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4/13/13 IMDB8 - Madison, WI w/CSP!


Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
IMDB8 - Invincible Combat Roll

Tournament Thread

Cactuar Stamina Pancake
18 entrants

0: Gamblechaz $30
1: Gary Oak $24
2: Orly $12
3: Scythe
5: Frootloop
5: Sanchaz
7: LightsOutAce
7: Yosh Q
9: Monk Unit
9: Fluxwolf
9: Amanze
9: Mundungu
13: Kerahime
13: Zexy Swami
13: RRR
13: Red Ryu
17: Rev 6
17: Dooku
17: Standard Toaster

Melee Singles
25 entrants
1: ORLY :falcon:
2: DSF :marthmelee: :fox:
3: Frootloop :marthmelee:
4: Sanchaz :fox: :sheik:
5: RRR :kirby2:
5: Mundungu :fox:
7: Rat :samus2:
7: Scythe :falcon: :falcomelee:
9: Gary Oak :fox: :sheik:
9: Amanze :marthmelee: :samus2:
9: Fluxwolf :fox:
9: LightsOutAce :sheik:
13: Dragmire :ganondorf:
13: Rev6 :popo:
13: Yosh Q :marthmelee:
13: Red Ryu :peach:
17: Zexy Swami
17: DDF
17: Gale
17: Matthew Dogan
21: Standard Toaster
21: Monk Unit
21: Cowboy
21: 5pence
25: John

P:M Singles
13 entrants
1: DSF :fox: :dedede:
2: ORLY :bowser2: :marthmelee: :falcon:
3: Scythe :wolf:
4: Frootloop :mariomelee:
5: Rat :ivysaur:
5: Dragmire :ganondorf:
7: Standard Toaster :sheik: :marthmelee: :dk2:
7: Rev6 :wario:
9: John
9: Twin :ivysaur:
9: Amanze
9: Monk Unit :falcon: :charizard:
13: Matthew Dogan

Brawl Singles
13 entrants
1: Yosh Q :metaknight: :luigimelee:
2: DSF :metaknight:
3: RRR :kirby2:
4: Red Ryu :lucario:
5: Amanze
5: Tony
7: Anthony
7: Mason
9: Rev 6 :gw:
9: 5pence
9: Nathan
9: Cowboy
13: Taylor

Melee Teams
11 teams
1: ORLY & Frootloop
2: Sanchaz & Fluxwolf
3: Mundungu & Gary Oak
4: Scythe & DSF
5: Amanze + RRR
5: Rat + Gibby
7: Dragmire & LightsOutAce
7: Alex + Xeylode
9: 5pence & Mason
9: Cowboy + Rev6
9: Gale & GMP1

P:M Teams
5 teams
1: Scythe & DSF
2: Rat & ORLY
3: Frootloop & Gary Oak
4: Dragmire & Twin
5: Fluxwolf & Amanze


Smash Lord
Jan 27, 2010
Had fun. Gg's everyone who I played. I would like to thank everyone for coming individually, but I simply don't have time now.

So glad I won $30. Now I can almost do a marvel mm.


Nov 26, 2009
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Mundungu, do you know what the payouts for project m were?

1. DSF :fox: :dedede:
2. ORLY :fox: :marth: :bowser:
3. Scythe :wolf:
4. Frootloop :mario:
5. Rat :ivysaur:
5. Dragmire :ganondorf:
7. Standardtoaster :sheik: :marth: :dk2:
7. Rev6 :wario:
9. John DQ'd
9. Twin :ivysaur:
9. Monk :falcon: :charizard:
13. Matthew Dogan

these are the characters used as far as I know. I have no idea who john or matthew used.

I only recorded two matches for pm. Grand finals weren't recorded. :/

Amanze (Fox) vs Rev6 (Wario)
Toast (Sheik) vs Rev6 (Wario)

orly - it was great seeing you again. too bad we didn't get to play


gibby - it was fun playing you in pm. you should give it a try if you're up to it :)

lightsoutace - cookie pan

yoshq - that triple decker club knowledge

amanze - Super Saiyan Bulma Fan 2002

mundungu - thanks for streaming and recording tons of matches. hopefully your headsets will work again soon


Smash Ace
Sep 19, 2010
Madison, WI
Gamblechaz prevails again! And he maybe even learned something about probability along the way.

Shoutouts to ICR, the new advanced technique; and kirby being massively favored against Sheik and Falcon.

Also, someone left a GCN power cord at the venue, so let me know if it was you and I can bring it to the next tournament.


Nov 26, 2009
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Forgot to mention this. Fluxwolf, Amanze, and any other MN players, my dad said that if you're planning to go to my tournament on May 25 you should use the airport's shuttle to get to eau claire. He's willing to drive you to the venue from there.


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2006
Real fun tournament, great seeing everyone and gg's all around... Just got home so not going to do a full shoutout!

Next tournament... my cat vs anyone elses cat in marvel BRING IT


Smash Master
Nov 18, 2005
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Forgot to mention this. Fluxwolf, Amanze, and any other MN players, my dad said that if you're planning to go to my tournament on May 25 you should use the airport's shuttle to get to eau claire. He's willing to drive you to the venue from there.
Yeah, but remember it only goes like twice a day. So it might be hard to time.

