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“Lloyd Unites Smash” Lloyd Irving and Tales Smash Analysis Part 2


Hello, and welcome to Part 2 of the Lloyd Irving and Tales of Symphonia potential DLC in the Fighter Pass. Previously, we looked at Lloyd and how he could possibly play as a fighter. In this part, we will look at what kind of content Tales of Symphonia could provide in Smash.

Tales of Symphonia Stage

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Tales of Symphonia stage would be the Tower of Salvation since it’s a focal point for most of the story. If you want to see how the Tower of Salvation could work, play Super Smash Flash 2. Instead, let’s look at another important Tales of Symphonia location; the city of Luin.



This was once a beautiful city that was destroyed by the series's antagonist, the Desians. It was up to Lloyd and the party to save the city and help rebuild it by donating funds. The city would gradually be rebuilt with new additions and even statues of the party being erected each time you visit.

It would be great to show all the stages of Luin’s development seen in the source material. The stage could start off with showing Luin’s original appearance with the Desian raid phase or immediately after the raid. Regardless of which variant it starts as, the city will slowly recover and rebuild itself as the match continues. The stage itself would consist of a main stage platform with walk-off ledges as well as additional raised platforms made of rooftops overlooking the main plaza and water fountain of Luin.

This stage would also be great for showing character cameos, especially the party members. Each member has a unique personality, and it would be a nice touch to capture that in their animations:

Genis and Colette could be seen running and playing together. Raine would be walking around and studying architecture.

Kratos could silently judge the fight with his hand on the hilt of his sword as if ready for action.

Sheena Fujibayashi and Corrine could practice ninjutsu together.

Regal Bryant and Presea Combatir would walk to a bench and sit a while in silence.

Zelos Wilder could have an entourage of young girls following him.

Having these cameos would not only work well for the stage but would also be a good nod to how these characters acted in the games.

Tales Mii Outfits


The Tales series has such a wide range of characters that it would be almost criminal not to use them as Mii Costumes. For this reason, costumes will be spread across the whole series instead of all being from Tales of Symphonia.

Cress Albane Mii Swordfighter


There are many sword fighters in the Tales series, and it would be fitting to include its first protagonist, Cress Albane. Cress first appeared in Tales of Phantasia and has been featured heavily in other related games. Cress is a young man from the village of Toltus whose father was a famed swordsman. He lost his family and village to those who wished to resurrect the demon king, Dhaos.

Yuri Lowell Mii Swordfighter


Even though he’s not as popular as Lloyd, Yuri Lowell is still one of the most popular protagonists. Hailing from Tales of Vesperia, Yuri has cemented himself as one of the main characters of the Tales series. He is an orphan with a strong sense of justice and a caring heart.

Genis Mii Gunner


Genis the elf is Lloyd's best friend. He uses his kendama, a popular children's toy in real-world Japan, to wield magic in battle. Although Colette and Kratos play more important roles, Genis is still a valued member of the team. He often acts as the voice of reason and is also the comedic foil to Lloyd's stubbornness and irrationality.

Gnome Hat


There are many recurring characters in the Tales series, and a good candidate would be one of the Summon Spirits, Gnome, who appears quite frequently. Its appearance in Tales of Symphonia would make for a great Mii hat to represent the series.

Tales of Symphonia Spirit and Spirit Battles


Kratos Aurion


Kratos is one of the companions who joined to protect Colette as a mercenary, and he seems to have some connection with Lloyd. They kind of look similar now that I think about it.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Critical Hit ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: Red :ultchrom:
Stage: Fountain of Dreams
Rules: Stamina Battle
Opponent heals when at low health
Favors Special Moves

Inspiration: References how Kratos is fought as a boss, has healing artes and will heal himself when at low health, and the multiple techniques he has on hand during his battle.

Colette Brunel


Colette is a childhood friend of Lloyd and is the Chosen of Sylvarant. She is tasked with bringing Mana back to a dying world and typically fights using Chakrams and holy magic.

Spirit Info
Type: Support
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Critical-Health Healing

Spirit Battle
Character: White :ultpeach:
Stage: Temple
Rules: None
Opponent favors throwing turnips
Opponent is prone to tripping
The opponent tries to avoid conflict

Inspiration: Based on how Collete is clumsy and prone to tripping but also references her pacifist nature. Throwing turnips references her weapons of choice, Chakrams, and also throwing toy hammers via her attack, Pow Hammer.

Regal Bryant


Regal Bryant was once the president of the Lezerano Company and was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. He had the chance to redeem himself by assassinating the Chosen of Sylvarant, but aided them instead. He was noted for fighting with kicks while keeping his handcuffs on.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Shield
Class: :starman:
Ability: Slightly increases the power of kicks and knee strikes.

Spirit Battle
Character: White :ultfalcon:
Stage: Final Destination
Rules: Stamina Match
Favors kicking attacks

Inspiration: Regal primarily fights using kicking attacks and the match references how he is fought in his boss battle before joining the team.

