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2019 PGRU and MPGR Reveals Begin


After nail-biting seasons for the two most popular titles in Smash history, it’s finally time—PGstats and Red Bull proudly present the first official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rank—the Spring 2019 Panda Global Rankings Ultimate (PGRU)—and Summer 2019’s Melee Panda Global Rankings (MPGR)! The PGRU considers qualifying tournaments beginning with GENESIS 6 (February 1st-3rd) and ending with Albion 4 (July 6th-7th), while this year’s summer Melee season began after Don’t Park on the Grass 2018 (December 15th-16th) and lasted until CEO 2019 (June 28th-30th).

Over the next two weeks, the rankings' team will reveal who they’ve determined are the current top 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee players in the world. You can find details on their process for Ultimate here and for Melee, along with its ranked 50-41, here. You'll find PGRU's 50-41 below in the video with their write-ups here. The remaining lists of ten will be revealed every other day, with the games alternating release days, until August 2nd.

You can keep up with PGStats’ Twitter and Red Bull’s website for updates.

Author's Note: What do you think of the rankings so far? What are some of your predictions going forward? Let us know in the comments!
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