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12/8/12 IMDB 6 Results - Madison, WI


Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
Video Thread

Melee Singles
1: Dart :marthmelee:
2: Kels :foxmelee: :sheikmelee: :falcomelee:
3: Frootloop :falcomelee:
4: ORLY :falconmelee:
5: Little England :falcomelee:
5: Sanchaz :foxmelee:
7: Black Hayate :sheikmelee: :foxmelee:
7: RRR :kirbymelee:
9: Mundungu :foxmelee:
9: Maxi B :zeldamelee:
9: Scythe :falcomelee:
9: Lance in the Pants :falcomelee:
13: Gibby :sheikmelee:
13: CrossFadingRage :falconmelee:
13: Hindawg :falcomelee:
13: Zicore :peachmelee:
17: Yosh Q :marthmelee: :falcomelee:
17: Tempest :foxmelee:
17: Standard Toaster :sheikmelee:
17: Gr1p (Fluxwolf) :foxmelee: :marthmelee:
17: LightsOutAce :sheikmelee:
17: Ten :marthmelee:
17: Amanze :samusmelee: :marthmelee:
17: Xeylode :marthmelee:
25: Bock
25: Loki :peachmelee:
25: Red Ryu :peachmelee:
25: Blazing Fury :foxmelee: :sheikmelee:
25: DDF :foxmelee:
25: Rev6 :luigimelee:
25: Monk Unit :falconmelee:
25: Pariah
25: The Dude :marthmelee:

Melee Teams
1: Dart & Kels
2: Little England & Lance in the Pants
3: ORLY & Frootloop (Beep beep I'm a jeep)
4: Scythe & Oro (Dadadadadadada)
5: Tempest & Zicore (At least we're not the bears)
5: Mundungu & Black Hayate (Fashionable)
7: RRR & Max Berger (Bairly Viable)
7: Pariah & Bock (Team Fox)
9: Yosh Q & Cross Fading Rage (Bands a make her dance)
9: Gibby & Sanchaz (Your team name is stupid)
9: Train Simulator

Project M Singles
1: Dart :marthbrawl:
2: Oro :linkbrawl:
3: Kirk :bowserbrawl:
4: ORLY :bowserbrawl: :falconbrawl: :luigibrawl:
5: Rat :sonicbrawl:
5: Scythe :wolfbrawl:
7: Sanchaz :ikebrawl:
7: Kels :foxbrawl:
9: Mundungu :ikebrawl:
9: Red Ryu :lucariobrawl: :linkbrawl:
9: Loki

Project M Teams
1: Kels & Scythe
2: Rat & Oro
3: ORLY & Kirk
4: Frootloop & Mundungu
5: Maxi B

Cactuar Stamina Pancake
1: Scythe
2: Maxi B
4: Gibby
5: Kels
5: Frootloop
7: Mundungu
7: RRR
9: Lance in the Pants
9: Black Hayate
9: LightsOutAce
9: Fluxwolf
13: Rev6
13: Zicore
13: Amanze
13: Tempest
17: Red Ryu
17: Sanchaz

Brawl Singles
1. YoshQ :luigibrawl: :metaknightbrawl:
2. Triple R :kirbybrawl:
3. Akiro :sheikbrawl:
4. Red Ryu :lucariobrawl:
5. CFR :snakebrawl:
5. Amanze :pitbrawl:
7. Rev6 ::gwbrawl:
7. Xeylode :falcobrawl:

~ Pools Cut Off ~
9. Mike :lucariobrawl:
9. Tony :lucasbrawl: :falcobrawl:
11. Loki :bowserbrawl:
11. LinkSlapsyomama :pikachubrawl: :linkbrawl:

Brawl Doubles
1. Yoshq + RRR :luigibrawl: / :kirbybrawl:
2. Red Ryu + Amanze :lucariobrawl: :wolfbrawl: / :pitbrawl:
3. Rev6 + Loki, :gwbrawl: / :bowserbrawl:
4. Akiro + Mike. :sheikbrawl: :snakebrawl: / :lucariobrawl:


Nov 26, 2009
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
I uploaded the two vids I recorded.

