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Mar 14, 2008
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The Super-Epic Happy Amazing Glorious Constitution of the Super Smash Brothers (64) Back Room
Created December 1st, 2010
Last Modified 12th April 2011​

Article I: Our Principles
Principle 1: To grow and promote the competitive community in knowledge and quality, both online and offline
Principle 2: To promote and advocate fair and enjoyable competitive play
Principle 3: To establish standards and provide support for players, tournament organizers, and tournaments worldwide, both online and offline
Principle 4: To develop and guide leaders in order to build and enhance the competitive environment of the community

Article II: Definitions

  • Super Smash Brothers (SSB): A pseudo-fighter created by Nintendo. Yep, pseudo. Still better than Mortal Kombat and stuff.
  • Smashboards.com: The home of the largest community of Smash players. Formerly known as the Friday World Forums. Revolution is a horrible skin.
  • Community: The community consists of the active members of Smashboards, patrons of the Super Smash Brothers 64 sub-forum and the players, organisers and advocates of the online and offline SSB64 tournament scene. All up, about 7 people.
  • Forum: A forum is an area of Smashboards concentrated on a specific subject. 64 still doesn’t have its own section, sadface.
  • Thread: A thread is a concentrated topic located within a forum. There are many threads within a single forum.
  • Smash 64 Discussion: A forum about Smash 64. Do you really need a definition?
  • Smash 64 Character Specific Discussion: A fairly stagnant subforum with like 12 threads, each of which contains next to nothing about the characters. This has gotta change, guys.
  • Smash 64 Videos: A subforum to post SSB64 videos for critique in, whether they be combo videos, application videos or instructional videos.
  • Smash 64 Competitive Events: A forum concentrated on discussing SSB64 tournaments, both online and offline.
  • 64 Back Room (64 Backroom): A hidden, admission only forum of Smashboards. You’re in, guys.
  • Major League Gaming (MLG): Heil MLG. Oh wait, they don’t know we exist.
  • MLG's Administrator: JV is a cool guy.
  • Tier List (since 2002): If you can’t define a tier list, you don’t deserve to be here.
  • Recommended Ruleset (since 2007): The Recommended Ruleset is a guideline ruleset for tournament organizers who run standard SSB64 tournaments. It’s the best thing that’s come from the backroom so far.
  • Match-Up Chart (since 2010): The match up chart is a chart containing all character match ups with ratios for advantages and disadvantages. I should admit teh icy so he can do it for us.
  • Tournament Organizer (TO): A Tournament Organizer is an individual who organizes and runs tournaments for a Super Smash Brothers game. Usually Melee.
Article III: Leadership
To best meet the guiding principles of Article I, a leadership council will be created, formally referred to as the Head Council:
The Head Council, composed of 3 individuals, shall oversee the 64 Backroom and all its activities. Individuals on the Head Council will be assigned directly by MLG's Administrator. Its duties will include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Maintaining and managing a list of active members with information on region and state included
  • Managing and co-ordinating all active projects the backroom undertakes
  • Enforcing dispute resolution processes
  • Actively responding to member query and improving the backroom structure and project methods using said feedback

The Head Council will subdivide and assign projects to individuals based on self-nomination and interest. These individuals will be termed Project Managers. Each Project Manager will have the following duties:
  • Actively contributing to and encouraging activity concerning the project
  • Determining the dynamic direction and intent of the project as needs dictate
  • Managing the core project team to meet deadlines set by the Head Council
  • Communicating with the Head Council in regard to project progress and anticipated direction

Article IV: Projects
The 64 Backroom will be responsible for creating content that helps target and fulfill the goals of Article I.

Project Manager
A Project Manager shall be responsible for assembling and overseeing core team of BR members to work on a project. The Project Manager will have creative control over a given project and will have the final say in a project’s direction. Project Managers will be expected to manage the tasks of a Core Project Team member in addition to his or her leadership duty.

Core Project Team
A Core Project Team shall be assembled by a Project Manager upon approval of a project. Teams participation will be decided by self-registration of interest. Members of the Core Project Team are expected to meet deadlines set by the Project Manager.

