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11-13 Doegusch Brawl stream + Results (Orion, Mr.R, LP, Leon, Staco, iStud, Calzorz).


Smash Champion
Jan 26, 2008

82 people attended

Bracket: http://img860.imageshack.us/img860/8360/hhho.gif

1st Luigi player :diddy: [won all sets]
2nd Leon :marth: :peach: [lost to LP 2x]
3rd Calzorz :snake: [lost to LP and Leon]
4th Staco :metaknight: [lost to Calzorz and Leon]
5th Mr-R :marth: [lost to Calzorz and Leon]
5th T :dedede: :metaknight: [lost to Calzorz and Staco]
7th Semifer :wolf: [lost to LP and T]
7th Orion :metaknight: [lost to Staco and Mr-R]
9th Tay :snake: :diddy:
9th iStudy :diddy: :falco:
9th Light :sheik: :zelda: :metaknight:
9th Akuma :snake: :metaknight:
13th Chair :wario:
13th Bloody :wario:
13th KazeKun :toonlink:
13th Purple~H :snake: :metaknight:
17th Snopy
17th Kyo
17th Desti
17th Crysis
17th Biggad
17th J.Miller
17th (S!C)
17th crifer
25th Yami
25th CRZ
25th PB
25th Draqo
25th Reyney
25th Xawas
25th Aqua
25th Volva
33rd Marc
33rd GALE
33rd PikaForLife
33rd Maze
33rd Judge
33rd Tsunayoshi
33rd KillerJawz
33rd MTR
33rd Yikarur
33rd Gheb
33rd BPC
33rd stiv64
33rd Garok
33rd ZorC
33rd Chozo
33rd Nyan~

Pool Results:

von links nach rechts 1st, 2nd, 3rd ...
Top 4 (marked) advanced to bracket:

1: Staco, Killerjawz, Yami, Volva, HoRnZ, Nequ, ~Demi
2: Mr-R, GALE, Yikarur, Kyo, L!ver, Caranthire, Fox
3: Crysis, Calzorz, Chozo, stiv64, Four Sword, Lavlis, Phantasma
4: Leon, Chair, Garok, PB, G~P, Tiersie, GRI3VER
5: Luigi_Player, Puprle~H, CRZ, JUDGE, Rog, Justice, Prinz K
6: Orion, Bloody, Tsunayoshi, MTR, MewMewZone, LuLLo, telu
7: Light, Xawas, Marc, BPC, LinkinHand, sparkY, Allanah
8: J.Miller, iStudying, (S!C), Draqo, Slears, Nexi, MC-Cloud
9: ZorC, Semifer, Snopy, crifer, .selebu, GoldenIke, ShadowTl
10: Akuma, Desti, Aqua, Maze, Siri, AscWolf, Jul!?
11: T, KazeKun, Reyney, PikaForLife, Mys, yanbo
12: Biggad, Tay, Nyan~, Gheb, Snickas, Y.B.O.

I´ll try to get the exact results later on.


bracket: http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/9653/bra.gif

Video thread:


Smash Hero
Mar 25, 2009
when i saw mr r say luigi player i thought he meant some random luigi player and i assumed he was gonna get *****

da hell


Smash Champion
Jan 26, 2008
Luigi_Player has placed 3rd @ CiB 2 years ago behind iStudy and Kaos, 2nd @ BiB last summer behind Mr-R (beating him in WFs) and 9th @ BBI (losing to Leon and me), so no, he is no random actually. :p


Smash Master
May 29, 2007
LP was very lucky that he didn't have to play against the MKs because that was what he was scared the most for.


Smash Journeyman
May 5, 2008
The Netherlands
Damn, didnt see this coming tbh :p. Congratz LP. Didnt expect ramin to lose to Calzorz so props to him and his placing. T. Good shiz placing 5th^^. Last but not least, Orion. Heard u kinda ***ed up against Staco. Next time you'll get him ^^
Those were the olny things that stood out to me I guess. To the rest of the top 8, good job getting there ^^

Istud, hands of my character :p


Smash Master
May 29, 2007
mad Gheb :awesome:

I didn't discredit LP at all but he said to me that he is scared facing them so in the end he was lucky that he avoids the situation he was scared the most for.

Salt is healthy!


Smash Journeyman
Apr 30, 2010
yeah luigi Player good ****, glad that you won that tournament ;)

i wanted top 10, not 17th :x


Smash Champion
Dec 14, 2008
lights sheik is amazing btw, he messed up against leon big time :(


Smash Journeyman
Oct 5, 2009
great tournament, u should put the characters of place 17th because, there are also interesting to see, that there are not just mks or other hightiers ^^

next time gonna be ****!