Awesome tournament. Shoutouts to Amanze vs the world trash talk. Shoutouts to Cactuar Stamina Pancake. Shoutouts to gay meal timing. Shoutouts to rebellious napkins. Shoutouts to getting to meet/play DSF. Shoutouts to people allowing me to get better at Melee (Mwahahahaha). Shoutouts to Sanchaz's meal conversation (and to stealing his fries when he's not looking). Shoutouts to Timesplitters 2. Shoutouts to Mundungu for his generosity. Shoutouts to all those who think they'll still be beating me at Melee for awhile.


Smash Master
Jan 27, 2006
@toaster: we played on the laptop setup near the front door

was that thing not on? :O


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2006
Though CSP was fun, I don't think it should be taking away from the other events. Doesn't seem like GF's of Melee or P:M were even recorded cuz CSP took over the main stage or w/e lol... I know of a few people who were pretty salty about this (Amanze) l0l

edit: I still do think we should find a way to get CSP just as much hype though, cuz that was really fun haha.. Great tournament overall 10/10 experience for me. Next time we just all have to contribute by bringing more setups and ppl not holding things up and it will be even more perfect and we could have time to get all the GFs on the main TV for maximum hype... Hell maybe even have a crew battle lolol that'd be too good. Might have to start early for that to happen though. Either way gggggg's

Twin Rhapsody

Smash Apprentice
Nov 11, 2010
Stevens Point, WI
For my first time actually playing at a Smash tournament, I guess I should feel alright, even if I didn't place high. It was a good time, and if this particular tournament is a regular thing, Dragmire and I will be at them. GGs to everyone I played in P:M throughout the day.


Project M Back Roomer
Nov 29, 2009
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
I felt like setups weren't much of an issue because there were always setups open but I do think that more recording setups would be great.

I checked the teammoonwalk twitch and saw that mainly doubles and a bit of singles were recorded and the latest time was 6pm. Was anything recorded offline on the main TV?


Smash Lord
Dec 6, 2007
Shoutouts time awww yeah

Frootloop: thank you for being my eternal gut check for the tourney, i had to shake off mad rust and i was capable of doing so mostly cuz of you had some mad good games with you. (also mute city was best CP i've ever made)

Mundunguu: it was great seeing you again, though shame we didnt play at all during this but good job running a tight ship in terms of tourney schedule. and lol carrying your sandwich instead of a tv was still gdlk

ORLY: hot **** way to snag 1st dude, good for you. it was great having manly matches of manliness with you once more. falcon dittos on P:M was ****ing stellar

LoA: thanks for doing last minute teams with me, wish i would've done better but wutevs we had gamus on our side, also toppers too good excellent hosting of this tourney as well.

Gary: commentating our own match was so good, though i feel like i should've gone fox just for ****s and giggles. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXX

Flux: I think it was my first time seeing you ever, so good **** to that. i've seen you on SWF for a long time but never met so ggs and stuff. always cool meeting new people

Gibby: reminding me sheik v ganon is miserable, but whatevs i've just gotta step my game up, thanks for thrashing me for a little while they were honestly good games.

RRR: i've never seen someone handle kirby like you do. i was honestly in awe watching you play, keep it up dude.

Monk: it was cool playing P:M with and actual P:M staff member, you guys are putting in a lot of work and its amazing how its turning out (obv shoutouts to all P:M staff)

its a shame i couldn't stick around for the legend that is CSP, but the dude who took me was feeling tired and i've gotta respect that. but GG's to all this tourney was ran really well and the venue was super nice. I cant wait for future events n stuff


Smash Lord
Jan 22, 2011
Madison, WI
monk: dungles said he did offline recording once we decided the stream wasn't worth doing
flux: I don't think anybody asked to put GF on the recording setup, I doubt there would have been objections.


Smash Apprentice
May 9, 2010
On a happier note, thanks for hosting WI! I had a lot of fun as usually and I will be sure to come back again. Thanks for the MM's ORLY and Sanchaz, Good to see you too Frootloop, thanks for the last minute housing mundungu and thanks to rat for playing all those PM games with me even though im horrible. Thanks for the friendlies Gary Oak and Scythe. Thanks for hosting the tourney WI as a whole and Perkins was fun as usual. Thanks to Gibby for talking football with me while everyone else was wasting time in CSP. Thanks to YoshQ for driving MN as well. I'll be sure to see you all again.

Triple R

Smash Lord
Feb 1, 2009
Hopkins, MN
Shout outs

Orly - Good job getting 1st. Gotta play next time.

DSF - Nice meeting you. Close matches all around.

Frootloop - Fun matches. I'll take a set pretty soon here.

Sanchaz - Perkins conversations too good.

Mundungu - Thanks for letting stay over Saturday. We owe you so much housing in MN at this point lol. Fun friendlies Sunday morning.

Rat - Good games. Such a tense matchup.

Scythe - Good games. Crouching too good. Next time bring out those spacies!

Amanze - Doubles could have gone better, but what can you do lol.

Flux - Good job getting 2nd in teams.

LightsOutAce - Kirby too strong. How do you hit him?

Dragmire - Was surprised when we started our pool set. You were better than I was anticipating. Good games.

Rev6 - I'll bair those Climbers all day offstage.

Yoshq - Good games all around. Should have made that tech count for more on our 5th game in brawl.

Red Ryu - Fun friendlies and everything all around. Kirby is a mind reader.

Gale - Good games in pools.

Cowboy - Was in my pool, but I didn't play you :(

Can't wait for the next one!
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