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Jan 24, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
Man, can't believe I'm back in the lab practicing this game again

Just wanted to make a thread about some random tech stuff I've been working on, and get some ideas bounced back at me

Sheik's ledge game seems to me by far the most versatile and ridiculous in the game as to what she can do off there

Ledge stuff: Started to control stick jump all my rising ledgehops for aerials with a direction (that I c-stick)

I tap down lightly so as not to fastfall and lose height (how I ledgedash as well) and get as near frame perfect rising aerials as I can get. Fair to nair, or double fair is definitely easier and more consistent this way, but what I didn't know was really possible was stuff like Up air to nair, and bair to nair. As well as bair onto stage waveland back off etc. It really just opens alot of possibilities.

On stage aerial stuff:
Next, sh fast fall first nairs are finally something I can do like 98% of the time and actually count on using. Sh needle turn, fastfall nair is a flashy little finger exercise I've been practicing.

Full hop rising fair, to immediate fast fall nair is very useful in comboing floaties as well as general pressure. You can fastfall other aerials as well, but that requires you hang a split second longer before fastfalling. Only nair seems to let you ff asap and get the aerial out.

Lots of other movement stuff, but that's all for now


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Jun 19, 2008
Mukilteo, WA
I know this is ancient news, but anyone else love edgeguarding with a FH reverse Needle cancel to threaten the Bair and ledge grab? There are so many options from there it's amazing.
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