Smash Rookie
May 5, 2010
Germany, NRW
82 total players, I think.

I hope you got scared a little bit, Istudy :D
Next time I will get you!
Too bad I messed up my lead against Semifer in the winnerbracket, that would have been my big improvement... :/

Congratulations @ LP, Leon, Calzorz and Staco, Ramin and T (very surprising), well done.

Luigi player

Smash Master
Jul 29, 2004


Great Tourney, it was really fun. Was mad tired at the end. Teams should've started earlier x_x GFs was finished at like 4 AM LOL.
It was nice meeting you all and I want to say I'm sorry that I refused so many people that asked for friendlies, but it was really exhausting and I needed to chill when I had the time...

Here are my shoutouts:


Ja war wieder cool mit dir ;) danke für die Getränke :] 17. ist zwar nicht soo gut, aber immerhin besser als letztes Mal. Du musst nicht gleich von 0 auf 100, mach es lieber in kleinen Schritten. Du hast ja eh gut gespielt gegen istudy und Jmiller. ^^ Du musst nicht immer approachen. Wenn du einen Lead hast, dann lass den Gegner zu dir kommen, auch wenn du nur 1 % weniger hast als er... das gehört halt dazu. Konnte mich leider nicht mehr verabschieden, musste ja früh los... Hoffentlich sieht man sich in nächster Zeit wieder. Viel Liebe


Diesmal ja mehr zusammen gemacht als bei BiB xD war cool, und gz an 9. Platz, Semifer ist too good. :X
Snake vs Diddy Friendlies hatten wir aber noch immer nicht, vl nächstes Mal dann. ^^


Nice friendlies. Verlier nicht gegen Kunai... war fun mit dir :), aber hör auf zu rauchen.... :D


Nette Plazierung. ;) Gegen meinen Diddy musst dir aber noch was überlegen :p

Hast du deine Brille wieder gefunden? Dir gings wohl echt nicht gut :\

Calzorz I always thought you would be really good against everyone, good **** at beating Ramin and Staco (and Leon in a MM). It was strange to hear that you lost to Crysis, but w/e. You definitely made up for it. Congrats at getting 3rd in singles and 2nd in teams!

Calzorz sister :awesome:



War nett dich wieder zu sehen. Gut, dass du diesmal zufrieden mit deiner Leistung bist. ^^

Echt nice, dass du Calzorz in den Pools besiegt hast! o.O Aber bleib dran! Im Bracket wars ja nicht so toll für dich...

Good games man, so ****ing close lol. You were so good, I almost gave up at the end of game 2... but I didn't want to lose again... :X I would've thought you make it further in bracket :\ really nice Fox!

Jo war nett dich wieder zu treffen ^^ komm nächstes Mal weiter im Bracket :0

Echt nice wie du gegen Leon und Ramin gespielt hast :0

Four Sword

Fun teammatches, you and your partner (was it Myt or MTR? Sorry I'm not sure x_x) were actually doing pretty good :0


Nice, dass du fast gegen Chair gewonnen hättest! War nett dich wieder zu sehen^^

Du hast echt gut gegen Chair gespielt, nice! Und auch aus den Pools, endlich mal, wurd ja auch Zeit. Trainier noch mehr, du bist nicht so schlecht wie du denkst.



Wie gesagt, echt nice, dass du ein Match gegen Staco gewonnen hast! Schade, dass dus nicht aus den Pools geschafft hast.

Nice meeting you again. Too bad we had to play again, dittos suck. But your Falco was really good o.o so close. x_x

Good stuff beating istudy and sic o.o Luigi ftw

War nett dich kennen zu lernen, bist echt n sympathischer Typ :)


Nice Mario ;)

Nette Plazierung^^


It was great meeting you again! You are really amazing and it is always really fun watching you play. Good stuff at beating Staco with Peach! :bee:

Ja war cool dich wieder zu sehen. Immer ans DI denken, aber Marths UpB ist einfach gay :X wurdest ja trotzdem 9., ist eh voll gut. Vielleicht schaffst dus ja nächstes Mal wieder höher. ^^

Luigi player

Fun friendlies, nice Ike!


