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3DS/Wii U eShop Retrospective + Last Minute Suggestions

wii u 3ds eshop.jpg

On March 27th, 2023 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, the eShops for the 3DS and Wii U will no longer be possible to make purchases from. You already can not add funds with a credit card or a Nintendo Card. It is still possible to add funds if your Nintendo Network account is connected to a Nintendo Account. If you use a Switch or the Nintendo Account site, you can use those funds on the 3DS or Wii U eShops. As the Wii U and 3DS era comes to its sad conclusion, the writing staff here on Smashboards wanted to revisit some of their fonder memories with the eShops.


TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom
Pokémon Apps and Virtual Console games

There are a ton of Pokémon games and apps on the eShop that will soon be inaccessible, some of which are high priorities for any Pokémon fan.

Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter are the most important to obtain. Pokémon Bank is a storage tool that links to the Gen VI and Gen VII games. It also allows you to transfer Pokémon from these games into Pokemon Home. While Bank is a paid service, the download is free. While it will be impossible to download Bank or Transporter after the eShop ends, the service will be free to use with no planned end date in sight. This will let you still migrate your Pokémon from Kalos and Alola to Pokémon Home relatively easily, though you will need a paid Home subscription to migrate them.

While Bank will be easily available to fans, Poké Transporter is going to be a bit more cumbersome to obtain. This tool allows the Virtual Console and Gen V Pokemon games to transfer Pokémon to Bank. This tool is only available to those that have purchased a Pokémon Bank paid subscription. The download is locked behind the paid subscription. A paid subscription was $4.99 a year, but with Bank’s premium plan going free once the eShop goes down, you only have a limited window to download Transporter if you have not done so already. If you want to be able to transfer your pokemon from Gens III-V up to Pokémon Home, you will need to spend this five dollars at least once to download Poké Transporter.

Pokémon Dream Radar is a neat little tool that has some useful functionality with Pokémon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. By using the AR features of the 3DS, you can hunt down Pokémon with their hidden abilities. The real prize here are the legendaries. Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus debut their Therian forms in this game, and the use of it is the only method to obtain their therian forms in B2W2. You also can get the hidden abilities of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Ho-Oh, and Lugia as well by playing Dream Radar while one of their respective games is inserted. In order to obtain more copies of each of the Therian forms and other legendaries, you must delete your save in Dream Radar. Each copy of B2W2 can also only obtain these forms once per save, so unless you have multiple copies you must delete that save too. Pokémon Dream Radar is only $2.99.

Lastly, Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Gold and Silver, and Pokémon Crystal are all available on the eShop. These games all now have the ability to trade wirelessly with other players and can link up with Bank through Transporter, allowing you to bring your favorites from Gen I and II to Bank and Pokémon Home. Pokémon Crystal gets a special nod, since it lets players experience the Celebi event for the first time officially in the west. As of this writing, this is the only legal method to play these games on more modern hardware. The virtual console games are $9.99 each.


Ace Attorney series

While it wasn’t my first experience with visual novels, Ace Attorney was the series that truly hooked me onto the genre. In order to defend your clients from crimes they didn’t commit, you’ll have to investigate crime scenes, interview witnesses, and then defend your client in heated courtroom battles. In court, you’ll have to point out inconsistencies in witnesses testimonies and present evidence to counter/support claims whenever possible. Each game is filled with memorable characters, tricky scenarios, and many wild twists. I feel like everyone should at least play the original Ace Attorney trilogy (included in one neat bundle on the 3DS), and then afterwards try out Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice (aka Ace Attorney 4-6).

The 3DS eShop is the last way to officially purchase the AA games so that you can play them in the top/bottom screen format that originated from the DS versions. While the trilogy is also on the Switch eShop, 4-6 are not and can only be purchased through their android/iOS phone ports once the eShop closes.

All of the mainline Ace Attorney games are currently $2.99 each on the 3DS eShop. That means you can play the six main games in the series - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice - for a total of roughly $12.00. This is the cheapest the series has ever been so this is an absolute steal. Once you purchase the games, make sure to buy the DLC cases for Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice before the eShop closes (Turnabout Reclaimed and Turnabout Time Traveler respectively). To buy them, you’ll have to view the opening cutscene of their respective games, save, restart, and on the title screen there will be an option to buy additional content for the games. Unfortunately the DLC cases are not on sale and are $6 each, but $24 for every case in the first six games is still totally worth it.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

In the United States, The 3DS eShop is the last way to get access to Rhythm Heaven Megamix. While a port of this game could come to the Nintendo Switch, there’s been no news of a new Rhythm Heaven game, or any of the existing games being ported to the Switch.

