2GGaming and Level UP Collaborate for 2GGC: SCR Saga

SoCal's biggest production organizations collaborate under one roof! Both SoCal's FGC organizations, 2GGaming and Level Up Series, are joining forces to create 2GGC: SCR Saga. The event will be run on August 19th-20th in the Esports Arena, located in Santa Ana, California. The two-day event will be the first 2GGC Saga to feature the following games:
  • Street Fighter V
  • Tekken 7
  • Injustice 2
  • Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

"Having worked with Alex Valle and Jimmy Nguyen at the WNF & SCR series, we always wanted to work together more and provide an event for both Smash & FGC community." says Champ Tangwongkitsiri, CEO of 2GGaming. "This means that for the first time ever, the 2GGC series will have multiple fighting games that you can always expect to see at SCR and FGC events! As Tokido would say, 'Fighting game are something so great.'"

In addition to being hosts for the event, Esports Arena will be adding a $5000 pot bonus divided between Smash Wii U, Street Fighter V, and Tekken 7.

Keeping with the theme of crossing Smash with traditional fighting games, SCR Saga will feature a Ryu compendium, this will help bring the world’s best Ryu players to compete under one roof. Players such as Chanshu, Venom, Patrino, Locus, and Dunkmaster Ragna are on that list of potential World Warriors making the trip to SoCal.

Trailer for 2GGC: SCR Saga
Main Registration ends on August 9th, with late registration ending on August 14th. For those who register last-minute, emergency registration ends on August 16th. For more info on the event, click here to be directed to the smashgg event page.

Author's Note: What do you guys think about this event? A 2GGC Saga hosting other fighting games! What a time to be alive! Let us know how you guys feel about this collaboration in the comment section below! Fighting games are truly AWESOME!
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