Hatte dich gar nicht erkannt ^^



Sup Ramin! :bee: You losing to Calzorz was unexpected, but he did beat Leon in a MM too... good **** at beating Orion again! The loserbracket was ****ed up LOL. I'm actually not feeling as good as I should after winning a tourney, mostly because Staco and Orion ***** me in friendlies...
Don't be too confident in beating me though :[ 400 € MM really seemed like u don't think I should've won... </sad>
Oh and of course it was me on MSN/EUChat LOL :\

Nexi´s Freund

Yeah maaan you are such a cool guy! It was really fun teaming with you ;) I'm glad we still won after losing to Leon and Calzorz in WFs. Good **** at beating Staco with Dedede... your D3 is so scary. Props to ****** me in friendlies... :\ why can't I recover anymore against MK ;_; I know why I stopped recovering low... Staco always gimped me that way, but I guess I have to firgure out something. Maybe I would be a bit better in serious sets, but I'm not sure... I want to play way more friendlies with you next time (Diddy vs MK). :X
Too bad the loserbracket was so stacked at your side. And that footstool gimp from Staco was really gay :\ I think you could've done better.

Echt nice, dass du aus den Pools kamst und auch noch 25. wurdest! Ist doch ziemlich gut, und Gale ist ja auch nicht schlecht. ;)

Jo war nett, dass du dabei warst. ^^ Hoffe du hattest auch Spaß. Hol dir bald mal ne Wii ;P

Nice guy, fun matches, Pikas thunder is always scary :S

Prinz Klötenschlucke
Dachte zuerst ein random Noob, aber dein Kirby hat ja echt was drauf!

13th ist gut, nice Matches ;P

Bissl gesehn, aber nicht geredet oder gespielt... :X

Really nice PT! I really thought you'd make it to the bracket :\


Ja war wieder nice dich zu sehen. Dein Wolf ist echt noch besser geworden, und das Diddy MU kannst du jetzt auch! :0 Nice stuff in den Friendlies (hat auch dazu beigetragen, dass ich dachte ich sucke), aber nimm dich vor Kirby in Acht ;P Blöd, dass du Probleme mit deinem Controller hattest bei unserem Set am Livestream. :( (oder war es sogar besser für mich...?)
Good stuff @ 7th place! Du bist echt total gut und auf jeden Fall ein ernstzunehmender Gegner!


Du warst echt gut! Vielleicht schaffst du Leon/Calzorz ja nächstes Mal. Nach unseren Friendlies hatte ich echt Angst, dass ich jetzt mega sucke und dachte schon ich werd vl 13th oder so... aber das war wohl doch nicht der Fall. ^^ Ich muss aber auf jeden Fall wieder recovern gegen top MKs lernen... oder gibt es keine Möglichkeit das zu schaffen? :\
Kam mir echt vor, als wärst du seit letztem Mal viel besser geworden (nicht, dass du damals schlecht warst, aber jetzt hast du halt irgwie wirklich gut gewirkt, good stuff).

Jo war nett dich mal zu treffen. ^^

It was nice to meet you again :bee: even though we still didn't play >__> really nice placing man!! Keep it up!

9. ist gut! Blöd, dass du gegen Ramin musstest, aber du hast ziemlich gut gegen ihn gespielt!
Das Turnier war echt toll. Bin froh, dass ich gekommen bin und hat echt fun gemacht. Nächstes Mal zocken wir dann auch wieder! ;P Und alles Gute zum Bday =)


Joa.. haben auch bissl geredet ^^


Yikaa, pass vor Orions Zunge auf! :0 war wieder nett dich zu treffen :] wir hatten auch paar Friendlies... Aber wie kannst du gegen Staco mit Diddy gewinnen? ~.~ sag mir deine Geheimnisse :D
Dein Diddy sieht techskilled aus, aber mein DK war wohl zu viel für ihn.... Hast du Diddy im Turnier auch gespielt, oder nur Yoshi? Hast du das MM im Twister noch gewonnen? LOL
Du hattest wohl Recht als du sagtest, dass man irgwie nicht dazu kommt die Infinite zu starten... MKs sind immer so blöd in der Luft >.>
Achja und sperr die Klotür nächstes Mal ganz ab.... :D cu next time

Hab dich zwar nie gesehen (bzw weiß nicht wie du aussiehst), aber du scheinst ja ziemlich gut zu sein, wenn du Semifer besiegst! Dass du Tay damals besiegt hast war wohl doch nicht so ein Ausrutscher.. scheinst echt was drauf zu haben. Vielleicht spielen wir ja irgendwann mal.