This wonderful compilation is one of the highlights to the Rhythm Heaven series. Over 70+ Rhythm games with new games and many fan favorites across the other three Rhythm Heaven titles. I absolutely adore the Rhythm Heaven series to pieces. The music and the art are so charming with their own unique flair to them. I still listen to some of the songs out of context of their games. For anyone who’s a fan of rhythm games or wants to give this series a try, definitely pick it up before the eShop closes. Rhythm Heaven Megamix is still available for $29.99 with a demo on the eShop.

Pocket Card Jockey

For $6.99, this gem is a steal. This game has only been ported to Apple Arcade with no sign of it on Nintendo Switch. The gameplay involves horse racing, but speeding up your horse by playing solitaire with a time limit. It’s easily one of my favorite 3DS games. Simple, addictive, and a fun twist on solitaire while being fun in its own right. Definitely grab a demo to see if it's your cup of tea.

TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Most of the Wii U’s first party lineup has already been ported over to the Switch. It is hard to recommend someone get Mario Kart 8 or Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U when their Switch ports are much improved versions. Out of the Wii U exclusives left, Xenoblade Chronicles X stands out as a surprising one that hasn’t left the Wii U yet.

X is the black sheep of the Xenoblade series. The story and world of X lean far more into science fiction than the fantasy/sci-fi blend the series is known for. It also is not as invested in its story as Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, or Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are. What the game does offer however is an extremely fun gameplay experience. The basic combat of the Xenoblade series feels extremely fluid here; the addition of mechs is quite seamless and a blast to mess around with. If you have friends, you can even go on quests together online.

One last thing to note is that there is a free performance update as downloadable content that does improve the load times and performance of the game, but it can take up quite a fair amount of space at over ten gigabytes.


BoxBoy! trilogy

If you are looking for a simple, yet fun puzzle series on the 3DS, the BoxBoy! trilogy has got you covered. Created by HAL Laboratory, the developers of the Kirby series, BoxBoy has the players traverse obstacles by utilizing Qbby’s ability to produce a string of connected boxes. These boxes can be used in creative ways such as by making a bridge that has a platform at the end for you to step on, or as a shield to protect you from hazards. There is a limited amount of boxes that can be placed down at once, and the game rewards the player with medals for using a minimal amount of boxes. These medals can be used to buy costumes, music, challenge modes and more.

Outside of Japan, the BoxBoy series is exclusive to the eShop. Even though there is BoxBoy + BoxGirl! on the Switch, it is worth going back and playing the 3DS trilogy. Each installment contains their own set of unique levels and gameplay mechanics. Also, you can get the whole trilogy for $15 in total before the eShop shuts down. Considering that each game has over 100 levels, you can’t go wrong with a deal like that.

TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom

Fire Emblem Fates and Awakening DLC

Fire Emblem Fates remains a divisive entry in the series to fans. Despite various issues in the game (mainly involving the writing), Fates is still worth your time. The strategy aspects and map design are some of the best in the entire series. While the supports can be hit or miss, I do think it has a solid cast for the most part. It is a shame though that a good chunk of the game will be locked away from most players after the eShop closes. A fair warning: Birthright and Conquest have been delisted from the eShop already. While all the downloadable content below is still able to be purchased in-game, you will need a physical cartridge to do so.

The meat of the DLC is the access to the other two routes, able to be purchased right from the game’s main menu. For the vast majority of players (those that did not get the rare special edition), you were going to end up purchasing either Birthright or Conquest as well as Revelation for $20.00 each on top of their original game purchase. This third campaign completes the story and answers some of the lingering questions about the game’s plot. This also is a “golden route” where you can recruit every character with one or two minor exceptions. For players that want an experience similar to Fire Emblem Awakening, this third route is the closest thing. Revelation also offers a midpoint between the two stories’ difficulty wise, while still offering a ton of fun maps to explore.

Fates has plenty of DLC beyond Revelation. There are two map packs, compared to the half dozen or so packs that Awakening had. Map pack 1 is $17.99 and Map pack 2 is $7.99. This DLC is able to be purchased after the player has access to the world map after Chapter VI for all three routes. It obviously has similar gameplay focused DLC to Awakening, so those looking for easy methods to grind, learn new skills, and create your ultimate units will find plenty to enjoy. Packs like Hidden Truths and Heirs of Fate offer more story focused DLC that fans of Future Past would enjoy. Fates also had something akin to the Scramble packs in Awakening, but this DLC was ultimately never localized.

Fire Emblem: Awakening also has a slew of fun DLC. You can purchase this DLC after you have access to the Outrealm gate after Chapter IV. Most of it is DLC classes, some challenge maps, and some new potent skills. Packs like the Golden Pack, Rogues and Redeemers, Champions of Yore, Challenge Pack, Smash Brethren, and Lost Bloodlines satisfy those who focus on the gameplay aspect of Fire Emblem. You can purchase the packs for either $6.00 or $6.50 (depending on the pack), or buy the individual episodes within each pack for $2.50 to $3.00. These all help prepare people for Awakening’s ultimate test: The Apotheosis DLC. Apotheosis is essentially a Lunatic+ map regardless of your selected difficulty, so it will require your best units and strategy. Apotheosis is $2.50 and not included in any other pack.

