1111 - Tool Compilation

May 27, 2016
My area is XXXX right now, but I might be moving to a 1111 area soon so I've been working on making my 1111 brawler a bit more competitive. I'll only really mention stuff that applies to 1111, or at least more heavily to 1111 than XXXX.

I've been posting everything in the mii discord - I figure it'd probably be good to share it with those here too.

Since it's based on the 1111 restriction, it's obviously also guest size.

-------- First Hit Fair Combos from 0 (Applies to all brawlers, but the head on followup was worth mentioning) --------
Footstool and first hit fair combo (Courtesy of Dapuffster): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTZv27KEQz0
You can do either two first hit fairs and one footstool, or one first hit fair and two footstools. The former is obviously easier.

-------- Neutral Tools --------
Axe kick can be used to catch air dodges. If they have slow air speed and air dodge the first hit, they'll be hit by the second. If they have slow air speed and air dodge the second hit, they'll often be hit on the way down.

Shot put can be b reversed, but this is only marginally useful compared to retreating arial shot put considering the distance needed for shotput to land.

The most effective hard punish is not onslaught or a smash attack unless they kill or you really want to get an opponent offstage. Dtilt, dthrow, and auto cancelled dair all lead into more damaging combos.

-------- Kill Options --------
The most reliable kill options by far are tech chasing with onslaught, jump cancelled run up up smash and auto cancelled dair. Auto cancelled dair can also catch rolls and covers a variety of options.
If you try to use dair in the air to kill, be sure to hit sour spot or they will be spiked.

If they DI out after a dthrow at the ledge you can double jump dair spike or sour dair for a kill.

Weak nair into onslaught can be used for a kill confirm, but is also super unsafe.

Head on assault can be used as a kill at very specific distances. If you hit right before the ledge, they don't get burried and instead will die starting at around 120% depending on map and DI.

Dtilt into first hit fair into fsmash is a 50/50 situation at 50-70%. First hit fair on ground can do the same thing at mid-high percentages, but is not nearly as safe as using dtilt.

First hit fair in the air is true into fsmash at the distance of about a full hop, and works at any mid-high percentage.

Reverse rush head on assault into ledge snap can catch a lot of recoveries and a lot of people off guard. It will catch or trade with any horizontal recovery except Charizard's, which will result in a spike kill. This also results in a lot of ledge trumps, which you can followup with a bair for the kill at higher percentages.

Axe kick can also catch recoveries, but is harder and more niche. Note that it will only snap back to the ledge on the way down and while you are facing the ledge, and will snap horizontally a little bit past the foot. To do this, reverse jump off the ledge when they are a little higher than the stage. Catch them with the second or both hits and then snap back to the ledge. I've only done this once or twice, but it is an option.

Catching someone with axe kick and bringing them down to the stage will start killing at ~130% heavily depending on DI and stage.

From 0% to around 30% you can dthrow into axe kick at the ledge, and if you pull back when the hitstun happens, they won't be hit by the ground hit and it'll kill most characters. The only way out of this is either air dodge or a super fast arial.

On smashville specifically, when the platform is floating outside of the stage, you can head on assault toward the stage to surprise people and drop them down.

Suicide kills are more effective on brawler than most other characters and you'll be able to catch a large amount of people's recoveries with it (and often people trying to edgeguard you,) should you find yourself a stock ahead or doomed to die anyway. People with linear recoveries are pretty helpless to this. Prioritize using axe kick over head on assault for this as it is more guaranteed to kill them.

Axe kick and head on assault can both two frame. Axe kick is a lot more guaranteed as a kick than head on assault, but neither are safe.

Head on assault from the ground as a quick guaranteed punish has a pretty large range and comes out quickly. When you're sure you'll get it, it will start killing with an fsmash followup as long as they do not mash out. They will be able to mash out before the head on assault animation finishes, so this kill option will rarely happen with anybody who knows the matchup.

-------- Recovery --------
Axe kick has a pretty high vertical recovery but does not automatically snap. You can get axe kick to snap by aiming the peak of your kick right below the ledge. On battlefield and final destination, you can ride the wall up under the stage for a harder to punish recovery. Note that axe kick only grabs the ledge when you are facing it. If you don't snap and instead land on the stage, the kick hitbox will still come out even though the animation does not.

Onslaught will snap to the ledge, but is pretty dangerous to use. If the opponent is standing directly on the ledge, it can go off instead of snapping unless you aim lower than you'd expect for the snap. This is not a particularly safe option, but if your opponent is not going to go offstage with you it will work.

The safest recovery you have is recovering high with head on assault for the ledge snap. This is hard to challenge for a lot of characters and zooms down very quickly so is also hard to punish. Some characters will be able to punish this easily but it's a very quick recovery and you'll likely be okay. Do not keep holding down after hitting down b or you will not snap.

Axe kick can sort of recovery high and horizontally - it will snap just past your foot on the ledge as long as you're coming down. It does trade with quite a few moves which will result in a meteor and thereby a death.


Happy hunting guys. At least we're not as bad as <worst character>
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