3 stocks?


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Dec 1, 2006
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I've noticed that all the brawl matchup vids we've been seeing have had the combatants playing with 3 stocks. Does anyone else find this strange? At this point in my life I would naturally assume that even melee pros, American and Japanese alike would put it on 4 stocks, but then I realized, this is Brawl, not Melee 2.0 (goodness how many times I've heard that said). So then I thought about my SSB past. When I was little (later elementary-middle school) my friends and I played with 10 stocks. After we found more people in my neighborhood that played, we realized 10 was too long of a match for people waiting their turn. So in SSB 64, we started setting it to the amount of stocks right before your stock icon changes to the multiple faces (I hope you get what i mean because i'm too lazy to clarify).

This was good for a while, and we continued this until we found out about proper competitive play, since we had long since abolished items and always strove to be the best, only playing FFA after someone got mad that they lost and wouldnt pass the controller, so then evevryone would play, keeping the sore loser from getting their rematch at that moment.

When I learned of the pro's using 4 stocks, I immediately told all my friends, and they willingly changed to that. I always thought of it as the perfect number because the game isn't too long, but I always felt as though with 3 stocks, you don't have enough time to come back if you're losing.

So why has everyone been using the default 3 stocks in Brawl and do you think that will change in the future?
Jul 14, 2006
Livermore, CA
Because of the floatiness the pace of the game is slower. Because of all the floatiness people toned it down to 3 stock because 4 stock is as long as a 5 stock match in Melee and that was too long.
Jun 4, 2005
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It takes a lot longer to get KOed. I think it might partly come from that Evo was thinking of moving towards 3 stock for Smash due to the amount of time Melee took last year, but the largest reason is that Brawl matches last longer than Melee so to keep things running on a similar schedule to how they did in Melee, you have to set stocks to 3.


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Feb 14, 2008
At first it were going really long so people decided to play 3-stock to shorten the time of matches, but now that people have gotten more used to brawl, I think we may see people start to use 4-stock again.

I personally do not think that the 3-stock is bad though because it is very hard to suicide in brawl. The reason I and most of my friends suicided was missing a tech and airdodging off the stage, but in brawl this no longer sends you into your helpless fall so you can still recover. We'll see what the community decides upon after more play of the game though.


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Jun 21, 2007
You can play Melee 1.5 if you want. Turn on High Gravity and put your dmg ratio at 1.5

I'll certainly try it :D

Anyways yeah, in Standard Brawls, KOs take longer than in Melee.


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Feb 8, 2008
I have to agree that 4 stocks is too much in brawl. Those characters with multiple jumps take forever to kill - pit, metaknight. And it is a lot harder to edgeguard and suicide.


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Jun 30, 2007
me n my friends always do 3 stocks in melee and brawl now too - in melee it really tests how long u can last and how fast u can get rid of the enemy lol - with 4 we feel dirty haha