Oro (P1) + Scythe (P3) vs Bros (P2) + (P4)
ORLY (P2) + Frootloop (P1) vs Lance (P4) + Little England (P3)

1: Dart - wrecked me in pm friendlies :<
2: Kels - "kirby is impossible with falco"
3: Frootloop - Was cool playing you in pools
4: ORLY - It was great doing a few CSP matches. I forgot to bring my FC cards. Sorry about that. Are you going to APEX? If so, I could give you them then.
7: Gary Oak - It was fun playing you in bracket. You're good on rainbow cruise, lol. I need to play smarter next time
7: RRR - good **** against kels, I really enjoyed those matches
9: Maxi B - It was nice seeing you again and playing those friendlies
13: Gibby - CSP matches were so hyped on the stream
13: Hindawg - sorry for waking you up so I could do a match lol
17: Standard Toaster - play better
17: Gr1p (Fluxwolf) - I have no space animal practice and you wrecked my sheik game 1. Had I played a bit smarter game 2 with falco, I think I could have done better. Hope to play you again in the future.
17: LightsOutAce - Mushroom Kingdom II is an amazing CP. I see you're still shino stalling a lot too. I can't forget your comment at some point in the day: "IMDB7 should have CSP main event and melee singles side event"
17: Amanze - didn't play you but I like your marth and samus
25: Red Ryu - keep working on your peach!
25: The Dude - I hope to see your marth improve next time we play :D

Kyle, it was nice seeing you again. Too bad we couldn't get some friendlies in.

Rat, it was great meeting you, too bad we weren't able to get many friendlies in.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 18, 2010
Butternut, Wisconsin
I loved this tournament so much. Thanks to LOA for another successful tourney.

Shoutouts -
Dart - Your Marth is wayyy too good. Keep up the good work, it was fun playing friendlies with you and Amanze.
Kels - You kicked my *** in pools while eating cookie things...too good.
Frootloop - I really wish my Falcon Punch had killed you in our Doubles set at Yoshi's Story :(
ORLY - Shame we didn't get to play at all, save for Doubles. I think I'm starting to catch onto how to play Falcon better.
Sanchaz - Fun friendlies, thanks for the advice.
Gary Oak - Lava Comboes all day.
RRR - That Kirby...too good.
Mundungu - Wish we could've played some friendlies or something.
Gibby - Am surprised that I beat you in pools...if you didn't SD it would've been closer on that last match.
Yosh Q - Someday we'll get good at this game (Melee) and win everything.
Gr1p (Fluxwolf) - I loved our set. It was the best one I've had in a long time, GG's.
LightsOutAce - Need to have our tourney set again sometime, and I'll take you out this time.
Xeylode - Fun playing friendlies with you as always. Hard to believe I beat you in brawl though
Loki - Needs moar D-Smash.
Blazing Fury - You've got a great mentality to the game and understand that mistakes get punished and deserve a KO. You're pretty good considering this was your first tourney. Keep practicing!

GG's to everyone else I forgot. Can't wait to see you all again next time!

edit: My new favorite stage of all time : Brinstar.

Maxwell Too Swell

Smash Apprentice
Oct 26, 2010
Thank you Based Mimi
-Dart: You are such a homie, dude. Loved hanging out with you. Thanks for teaming with me in PM and I can't wait to team with you in melee someday. I really enjoyed our teams set as well.
-Kels: GGs in teams. Really wanted my rematch in CSP haha.
-Frootloop: Always enjoy hanging out with you, Frank. Playing CSP until 5am too good.
-Little England: Always a blast to hang out with you, dude. GGs in our pools set. I'm definitely gonna get you next time though.
-Black Hayate: You give me so much trouble, but I will figure it out someday. No more anime dolls next time! Next time I see them I'm throwing them onto Ebay. Loved hanging out with you though. Always a pleasure.
-RRR: You're always so close to beating these high level spacies. You'll get them though, I know it. Thanks for teaming with me in teams even though we didn't do so well.
-Scythe: GGs in CSP. You got your runback! Not gonna let it happen again though.
-Gibby: The mountain. Nuff said.
-Hindawg: GGs in our set. Sorry for waking you from your little nap, but it had to be done.
-Tempest: Always one of my favorite travel buddies. Thanks for supporting me through all my matches. It always helps me out.
-Orly: We didn't get to hang out as much as I wanted, but at least we played in CSP! Next time I'm taking king of the mountain though.
-Sanchaz: GGs. You give me so much trouble, dude. I'll try my hardest to figure it out though.
-Amanze: Thanks for getting us there and back. I always appreciate it. GGs in teams.
-Flux: I think this is my first time traveling out of state with you. I had a lot of fun though. GGs in teams!
-Mundungu: Thank you for housing us every time. It really means a lot to us. I also had a lot of fun playing Marvel with you and our CSP set. Can't wait to see the vids.
-LightsOutAce: Last but not least, thank you for hosting this awesome tournament, Sam! I had so much fun! I enjoyed our CSP set, and commentating with you.

I had a lot of fun and I hope to see a lot of you again at Sakurai Can't Save You Now!


Smash Lord
Jan 22, 2011
Madison, WI
dart teamed with maxi B for PM

rat sorry I didn't enter PM, I want to give the game a fair shake and haven't played it much yet.


