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12/8/12 IMDB 6 Results - Madison, WI


Smash Ace
Sep 19, 2010
Madison, WI
I was gonna say something similar to everyone who's nae I typed, but I forgot. >.<

You're getting better; your tech skill is close to where it needs to be. NOw you just need to pick a main and learn the matchups!


Smash Master
Nov 18, 2005
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Amanze - your attitude was kinda annoying but you changed it in the second set. I was impressed, I thought it was gonna be how you were the whole time. +respect. And at least you guys got 2nd. Anyway you're still a cool guy, it was fun playing you and chatting.
Kyle - fun talk
Maxxy - hahaha that was literally my thought process, I was like... now that I'm not using Maxxy's name, I think I'll go ahead and get 1st place. Haha jk.
Rippin' Randall Reinhart - It's always fun teaming with you. Fun sets in GFs. I got psyched out the first set by something goin on in my head, but I brought it back.
Xeylode & Rev who got butthurt when I didn't use a certain character vs them - I mean sure, sometimes I might pick a certain character simply because I know I can get away with it at the time, but sometimes I just don't feel like playing a certain character. No need to take it personally. Just **** me into using a different character.
Rev - thank you for hosting Brawl, you did a great job.
Tony - was nice to meet you
Akiro - you're a ****ing beast, go to more stuff!

Melee people - fun games! I love that game & hope to get better at it in the future.
Sam - thanks for hosting, it was very fun!


Smash Cadet
Jan 9, 2011
Chicago, Illinois
RRR - Very good games I had with you. Probably some of the best matches I could remember having. You are the only person I've still yet to take a set off of. One day though. :) Look forward to playing you more in the future.

Midwest IMDB 6: Akiro (Sheik) vs. Triple R (Kirby)

Loki - Friendly dude. Spilled Mountain Dew on my Chucks though but it's cool. Nice meeting you.
YoshQ - Nice seeing you again. Interesting convo we had about you thinking I'm good enough to do well at Apex, haha. Anyway, good job winning both Brawl Singles and Teams. Sorry I couldn't stay long enough to finish watching GF. Next time I'll have money to do a money match with you. $20 Sheik vs. Luigi - Best 3 out of 5. Looking forward to playing you more as well.
Red Ryu - Very friendly guy. Thanks for answering questions I had and whenever I needed help. He's one of the reasons why I'm feeling more comfortable coming to tournies. Regardless of how good you think I am I'm still scared to fight your Lucario, haha. Definitely nice seeing you again.
CFR - Good games in bracket. Sorry I CP'd you and went D3 against your Snake. :I
Amanze - Nice guy in general. Good Pit. Didn't really get a chance to talk to much.
Rev6 - Nice seeing you again. Keep up the good work and you'll definitely get better.
Tony - I couldn't help but laugh during the friendlies we had, haha. Nice playing with you.
Xeylode - We didn't play in bracket but we had some friendlies. Good games.
Mike - Nice teaming with you in Brawl doubles. Maybe we'll do better next time, haha.
Hunger - Was hoping to see you there but oh well. Maybe next time.
KenniSPAM - I like Sheik.
Akiro - Take a set off of Triple R and beat Kirby!

Nice seeing everyone. This tourney definitely makes me want to come out more often to play some Brawl. Till next time!
Oct 5, 2010
Plover, WI
Xeylode & Rev who got butthurt when I didn't use a certain character vs them - I mean sure, sometimes I might pick a certain character simply because I know I can get away with it at the time, but sometimes I just don't feel like playing a certain character. No need to take it personally. Just **** me into using a different character.
GnW:Snake is stupid hard though... but i get it and that's kinda the reason i went D3 against you lol
also me asking doesn't mean i'm butthurt lol


Smash Master
May 12, 2010
East Peoria, IL
He responded to be able to "quietly accepting defeat without making excuses."
After talking so much trash before evo then getting ***** it must have been hard for him to handle being humbled so badly.
But I think we've all had to taste salty defeat before.


Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
This was one of my favorite Madison tourneys ever, I'm glad everyone could make it. A lot of people travelled 4+ hours to get to this thing which is prob why this one was so cool.

Things I am missing:
I am missing my WiiRemote with a Super Famicom Controller attached. It was mixed in with a lot of sweatshirts, and on the last P:M setup. There is a scratched off label on the side that says Mundungu on it. Please let me know if you got this by accident.

