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3.6 Ganon MU


Smash Rookie
Jun 21, 2015
I was browsing the MU thread for 3.6 and there didn't seem to be any discussion concerning Zard/Ganondorf. My friend plays gan and will just set up a wall of fairs/bairs and I find it quite difficult to get past it since zards hitboxes are huge. Gan is a good weight for juggling with jab/u tilt/u air but it's just hard to get something started. So I can see the MU being pretty close to even if not a little in hand favor. What do you guys think?


Smash Hero
Jul 19, 2010
Grieving No Longer
We win it pretty solidly IMO. We're much more mobile than Ganon, so if you lose neutral you got outplayed. Both characters punish each other really hard; we can zero-death Ganon if we get him far enough offstage that he's forced to sideB or upB, which is fairly easy with forward or up throw; Fly lets us challenge stomp if Ganon is high in the air, and a wrong guess makes him eat an aerial or two while a right guess can be baited and punished by airdodging to a platform and hitting him out of endlag. Getting hit by sideB sucks, as it does in every vs-Ganon matchup; luckily, most Ganons are pretty predictable about how they throw out that move, so it's not a big deal to just hit him out of it almost every time he tries for it as long as you're looking for it.


Smash Apprentice
Oct 5, 2015
I'm not a Zard player, but I think one big thing you have to remember against Ganon you have is mobility. If you keep getting caught by fair, it sounds like you're being too aggressive and a little predictable. My main practice partner is a Ganondorf, and while he has some nasty attacks, his downfall is how incredibly predictable Ganondorf is (or maybe it's him). Combo game, recovery, everything.

Personally I think the best way to go here is ease off on your approach a bit. You don't want to rush at Ganon with Charizard because his approach game is definitely less than stellar, and that's what Ganon counts on (actually both characters are similar in that regard, with less than great approaches but pretty brutal punishes if you ask me). Honestly, the difference that tips things in your favor is your mobility lets you punish him a lot easier than he can punish you, so long as you're mindful of the space Ganon can readily threaten. The only way you can get caught by fairs so consistently is if he knows you're going to approach, really.
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