Smash Master
Jan 27, 2006
ORLY, hero of the bubble

I feel guilty about griming on Frank, Nick, and Matt but I'll pay you guys back! Honest!


Smash Master
May 12, 2010
East Peoria, IL
Shoutouts to Max and Kelly for teaming. Apparently I can still play this game lol.
My pool: good **** guys
****in kirbeh

Also protip: play your main vs me. You'll do better


Smash Lord
Aug 24, 2006

Mundungu- Thanks for housing us man, really appreciate it. GG's before and after the tourney as well, you've really improved since maining ganon Imo lol
Little England- Thanks for the games and advice, your a cool dude, glad we got to play. Sick ness btw too
Sanchez- your too ****ing patient. quit it. (does he even come on smashboards anymore?)
Frootloop- Always fun playing/hanging out with you, love watching your falco its always better every time i see it. Wish we coulda played more real matches even tho the CSP was fun as hell staying up real late.
Gibby- we only played in tourney, your shiek was better then i expected. the SF3 we played was also fun :) wish i could play that game more often.
Dart/Kels- you guys wrecked me and zicore in teams so ****ing hard... haven't been beaten that badly in a long time.
Hindog- Gg's in our pools set.
Black Hayate- this was like the first time we actually just talked, your a cool guy and SO MUCH MORE ASIAN then Maxy B. GG's, play more smash **** KoF or w/e it was you like.
Standard Toaster/monk- thanks for bringing all the set ups and stuff. Gg's as well.
Zicore- thanks for teaming with me, peach is always awesome in teams and you downsmashed pretty adequately lol.
Tempest- still bad after years of practice. gtfo

maxyb- car rides suck. but at least you don't.
Oct 5, 2010
Plover, WI
Brawl Singles
1. YoshQ-dat snake D:, ggs though i should do more friendlies at these
2. Triple R- i only play you in friendlies.... i seriously would like to know what i can do to improve against kirby
3. Akiro- seriously... you should travel more ur PR worthy guarrentied and probly are a top 5 shiek
4. Red Ryu- next time... the D3 will come out to play :D
5. Amanze- sorry i choked in bracket D:
5. CFR- didn't play
7. Rev6- play better
7. Xeylode- you should play safer imo

Loki- i respect the bowser but... play a better character lol
Mike- you should learn basic play i see some potential
Tony- good to see old skool coming back.. go to more :D
linkslapsyomama- not gonna lie with all the "there were tourneys every weekend in baton rouge" talk i thought you'd be good and then... i saw roll-> Dsmash lol

Mundungu- plz put the brawl results in the OP i gave it in the tourney thread
Kels/Ten- GGs in melee, hopefully i can get better at the game
Scythe/Lanceinthepants-CSP is too good
My pool- GGs i hope i'm able to improve
Lightsoutace- you are the man of the WI smash community for hosting these
Hunger- the one time we run teams and have more that 10 entrants for brawl you don't show xD


aka @teh_blazerer
Aug 9, 2011
Madison, Wi
Frootloop - Accidentally throwing/hitting you in teams is now a past time of mine. But it will probably happen again. lmao
ORLY - Was really glad I could play with you and your CFalcon. Seeing him played like that makes me much happier I showed up.
Little England - Nothing short of impressed and I want rematches! :D
Sanchaz - Didnt get to see you play teams. Was slightly disappoint. Goto more fests D:<
Mundungu - Ive been thinking that I want to record some of the fests just cause. I need halp with that >.<
Maxi B - Friendlies were chill as **** and pools were ggs. I hope to see you again!
Gibby - Stop bairing my fox off stage. srsly.
Gr1p (Fluxwolf) - Watched some of your matches. I was diggin it a lot man. Nice talking with you as well.
LightsOutAce - I always appreciate the hell out of the help you do. Keep it up bro.
Ten - WTF. We played Yoshis 3-4 times in a row for no reason. hahaha good **** tho. ggs
Xeylode - Your marth is smoother and more punishing everytime i see it but i hardly see you lol. We need to play for sure.
Pariah - "Everyone hates the pariah" hahaha keep playing man, and i hope we cross paths.
The Dude - We're putting in more hours bro. Many, many hours.
Girl from Brawl group - I forgot to return the MtDew. My bad. lmao

Sorry if I forgot anyone else I talked to >.<
gg's to anyone else i played friendlies with earlier in the day.

Blazing Fury - You've got a great mentality to the game and understand that mistakes get punished and deserve a KO. You're pretty good considering this was your first tourney. Keep practicing!
I really appreciate that, thank you.
Must. Gain. XP.
And I will practice more.. A lot more :) gg's!

