT! 222Good in teams beating Kirbulate (again). Next time we'll do better because I won't blow as hard as I did vs. Tope's team. Not much else to say since we rode in the same car for 8 hours.

Drephen - You were supposed to rep the MW, but you left it up to the other ginger. You know, the one I beat in bracket play to send him to losers. What's his name again? Oh right, Jiano. Good job running your pool so smoothly. Mine was the last one done. -_-;

Watty - What a fro, dropping out of the tournament to sleep for like 5 minutes. Mike Nasty wouldn't have done that.

G-Reg - I will be awaiting the next time we meet so I can get the 1 Dollar signed MM. I need something to hang on my wall. Same thing with the rest of TA. WATCH YOUR BACK.

jiano - good **** for taking out husband, you made it look so easy
I lul'd.

east coast kicked my *** this time around, toooooo much talent over there
I didn't seemed to have any trouble :p.

I recorded Sliq Vs M2K pools first two rounds and then my batteries ran out. I can post the link when I get them up in the vids thread (if there is one).
How ironic that the third match was the most suspenseful. Sadface at missing that rest. I'm such a scrub.

bigr122107 (11:17:19 PM): lol
bigr122107 (11:17:23 PM): and jiggs is all head
bigr122107 (11:17:26 PM): like jianos mom
bigr122107 (11:17:29 PM): haha
bigr122107 (11:17:33 PM): i giggled like a school girl
Sliq1337 (11:17:04 PM): so did she
Sliq1337 (11:17:08 PM): when i put it in her butt
bigr122107 (11:18:22 PM): heyoooooooo!
Sliq1337 (11:17:19 PM): man, im quoting this and putting it on SWF
Sliq1337 (11:17:28 PM): jiano is going to STFUppercut me

More shout outs may "come" later (Jiano's mom knows all about that). I need to do laundry so I have clothes for work. T_T

If you left a controllet at the venue, I have it. PM me with some details and I can send it to you. I was supposed to leave it with Plairnkk but I forgot it in my trunk :psycho:.
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