Things left in WI:
- Black gamecube controller with no grip (might be Frank's)
- Contact Solution
- Brawl Game Box + Disc
- Black gamecube memory card (not sure where it went, someone might have grabbed it before forgetting)

Dart - Good to see you again, and grats on winning. You owe me a MM! We'll play next time when I'm not busy.
Kels - I actually didn't play you this tournament! You looked like you were playing well with fox, I'm still not sure why you play sheik.
Frootloop - Looks like you were having an off day. We should start playing P:M once we get 2.5.
ORLY - GGs in just about every tournament. I still have a long way to go on tech skill before I stop losing to falcons.
Sanchaz - You should play this game again, its a lot better than shallow capcom fighters.
Gary Oak - Nice teams mind game. It was fun teaming with you again, I think we were playing a lot better after we switched our team around.
Scythe - Awesome stuff in CSP. You are def a force in that format. I still think you got lucky against Gibby.
Gibby - Good stuff as usual in CSP. We should make melee singles $2 entry and see what happens.
CrossFadingRage - Great job at this, you're getting a lot better! Sorry about not getting friendlies in, I got distracted by a bunch of stuff. We'll play next time for sure.
Hindawg - Good to see you again, too bad we didn't get any games in. Props for making the trip up to WI with Dart.
Zicore - I'm glad you made it out to this, you played really well! We still gotta have a retired central WI smasher fest while Steve and Ethan are still around sometime soon.
Yosh Q - Good playing you again, we had some fun sets. It sucks we had to play so early in bracket again, I probably messed up the pool order. I'll have to make sure I rotate pools right next time to avoid that. Thanks for running brawl.
LightsOutAce - Thanks for commentating / yelling out matches, your voice must be totally shot. I'll upload the last results to the smash ELO system.
Ten - Didn't get to play you at all, we'll get some games in next time.
Xeylode - Thanks a ton again for booking our venues. That is the worst part of running tournaments imo, so huge props for that. I hope this wasn't your last tourney.
Loki - Good to see you again, I'm glad you guys made the trip. We should play some matches next time.
Red Ryu - Ggs in CSP, those were some fun matches. I'm glad to see you switch to Peach for melee, she is so much better than roy. You don't need to be super technical to play her either.
Monk Unit & Standard Toaster - I'm glad you guys could make it. The tourney is always a hundred times better with you guys there. I really appreciate the effort you guys put in bringing all of that equipment. Maybe next time we can set up another stream with P:M / other melee matches, since you guys seem to have a good setup.
Blazing Fury & The Dude - It was awesome seeing you guys at a tourney. I hope you got some good games in. See you around at some fests.
Pariah & Bock - It was good meeting you guys, always great to see some new people! I hope you had a good time playing a bunch of other people and learned a lot.
DDF - Good to see you at the tourney. Thanks for entering / supporting the scene. We should play some matches next Thursday if you're done with finals.
Rev6 - Good to see you again Rev. I know you're having a tough time picking a main. I say just go with whoever you have the most fun with. You can win with luigi, you just need to play smart against higher tier characters. It takes a lot of time to get better. Hopefully you can make it out to one of our fests here in Madison sometime.
Rat - Ggs in P:M. I really can't wait till 2.5 so I can drop Ike for Ganon.
Kirk - Ggs in bracket, you wrecked me pretty bad. You play really patiently and safe. You definitely have a much different style from Chris.

Huge props to you guys for making the trip
RRR - You're pretty good against falco, just need to get a lot better vs fox (if that's possible). It's always fun playing different characters.
Maxi B - We had some really fun friendlies at the house. I love falco dittos when we're both pretty bad at them. Ggs in CSP, I really should have flipped out of Peach.
Tempest - Ggs at the house, it's really fun to play you. You don't have a lot of universally bad habits that most people have, that's refreshing to see. I wish more people played like that.
Fluxwolf - It's always fun playing friendlies with you, we had some pretty funny games. Good job beating Gibby in tourney, he's pretty good vs fox.
Amanze - Good games as usual, your marth has improved a lot. I'm not sure how you main samus when you like to grab as much as you do. I don't know how you get so hype for football lol

It was good seeing you guys again, I hope it was worth the trip.
LE - Didn't get to play you, maybe next time. Nice job in teams / beating Frank.
Lance - We had a pretty fun tournament set, too bad we didn't get more games in.

Hope to see you all at SCYSN!


Smash Master
Nov 18, 2005
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
That's the goal yosh. Aiming above your head as always. After you its kain, then outside the Midwest.

Good. You're getting close! Our matches were very hard.
$20 Sheik vs. Luigi - Best 3 out of 5. Looking forward to playing you more as well.
For sure!! We'll have to do that.
also me asking doesn't mean i'm butthurt lol
Ahh, gotcha.

Mundungu: For sure, our games are always fun! Thanks for the advice.


Smash Apprentice
May 9, 2010
Shout outs to everyone. Thanks Red Ryu for teaming with me.

Thanks Madison for having us, especially Mundungu for letting us stay at his house. Perkins was cool too. I will definitely be back.