Smash Champion
Dec 14, 2008
''Don't be too confident in beating me though :[ 400 € MM really seemed like u don't think I should've won...'''

LOOOL really ? I never meant it to sound that way haha xD
ill do my shoutouts later!

oh also even though I was really bad at it commentating was pretty fun :D
its just since english isn't my first language i have to think twice before I say something, and by the time I do that the players already do something else so its kinda hard to catch up XD

~ Gheb ~

Life is just a party
Jun 27, 2008
John, there were 82 entrants and 8€ entry fee for singles. Payouts are the same as KTAR5.

Shoutouts to the international people ...


telu - this guy goes straight up Falcon against everybody. Mad respect son.

Yami - first OoC tourney is always hard man. You'll do better next time

Leon - glad to see your Peach is still broken and does crazy stuff. Next time we're playing though!


KillerJaws - can't believe you didn't win a set in the bracket. Your Samus is so sexy ... I mean you did beat Yami with it just to lose to Pika4life in brackets [no offense @P4L], that's really sad. I thought you'd do really well and place top 20ish

MTR - I love your accent. "Can I have a coke" XD

Calzorz - Your sister Snake is a sexy beast. You've tapped Ramin and Staco in winners and Leon in a MM; impressive. Always a pleasure to see you in germany

J.Miller - That Luigi is going mad hard, beating istudy and SiC, taking 1st in pools, holy cow.

C.R.Z - wanted to play friendlies with you. Fox vs Wolf is my favorite match-up to play. You took a game off Lp in pools and almost beat him, why didn't you place much higher? 0.o

Siri - you had a lot of bad luck at this tourney, I'm sorry to hear that. First the thing with pools and then canceling your attendance of doubles ... I hope you enjoyed the good sides of the tournament because you're def. a cool guy and I'd love to meet you at some other tourney in germany again


Tonie - breakthrough performance? Keep it up! And GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE, MAN. [Next time we WILL play though, no deviation from this]

Ramin - always fun to have you around ... did better against you than I expected [unless I got offstage -.-]. You kind of had a **** loser bracket due to upsets, you got this next time

Marc - tsk, tsk ... asking for Melee at a brawl tourney? j/k you would've scraped most people in Melee anyway XD

Orion - nice to meet you you're a really fun guy. You also were really, really unlucky in Bracket, I'm sorry to hear that. I wish I could've done something to prevent you vs Ramin at that stage of the tournament but loser bracket is hard to have control of. You have a really professional approach towards the game which is admirable and kind of new in europe. I wish you best of success next time. Boo @ using Snake vs Mario though XD

Olaf - left a shoutout @gsb but here's another one for ya for being just awesome

Tiersie - nice to see you traveling, good stuff

LuLLo - fun friendlies, your side-B shenanigans with Ike are too good 0.o

Dennis - sorry for what happened. You already had a really unlucky bracket and then you missed the train due to miscommunication on the host's part. I hope you're not too mad about it cuz you're a cool guy and all. Always nice to talk with you.

Oct 9, 2008
Vinyl Scratch's Party Bungalo
great tournament, u should put the characters of place 17th because, there are also interesting to see, that there are not just mks or other hightiers ^^
This. EU has a ridiculously healthy metagame, it's pretty crazy.

Hast du deine Brille wieder gefunden? Dir gings wohl echt nicht gut :\
Yeah... I got really sick. No johns, obv (it only got really bad after I was kicked out of the brackets), but I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and just barely making the two steps it took me to get into the bathroom before vomiting all over the floor. I spent the next hour or so with a combination of scrubbing my puke off the floor and having really nasty diarrhea. :( **** sucked. I was feeling kinda nauseous over the whole tournament... IMO either a stomach bug or too much McDonald's. I think most of the symptoms are gone.



(S!C): Thanks for everything. I hope my (lousy) DDD helped you at all... And the tips on life and ****. You're a really great friend, and I... ****, it needs to be said, I'm really a douchebag. :( I don't know why I even thought like that, but I really hope you can forgive me, if not trust me...

Akuma: Ugh, nice metaknight. I hate how when I finally figure out the snake matchup, you pull out your pocket MK. Just like Xawas. :glare: Good matches, though.

AscWolf: BRAWL- HYPE! Good games, nice wolf (in both games). Shame you didn't make it to the bracket. Also, has anyone ever told you you look like a younger Dan Savage?

Biggad: I still have not played against you. This won't do...

Bloody: Yo, payback for Smash@Slay. Good matches, keep working on the MK matchup, eh?