People focusing more on the story and characters would probably be more interested in the Future Past and Scramble Packs ($6.50 each). The Future Past gives us a glimpse into the hellish dystopian future that the second generation characters came from. The Scramble pack focuses more on bonus interactions between different units, almost like mini supports.


We hope you enjoyed this article and are considering some of the games talked about. Make sure to capitalize on all of what the Wii U/3DS eShop has to offer by purchasing games from it before it shuts down next Monday.

TCT~Phantom TCT~Phantom @Thirdkoopa @Sari @DanganZilla5
Editing: @Thirdkoopa @Sari
Thumbnail Graphic: @Zerp
Social Media: @Zerp
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Hard to imagine that all the Smash 4 DLC will permanently be no longer available soon.

As more and more gaming becomes digital, preservation will become harder than previous generations because of these kinds of events. It's why physical media matters more than ever, it can't be taken away by shutdowns like this. I hope people can get as much as they can from the shops before they close.
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Have been spending a LOT over the past weekend to make sure I get everything that I feel I might play or is unique.

For VC releases make sure you pick up the following:

Summer Carnival 92 Recca - An amazing Famicom game that goes for $600 loose nowadays. The company that published it for the VC is now defunct, so this might be the first/last time it'll see a re-release.

Earthbound Beginnings - Currently the first and only legal way to own it. It's on Switch Online, but is still a notable game to pick up.

Mursame Castle - It's kind of amazing NA/PAL regions got this at all. It might get re-released on the Switch Online series, but it remains to be seen.

Mega Man V - A unique Mega Man title that fetches $200 loose on the open market now.

Trip World - PAL/JP eShop only. A very unique platformer that's more about the journey than the destination. A JP loose copy goes for $200. A PAL loose copy goes for $600+.
I made my final 3DS eshop purchases today, though they are kinda pointless i suppose.

The Fire Emblem Fates DLC mission which allows you to unlock Anna as a playable unit which i just kinda ignored because i didn't play much of Fates compared to the other 3DS Fire emblems and DLC songs in Theatrthim final fantasy.... Which i'm pretty sure are also on the Switch version of the game that just came out... I'm not really sure what i was thinking when i did that one.

I basically bought everything i wanted from the 3DS as it came out back in the day so i wasnt in any real rush to do anything Eshop related. You can redownload things like you can on the Wii shop right?
I hate that you have to reach a certain point in the game for the DLC in FE. I'll never have the time to do it before the shop closes.

Do you have to do the same for Revelations?
I hate that you have to reach a certain point in the game for the DLC in FE. I'll never have the time to do it before the shop closes.

Do you have to do the same for Revelations?
It is the same for all three routes, but thankfully the maps are short. I would just open a save when you reach chapter 6 and have to choose a side and go with birthright since that map is easy. That way you can quickly buy all the DLC once you get access to the map. For both Awakening and Fates, this would be about an hour into the game.

Revelations and Birthright/Conquest you can buy from the title screen, regardless of what point in the game you are at.
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I picked up Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Shin Megami Tensei 4, and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, along with Wario Land 2 as a treat for myself since it was one of the first games that I ever played. (also, I made sure that all of my games were updated, since updates are separate downloads on the eShop)

I picked up a bunch of games a while back (all of the Phoenix Wright titles, for example, along with games like Mario 3D Land and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds), but I figured I'd look through the eShop and get some last minute purchases in. (I can't add money directly to my Wii U account, since that's linked to a different Nintendo account than the one that I use for my Switch, but I went through that eShop months ago)
It is the same for all three routes, but thankfully the maps are short. I would just open a save when you reach chapter 6 and have to choose a side and go with birhtright since that map is easy. That way you can quickly buy all the DLC once you get access to the map. For both Awakening and Fates, this would be about an hour into the game.

Revelations and Birthright/Conquest you can buy from the title screen, regardless of what point in the game you are at.
What about in Awakening?
I just merged my account between my Switch and my 3DS. If I add more money to the Switch later on, do I get that same money on the 3DS?
I just merged my account between my Switch and my 3DS. If I add more money to the Switch later on, do I get that same money on the 3DS?
It is the same wallet. If you have money on the Switch it can be used on a linked account on the 3DS or Wii U. When the eShop closes on Monday your money will still be free on the Switch.
I ended up getting all the Smash 4 DLC characters (but for monetary reasons I couldn't get Corrin and Bayonetta on both versions).
Dawn of the final day...

By far my favorite 3DS eShop exclusive title. Definitely pick it and the DLC up while you still can! Yuzo Koshiro's team delivered an amazing hidden gem.
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