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7th BEST


Smash Apprentice
May 26, 2010
Brawl Teams (6)

1: Cura + Fatal
2: San + Nintendude
3: No Skillz + Tyrant
4: Vibe + Metal Pat
5: Calm+ Taco
5: Eevee + Dai


Brawl Singles (14, MK banned)

1: Fatal :snake:
2: San :ike:
3: TheMauveAvenger :kirby: :dk:
4: Cura :popo: :dk: :pikachu:
5: Tyrant :dedede: :wolf:
5: Nintendude :olimar:
7: Vibe :marth:
7: No Skillz :marth: :fox:
9: Dai luna :snake:
9: MetalPat :snake: :rob: :ganondorf:
9: Calm :wario:
9: Starlight :pit:
13: DE :ness: :yoshi:
13: Alt :mario:



Melee Singles (11)

1: Nintendude :luigi: :popo:
2: The Stealth Shocker (Beta) :fox:
3: Cura :popo: :marth: :fox:
4: Pipe :fox:
5: The Show Stopper (Erk) :fox:
5: Zaandaa :roymelee: :falco: :falcon: :marth:
7: Trilok :falco: :fox: :marth:
7: San :jigglypuff:
9: Kevin :falco:
9: Zhea :falcon:
9: Bich :popo:



Any help with filling in characters would be appreciated.

Next BEST in 3-7 months.

Omega Tyrant

Smash Champion
Nov 13, 2009
Schenectady, New York
For character usage, I went Dedede and Wolf.

For the tournament, I was happy to finally get revenge on Metal Pat for knocking me out of bracket at ASX3, and happy with the reverse three stock I pulled off on Vibe to narrowly avoid getting vengeance inflicted upon myself. Disappointed though I wasn't able to continue my progression, and defeat Mauve or Cura. Back to training, and finding the way to progress to the next level.


Smash Champion
Apr 4, 2007
Grats Fatal :).

Yo Cura, didn't u quit :o?

This is was my last tournament before im leaving here. It was fun. No more smash for me, maybe a lil fests here or there. Not going to upstate battles and will be gone here in may. Good games everyone! shout out later.

--Best fox in upstate


Smash Hero
Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco
First, shoutouts to Ithaca for once again demonstrating superiority among upstate NY players.

1: Fatal - Didn't get to play you outside of doubles, but congrats on taking out san for the win.
2: San - This tournament was a lot of fun and I'm glad you were able to come with me. Thanks a lot for carrying me through teams too haha.
3: TheMauveAvenger - Good stuff! I had a lot of fun traveling with you and I'm looking forward to the next one. I gotta figure out how to get around DK...
4: Cura - 3-stocked by Mauve get EXPOSED! haha it was good seeing you again and I appreciate all the random Brawl tips and info you were giving me throughout the evening. Good luck in your future endeavors and I hope to see you again sometime.
5: Nintendude - Stop losing to Marth and DK, scrub. Though, not bad for your 2nd tournament since picking up the game again.
7: Vibe - ggs in bracket. I'll put up a much better fight next time. I promise.
7: No Skillz - Definitely the most intense set of the evening for me. I never suspected you'd try switching to Fox.
9: Calm - ggs in teams and singles!
9: Starlight - SO MANY ARROWS. Sorry if I seemed like a **** trying to call you out on the ledge grab limit. I honestly didn't know that matches had to be timed out in order for that to apply.

1: Nintendude - shoutouts to Luigi
2: Beta - Fun matches as always!
3: Cura - get wrecked by f-tilt. The teams MM was fun too.
4: Pipe - You got a nice Fox. I hope to play you more at future events!
5: Erk - stop SDing LOL. Good seeing you again.
5: Zaandaa - Thanks for putting this event together and keeping things on schedule. This was definitely one of the most laid back locals I've been to and I think it was worth 6 hours of driving to attend, despite the low turnout.
9: Zhea - Good meeting you. Keep at it!
9: Bich - So much down-smash! You should try learning some of the basic grab combos. It makes ICs so much more fun!


Smash Cadet
Jan 30, 2010
Ugh this looks like the tourney that shows the lvls of each player. God I'm far behind. Good job everyone.


Smash Apprentice
Nov 7, 2008
new hampshire
lack of shout outs in this thread makes me sad.

1: Fatal - It was good to see you at this, no matter where i go you always end
up taking my money.

2: San - fun/close set. I'll get you next time.

3: TheMauveAvenger - I can't believe we called our go-kart the mauve avenger.

4: Cura - good games, glad i got you back for destroying me in pools. impressive dk, i should probably never go king dedede again lol. its a shame you won't be going to more tournaments, i would have liked to see how our sets go in the future.

5: Tyrant - good games. I think instead of switching between king dedede and wolf you should just use one or the other. i have the same problem though between kirby, dk, and to less of an extent rob.

5: Nintendude - i hate olimar. i almost don't want to help you learn the dk match up so you won't beat me lol. thanks for driving i appreciate it. also you using luigi in melee was awesome.

7: Vibe - don't think we played much. the way you use usmash is really annoying and i think i get hit by it too much.

7: No Skillz - We didn't play but i saw your set vs nintendude. you going fox was a surprise but it almost worked, just don't kill yourself next time.

9: Dai luna - didn't play much. I never realized how annoying snakes dash attack can be when I'm trying to land.

9: MetalPat - i don't think i even saw you here lol.

9: Calm - sorry i didn't team with you i wasn't feeling teams at all.

9: Starlight - good to see you, should have stayed pit and timed me out by planking.

Omega Tyrant

Smash Champion
Nov 13, 2009
Schenectady, New York
5: Tyrant - good games. I think instead of switching between king dedede and wolf you should just use one or the other. i have the same problem though between kirby, dk, and to less of an extent rob.
Nah, I'm content comaining the two. Though if either ended up being a competitive liability like my Snake, I wouldn't be adverse to dropping one.

So Fatal

Smash Master
Mar 31, 2008
Holbrook, Massachusetts
2: San - Glad I could finally play you. First set was intense, not sure what happend to you in GF;)

3: TheMauveAvenger - Dude your getting beast, wish you would of taken out san.

4: Cura - thanks for teaming and good luck since your quitting, twas fun.

5: Nintendude - GGs in dubs haha.

7: Vibe - Marth is solid bro.

9: MetalPat - We didn't play, fail... haha

there you go bass
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