BPC: Well, at least you only made the stench coming from the bathroom worse... My condolences to S!C and Stiv, who had to spend around 4 hours in a car with me...

Calzorz: Didn't play you. Apparently, you have a really nice snake.

Calzorz sister: Didn't play you either. Apparently, you have really nice jiggs.

Chair: Good to see you, you're always good for the mood of the place.

Chozo: Your falco is getting constantly better. Wrecked me in winners bracket. Good ****.

crifer: Didn't play you in the tournament (thank god) nor in friendlies (damn shame). Hype on the way there though, eh?

GALE: Gotcha back for MSN, eh? ;)

GoldenIke: It's a shame, really... ROB-MK is just not a winnable matchup for ROB if the MK knows what he's doing. Sorry.

HoRnZ: Good MMs... I've gotten pretty damn good against ICs though, in case you haven't noticed...

iStudying: ...You probably didn't notice that, though. Good matches. Sorry I turned you down at the end; I had a wave of nausea, plus I knew I was not gonna beat your peach.

JUDGE: Nice fox. Took some getting used to.

KazeKun: Nice MM. Little tip, though: DON'T TAKE MK TO RC. I don't care if TL has several spots where he can OHKO you with Dsmash. I have several spots I can OHKO you with Uthrow, and that's a lot less easy to watch out for. ;) Made it hard for me though, good set. Also: you beat me in a Brawl- MM after playing it for like 10 minutes. Good **** man; that TL is legit as ****.

KillerJawz: Nice to meet you. Sorry for messing up the stages forum. :awesome: Cool guy, nice Samus. Shame about the 80-20 matchups.

Kyo: Oof, that marth... Good ****.

L!ver: Nice Brawl- fox. But do us all a favor: Work less on the waveshining and more on the basic combos. You saw how Xawas was playing fox; his combos work really well and it's part of why fox is considered really good by the devs. Dthrow->waveshine depends on your opponent missing his tech.

Light: SOOOO CLOOOOSE. Good games in pools.

LinkinHand: Lol, the way you advised GoldenIke not to MM me. :laugh:

LuLLo: Good matches. I wasn't sandbagging when you played me with Ike before; I was kinda tired. On sunday I was back on my prime and ready to play kinda gay.

Maze: **** your snake. Seriously. :awesome: Good MMs.

Nyan~: Brawl- HYPE! Sorry about teams, I was just completely gone. Like, seriously, I could not manage anything any more. I was dead in the water.

Orion: Yo, good to see you again. We did not play at all at this tournament; I blame the fact that I was pretty much dead all of saturday night.

Phantasma: I did not see you over at the brawl- setups at all. What is wrong with you man? :laugh: Nice to see you again, anyways.

Prinz Klötenschlucke: How I thought you were starwolf after you told me your nickname for some reason, I'll never guess...

Purple~H/Reyney: Good **** in teams. I have extreme exhaustion johns, but you guys would've ***** us anyways.

Semifer: Nice friendlies. Your wolf is scary ****, man.

sparkY: Sorry about pools. Keep working on your Pikachu. How do you train? Maybe you should look into more wifi or something.

Staco: Gratz on the placing.

stiv64: Yo, nice to see you again. Good **** against S!C–I can't make a match that close between us. :laugh:

TaY: Why didn't we play at all? Damn, I should've caught you at some point. Thanks for hosting, man. Great tournament.

TaY´s Vater: Thanks for putting up with the **** about the main TV... and thanks for the location. :)

Xawas: ****. Your. Metaknight. :laugh: Seriously, your MK should go die in a fire. Nice wins in bracket though, and good **** in Brawl-. :)

Y.B.O.: Lower Saxony is ****ing awesome. Good **** in Brawl-.
yanbo: See YBO.
Yikarur: You're always good for the mood. Nice to see you again, man. Lol@how you called orion weird. And then after seeing him like jump on your back and say "GIVE ME YOUR ENERGY", I retracted that statement. Generally hilarious. And thanks for loaning me the charger cable. :laugh:


Smash Ace
Jan 22, 2008
Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
Thank you everyone who loved my PT.

Thank you, thank you

Thank you, thank you

Thank you, thank you

No really, thank you.

On a serious note:
Thanks everyone for playing, I can't really be bothered with giving everyone personal shoutouts but I pretty much liked everyone.