Smash Lord
Aug 24, 2006
amanzes so gay.

extra shout out to him for driving the whole way back through the snow tho lol

lights out- did we even play? :/ Perkins was fun regardless thats really all i remember x(


Smash Apprentice
Feb 27, 2011
Brawl Singles
1. YoshQ-dat snake D:, ggs though i should do more friendlies at these
2. Triple R- i only play you in friendlies.... i seriously would like to know what i can do to improve against kirby
3. Akiro- seriously... you should travel more ur PR worthy guarrentied and probly are a top 5 shiek
4. Red Ryu- next time... the D3 will come out to play :D
5. Amanze- sorry i choked in bracket D:
5. CFR- didn't play
7. Rev6- play better
7. Xeylode- you should play safer imo

Loki- i respect the bowser but... play a better character lol
Mike- you should learn basic play i see some potential
Tony- good to see old skool coming back.. go to more :D
linkslapsyomama- not gonna lie with all the "there were tourneys every weekend in baton rouge" talk i thought you'd be good and then... i saw roll-> Dsmash lol

Mundungu- plz put the brawl results in the OP i gave it in the tourney thread
Kels/Ten- GGs in melee, hopefully i can get better at the game
Scythe/Lanceinthepants-CSP is too good
My pool- GGs i hope i'm able to improve
Lightsoutace- you are the man of the WI smash community for hosting these
Hunger- the one time we run teams and have more that 10 entrants for brawl you don't show xD

Did i forget to mention that even though baton rouge had a tourney every week. I lost every single one of those mostly coming in last place every single time

Triple R

Smash Lord
Feb 1, 2009
Hopkins, MN
Shoutouts ~

Dart - Good pool set. Such a solid Marth. Good job getting first. Can't wait to play again.

Kels - Ah man! I need to seal the deal after taking the first match. Always fun playing you.

Frootloop - Same as Kels. I need to seal the deal. I'm comin' for ya! This puff ball is going to be putting in work. No more Frootloop holding me back in tournies! See ya later.

ORLY - Didn't get to play you this time. You sure put the work in on Amanze though. Nice job on 4th.

Little England - Didn't play you or really talk to you, but you seem like a really cool person.

Sanchaz - Redeem yourself! That set you had with Frootloop looked painful... :(

Black Hayate - 7th place is a lucky spot. Tied with you. Didn't even see you hardly play in bracket matches at all, and then bam Black Hayate is 7th out of no where. So sneaky...

RRR - Top placing MN person again? You have so much potential. You still goof up a lot though. Let people get away with things. Gotta practice more.

Mundungu - Thanks for housing us again. I hope Amanze's hype on Sunday was entertaining.

Maxi B - Thanks for teaming with me. We had some good matches. We started to get tossed around a lot at the end though.

Scythe - I didn't even realize you entered Melee lol.

Lance in the Pants - Man, I can tell you're a good Falco, but you just kept getting hit by stuff. If you play against Kirby a little slower, he's way more manageable. Our pancake match was way too close!

Gibby - Street Fighter all day. Man, you came back after a 9 lose streak and made me look like a fool by doing it yourself and then some more. I'll try to be better next time we play. Ken is so cool.

CrossFadingRage - Didn't get to play you this time. I know you'll be able to beat me someday, we didn't find out if this time was the time or not. You always keep improving.

Hindawg - Fun friendlies when you first got there.

Zicore - We had some pretty close matches. Good job beating Amanze, I'm actually still surprised lol.

Yosh Q - Good games in Brawl. I was surprised I toke the first set of GF as solid as I did. You brought it back the 2nd set though. Good job not letting it get away.

Tempest - I always feel like you could always get so much further in bracket.

Gr1p (Fluxwolf) - Thanks for helping make it a full car. Sucks we had to play in doubles so early.

Ten - Good games first round. My dtilt was too strong for Marth's recovery.

Amanze - You probably should have beaten Zicore. Thanks for driving all the way back in the snowstorm. I wouldn't have been upset if you said you wanted to stop somewhere and the let the storm pass a little bit.

Xeylode - Stop being negative! There's just small things that stop you from being really good, but you make them sound like they are big things. Keep your chin up.

Loki - Doesn't give a damn about seeding pools or bracket based on location or whatever. Small respect points.

Red Ryu - Kirby is here to beat up Lucario. Sorry about how Amanze acted first set of doubles I guess. I felt bad for you.

Rev6 - I don't think we played? Either way keep practicing!

Oro - Did you only play P:M? Shame on you!

Kirk - Only P:M here too?

Rat - Only P:M?

Akiro - I felt like you did better against me this time. Fun matches. Keep it up.

Overall fun tourney. Usually not a bad experience either. See you guys around. :kirby:

Little England

Smash Master
Jan 14, 2008
Purdue, W Lafayette IN Rancho Cucamonga, SoCal
Quick mini shoutouts

kels- you sux
ten- tell kelly he sux
lance- thx for carrying me in losers
frootloop- lets play friendlies instead
mundunghu- friendlies and stuff next time pls
tempest- super new cool homie <3
max b- old homie <3 MN too far >_>
rrr- we'll play next time. :D
scythe- 3s next time
blazingfury- ggs
chris- ...
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