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3.5 Giant Punch Out of Cargo

Brass Monkey

Smash Rookie
Jul 16, 2014
Hey peers, ever since 3.5 hit, I've heard a lot of people complaining about nerfs and how DK received them as well. What most people don't realize is that he was blessed with a huge buff as well in his lowered throw points. This buff includes many more options to kill more characters at more percents. More specifically however, I want to share my knowledge about the Giant Punch follow up. For DK, in 3.5, it is possible to kill every character out of cargo with a giant punch at the right percents. Everybody, including Spamus and Jiggs. So I'm going to group the cast into tiers and explain how it can be done to each of them.

At the easiest (and guaranteed) are the fast fallers which include the three spacies and Falcon. The simplest solution is to simply use a grounded cargo up-throw into a standing punch from about 35% to 55%. The real killer here is the fact that even if they DI (which they usually attempt to do towards offstage), you will still reach them with your fist while standing still and then proceed to hit them with terribad DI launching them horizontally to their deaths or into the corner of the larger stages where they can't recover. If you've missed the original window it is still possible to short hop giant punch them from 80% to 110%+ for a certain kill.

The next set of characters include the semi-fast fallers such as Meta-knight, Diddy, DK, Link, Lucas, Roy ect. Simply jump cargo-up throw double jump into punch from about 65% to 100% for a clean kill. DI doesn't matter as you will still hit them until above 100% as long as you can b-reverse it if they DI behind you.

Further on down we have the average characters like Pikachu, Ganon, Pit, Sheik, Marth, Sonic, ect. These characters act like the ones above where you double jump into punch but you'll have to throw them from 50% to 75% making the window to kill slightly smaller for the heavier ones. The offset is that you can hit them earlier and thus kill some of them like Sheik & Marth faster than the semi-fast fallers.

Now here's where things start to get different for the floaties and super floaties (about Mario fall speed all the way to the slowest Jiggs). In previous patches DK couldn't really hit them with giant punch out of cargo and he still can't except at early percents (barring super floaties) with a cargo up-throw to double jump punch. That however won't kill them, but because of 3.5 there now exists a way to hit these guys and creme them at mid percents. The key here is to use a grounded cargo forward or back throw into giant punch from 55% to 75% on the floaties and 50% to low 65% on Jiggs and Spamus. There are three things that can happen here. No DI, DI in, and DI out. The only option that will save them is DI out. If they DI in or don't DI you are free to full hop and end them. Now you might think that an opponent who DI's will get it right 50% of the time, but that's not necessarily true. Crappy opponents (or just those that don't understand the matchup to well) don't often DI or use ineffective DI against me in tournaments and thus this will almost always work. Then there's people who understand the matchup and are more than often inclined to DI behind DK in fear of a forward air out of cargo up-throw in the air. If you condition them to do this, you can then just throw them from the ground with a forward throw and then reap the reward. Killing samus out of a grab at 60% is fan****ingtastic.

I would love to here others thoughts on the subject, especially for the floaties because I have not heard it talked about or seen it implemented at all.


Smash Rookie
Jun 20, 2007
I have noticed that depending on DI a giant punch out of grounded cargo up throw absolutely devastates spacies. Dk definitely has some super early Giant Punch kills on the floatier characters depending on that DI, but I never did the metrics on who gets hit by what at what percents. Just been feeling it out by intuition, I guess.

It all goes down to DK's grab game being one of his most important aspects, if not THE most important.
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