Also protip: play your main vs me. You'll do better
Thanks for the games man. I really liked your marth.
We will play again, and it will be a much better match.

I promise. :cool:


Smash Ace
Sep 19, 2010
Madison, WI
Dart - It's cool you're still good after not playing for so ong. I love watching good Marths.
Kels - It's Juggleguy's fault. Also, good **** 4-stocking your pool with one hand while eating a cookie with the other one.
Frootloop - I was counting on you to win. :( At least you fulfilled everyone's dreams by getting gimped by The Mountain.
ORLY - Are you still mad about wobbling?
Sanchaz - Sorry I talked bad about you while commentating. I was just hoping you'd win the tournament. You'll learn this game again.
Black Hayate - The anime dolls made the stream setup so much better.
Mundungu - Thanks a ton for the stream and helping run everything. The WI smash community would be in a sorry state without you.
Maxi B - How are you so good at CSP?
Scythe - Why did you have to beat The Mountain? You destroyed something that could have been beautiful lol. I still don't know how I got whooped so badly game 1 in Melee bracket.
Gibby - Best gimp OF ALL TIME.
CrossFadingRage - Sorry we didn't get to play; I was busy running around and yelling. I wanted to MM you and prove to Gibby that you're not absurdly good. :p
Zicore - You're always good for some booze and a fun time. Enjoy married life.
Yosh Q - Thank for driving down from EC; I don't think I even talked to you. We can rematch next time!
17: Standard Toaster - So many setups! Thanks for helping everything run smoothly.
Gr1p (Fluxwolf) - Funny set. I wish I hadn't been laughing so hard so I could have won game 2.
Amanze - Dat Rainbow Cruise stage knowledge! Also, SuperSaiyanBulma99 is the noobiest name I've ever heard.
Blazing Fury
The Dude - You're improving quickly; I remember when I could 4-stock you with Ganon and now you're taking stock off my Sheik.

Thanks again for coming everyone!

Spread the CSP word to the masses.
Aug 6, 2008
Dart - Finally, you made it to one of these.
Frootloop - I'm still hoping for the Frootloop over Kels each tournament.
ORLY - Most entertaining smasher.
Sanchaz - Play smash only or get vino to come next time.
Black Hayate - You do not know me, but I know you.
RRR - I'll try not to SD myself so much next time.
Mundungu - Thanks for running a usual.
Gibby - Providing the best CSP matches.
LightsOutAce -Thanks for running as usual. I owe you a cheeseburger for free next time.
Loki - I never understand what you are going to do next.
DDF - I have not see you in ages.
Monk Unit & Standard Toaster - I have no idea which of the two of you I talked too. Glad you worked on PM.
Blazing Fury & The Dude - I don't think we have played in a year, but finally good to see you again.
YoshQ - Maybe I'll take a set off you next year.
Akiro - You speak too softly in a loud venue.
Red Ryu - Thanks for the lengthy conversation we had.
CFR - I still don't get the choice to Falco ditto lol Other than that best matches I remember playing against Falcon.
Amanze - Oh, you showed up :D
Rev6 - Stick with one character already and I'll worry about my aggro attitude later.
Xeylode - Props to myself to getting us the food and securing a place we can even host this tournament at.


Smash Lord
Jan 27, 2010
I had fun. I'm going to invest some serious time into melee starting December 21st. I'm going to main captain falcon for apex, besides the puff matchup.

Thanks for coming everyone. I've thought about each individual that was there, and wish I could encourage you guys to come out even more. I'm willing to throw in $50 for more pizza next time. I enjoyed the tournament.

There was one thing I learned from fighting games in general that can be applied to smash that I believe everyone, including the winner Dart should absorb. The 25th anniversary of street fighter tourney was playing at the same time and someone asked Daigo what is the hardest thing to do in a fighting game. He responded to be able to "quietly accepting defeat without making excuses."

Good games Tempest, Crossfadingrage, Fluxwolf, Kels, Frootloop, Maxi B, Hindawg, Lance in the Pants, Monk, Pariah, Dart, Oro, Scythe, Ten, Rev6.


aka @teh_blazerer
Aug 9, 2011
Madison, Wi
Amanze - Dat Rainbow Cruise stage knowledge! Also, SuperSaiyanBulma99 is the noobiest name I've ever heard.
Blazing Fury
The Dude - You're improving quickly; I remember when I could 4-stock you with Ganon and now you're taking stock off my Sheik.
Thanks for the Shout-out :]


I updated singles with character use. Not sure about the unlabeled ones.
I used Fox/Sheik this time. No worries though, I barely knew what to choose(Not johns) haha
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