- Rog

(Dutch crew is ****ing awesome)


Smash Journeyman
Apr 30, 2010
aaah you are rog? i wanted to play against your PT he look really interesting


Smash Journeyman
Oct 5, 2009
Staco: Nicht viel geredet. Nice matches in Teams again Zunge raus Unsere Matches sind immer so geil, in4 MSN2 Revenge großes Grinsen

Mr-R: like always xD great Marth. U took ur revenge this time, but on MSN2, we'll beat u down ! haha great person imo Augenzwinkern

Crysis: homosnakisch

Leon: trop fort, joli matches entre nous, see you on MSN2 Zunge raus

Luigi player: Du hast mich so überrascht xD wir wurden mit einem riesigen lächeln deinerseits empfangen smile hat mich echt gefreut, wieder mit dir reden zu können. Leider keine Gelegenheit gefunden zu spielen, was wir auch mal ändern sollte nächstes Mal smile

Orion: great guy, always laughing xD u rockz man!

J.Miller: BROOOO !! Too good with you. The discussion were so great, and to play against you, and with you in teams were great. LUIGI !!!!!

ZorC: Du bist wirklich ein guter Spieler, kein Zweifel. Keep going!

Akuma: yooh akuma großes Grinsen auch ohne stress, chill geredet und gelacht xD bin gespannt auf unsere nächste matches Zunge raus (1-0 für mich Ugly )

T: so bad, that we couldn't play this time :/

KillerJawz: NICE samus, really, i was impressed ! (haha my SDI walltech to bair to fair after you spike großes Grinsen )

GALE: ggs in teams, wir waren die besseren smile

Calzorz: should play one time, its the 2nd time, we couldn't do it ... xD

Chair: your too good haha xD bit crazy, but awesome smile Glad to see you again smile

Purple~H: MK!

Bloody: Diesmal nicht gespielt. Schade eigentlich, wollte meine revenge zu nehmen Zunge raus

Xawas: sehen uns auf msn2 wieder smile

iStudying: ur very nice xD u won this mm, and got ur revenge, but be sure, i will strike back!

Semifer: gleiche wie staco, geile teammatches, msn2 kommt unser rachezug!

Desti: suckz, platz 17 mehhhh

KazeKun: während dem turnier nicht soviel miteinander zutun gehabt, nach dem turnier geil xDD

TaY: hosting war awesome, nur schade das teams so spät waren :/

Yami: nice peach!

Yikarur: Du eierspammiges flügeloses Dinodrache -.-
RL verstehen wir uns imba xD hoffe, wir können diese harmonische freundschaft auch hier weiterführen xD

Chozo: schon wieder keine matches unglücklich

Garok: SCHOKOMAMA!!! miss you already unglücklich

CRZ: you talk a lot of bull**** during the teams xDD think it was the time xD

(S!C): nice matches, du wars halb eingeschlafen xD

Snopy: wIFI PIT xD nein joke, du bist wirklich ein imba teampartner ^^

Aqua: nice falco, but Luigi GOT YAAA !!!

Reyney: got ***** in teams großes Grinsen

PB: mehr kontakt ebenfalls nach dem turnier beim warten der züge xD

JUDGE: Mein lieblingsasiate !! xD geile matches, schade dass du kein mm wolltest unglücklich xD

MTR: kind person, ur funny guy xD

Draqo: und, jugendenergie already aufgeladen? xDD froh, soviel trashtalk mit dir gehabt zu haben haha xD

Maze: nice snake! jedoch, auf rc war krasser **** xD

Gheb: Wir sind uns auf soviel einig, echt netter kerl, thx für die nette diskussionen smile

G~P: also a person who loved trash-talk xD

Rog: happy to meet you in real life xD good player and nice PKMT smile

MewMewZone: haha teams waren echt nett, bist auch ein netter Mensch, hat spaß gemacht, näheres mit dir zu tun gehabt smile

.selebu: du bist echt viel besser geworden, mach weiter so, ich glaub an dich! Die Aktion in MC Donald einfach IMBANESE XDDDD

Siri: great Peach man, i really enjoyed our matches, rare that I take pleasure to play a peach smile

Justice: Keine Matches dieses Mal, machen wir auf MSN2 smile

LuLLo: nice guy, good ike!

ShadowTl: nice TL, u should have take your breakfast earlier xD

Jul!? :musste echt lachen als wir zusammen die teams angeschaut haben (du weißt welche ich meine xDD) Ansonsten, dein Luigi ist nicht schlecht, doch, an Erfahrung fehlt dir. Wir müssen beide noch besser werden !
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