Project Application
New projects shall be started by the 64 Backroom if they are in line with the guiding principles described in Article I. For a new project to begin, 2 or more of the Backroom Head Council must be known to consent to the project through a forum post or private message.

Match-up Chart
A matchup chart and associated tier list will be delivered to the community each year by the backroom. This will be taken as the official 64 Matchup Chart and the official 64 Tier List.

Recommended Ruleset
A recommended ruleset for standard Smash 64 tournaments will be delivered to the community each year by the backroom. The ruleset will be standard use for all 64 tournaments until it is made obsolete.

Article V: Confidentiality
All information posted within the 64 Backroom shall be considered confidential material unless otherwise noted. If an 64 Backroom member publicizes this information they may be removed from the membership. The Head Council is directly responsible for eviction of members disregarding this rule.

Article VI: Amendments
Amendments to the Constitution of the 64 Backroom shall be made by a majority vote of the Head Council. Amendments to the Constitution of the 64 Backroom may be formally proposed to the Head Council via the Feedback and Ideas Thread in the 64 Backroom by any active member. The Head Council must consider any and all proposals and return feedback on the proposal within two weeks of the posting of the amendment request. The post must include the word Amendment as the title

Article VII: Membership

Section 1: A 64 Backroom Member
A 64 Backroom Member should be an individual who possesses many of the following qualities:
  • Experienced in all aspects of tournament play
  • Experienced in tournament management
  • Dedicated to furthering the competitive community
  • Capable of contributing to detailed discussion on gameplay aspects of SSB64
  • Well-established in their community, whether it be online or offline
  • An active member in their community(s)
  • A positive reflection of the Smash 64 community
  • A positive influence on others in any community, competitive or otherwise
  • Willing and capable of leading
  • Willing and capable of following others

Section 4: Active Member Criteria
An Active Member of the 64 Backroom contributes to threads on at least a weekly basis and participates on Project Teams.

Section 3: Inactive Member Criteria
If a member fails to contribute to the threads, projects, and other goals of the 64 Backroom they shall be declared an inactive member. The Head Council will maintain an inactive member list. If a member is on the inactive list for longer than 1 month they will lose voting privilege for any current projects. If a member is on the inactive list for longer than 2 months they will be removed from the 64 Backroom membership.

Section 4: Admissions
An admissions thread will be posted every 6 months, or in whatever timeframe the Head Council deems necessary. Applications will be accepted via private message, sent to all three Head Council members. New members will be selected by the Head Council after considering a candidate’s qualifications in relation to those outlined in Article VIII, Section 2.

Section 5: Regions
On the Membership List, each member shall have their country, region, and state (when possible) listed. The following are current countries represented in the 64 Backroom
  • North America
    • Canada: Eastern
    • Canada: Western
    • USA: Atlantic North
    • USA: Atlantic South
    • USA: Midwest
    • USA: Southwest
    • USA: Pacific West

  • Europe
    • Denmark
    • France
    • Israel

  • Oceania
    • Australia

Article VIII: The Yearly Schedule

January 15: Tier List Project Manager Selected
January 30: Head Director Vote to Begin
February 10: Head Director Vote Vote to End
February 15: 64 Backroom-run online tournament
March 1: Recommended Ruleset Project Manager Selected
Marth 16: New Member Admission threads created
April 15: New Members Admitted
May 1: Tier list announced
May 15: 64 Backroom-run online tournament (with proposed new ruleset)
June 1: Recommended Ruleset Update
August 15: 64 Backroom-run online tournament - doubles/dittos/etc
September 16: New Member Admission threads created
October 15: New Members Admitted
November 15: 64 Backroom-run online tournament


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Mar 14, 2008
Sayonara Memories
If you have a formal amendment to the Doctrine you wish to propose, please do so in an formal manner in this thread. Spam and flaming will not be tolerated in this thread, and will immediately result in an infraction. Low-degree discussion of the Doctrine should be posted in the Feedback and Ideas thread.
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