Mithos Yggdrasill


Mithos Yggdrasill is two myths in one, with Mithos being a great hero and Yggdrasil being a great villain. Mithos is a half-elf and the leader of Cruxis, an organization of half-elves who control both Sylvarant and Teth’ella. Together with his friends, he sought to separate the two worlds to stop the war between them. This causes both worlds to vie for Mana, which brings life to the land. His adult form is the basic spirit level and can be enhanced to his child form, because his child form is actually his true form.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Shield
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Enhanceable at Level 99

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Shield
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Increases power and defense when in a team.

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultpit:
Stage: Unova Pokemon League
Rules: Stamina Match
Opponents has enhanced jumps
Neutral Special deals more damage
Opponent starts in Tiny size, becomes normal size at half damage, and Giant size plus Metal Form with 25% health left

Inspiration: This is based on Mithos’s final battle in which he shape shifts from his child form to a gigantic robotic form.

Emil Castagnier and Tenebrae


Emil Castagnier is a youth who blames an innocent Lloyd for the death of his family in the city of Palmacosta. He has an alternate form called Ratatosk Mode, which makes him violent and angry. The black cat Tenebrae, who also happens to be a Centurion of Darkness, acts as Emil's guide and companion.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Air Attack ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultshulk: (Purple), :ultincineroar: (Black)
Stage: Luin
Rules: Defeat the main opponent
Favors Jump Monado Art
Increases aerial attack damage
Constantly in a Rage state

Inspiration: Emil often starts his battles in Ratatosk Mode which makes his attacks more brutal and violent. Emil is a character whose fighting style focuses on getting opponents into the air and launching into aerial-based combos.

Tales of Symphonia Music

The selected music focuses entirely on Tales of Symphonia and related titles as opposed to branching out to other Tales games.


The selected music focuses entirely on Tales of Symphonia and related titles as opposed to branching out to other Tales games.

The Land of Sylvarant Tales of Symphonia

Full Force Tales of Symphonia

Struggle to Survive Tales of Symphonia

Fatalize Tales of Symphonia

Last Battle ~ Decision Tales of Symphonia

Emil - From Darkness Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Outside of the Fighter Pass

In this section, let's take a look at content that probably wouldn’t be included in the Fighter’s Pass. Previously in the Doom article, we discussed the possibility of a Spider Mastermind Boss at length. Neither the Boss section nor the Item section will be covered this time. Mithos could easily be a boss, but I can’t see him appearing on anything but a Tower of Salvation stage. As for the item, the Spirit Ring comes to mind, but its use for Smash was a bit difficult to conceive. Instead of those, let’s focus on other areas.

Assist Trophy: Emil Castagnier

Drawing from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Emil rushes forward and performs Devil’s Hellfire. Encasing his sword in fire, he’ll try to slash and catch the opponent in a series of sword strikes. The attack finally ends with Emil jumping into the air, slamming his sword downwards into the opponent, and then unleashing a powerful fiery blast.


Tales of Symphonia had these nice little skits that could be watched throughout the game. They essentially consisted of short conversations, which were informative, amusing, or even gloomy and sad. I think it would be great if these were to appear, much like Palutena’s Guidance. To demonstrate, here are three dialog concepts.

:ultmario:Mario: Mr. Mustache:ultmario:

Lloyd: Hey, this guy has fire powers! What gives!?
Genis: We’ve faced dozens of fire-wielding monsters. What do you mean?
Lloyd: This guy doesn’t seem like a fighter, but he has all sorts of fire attacks.
Kratos: Lloyd, you should never underestimate your opponents.
Lloyd: Yeah, yeah.
Colette: Maybe you could use a water attack?
Lloyd: I don’t really have a water attack.
Colette: Maybe a garden hose then?
Genis: I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a garden hose, Colette. Just keep whacking him with your swords like you always do!
Kratos: Indeed. That always seems to work for you.
Lloyd: Hey!

:ultlink:Link: Green Elf Boy:ultlink:

Raine: Those ears! Could he be an…elf?
Lloyd: I don’t know, but he uses a sword, shield, and bow quite well!
Raine: Fascinating. What world could he have come from?!
Sheena: Beats me, but he’s quite strong...and handsome!
Zelos: Sh...Sh...Sheena!? How could you! You bett–
Sheena: Hey, put a sock in it!
Zelos: Oww! My lovely Sheena! OW!!!
Sheena: That Zelos will never learn. This fighter certainly has some amazing skills, though. He shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Raine: If you defeat him, bring him back to my room… for study.
Lloyd, Sheena, Zelos: … Raine?!

:ultmegaman:Boy Blue Wonder:ultmegaman:

Lloyd: Hey, is this a Desian weapon!? Curse them!!
Presea: I don’t have any information on this creature.
Regal: Its body is as thick as steel.
Lloyd: Yeah, it makes a “clang” sound when I hit it.
Presea: Clang sound?
Lloyd: Yeah! Like “CLANG”!
Regal: ….Clang….
Genis: Nevermind him. That’s how he explains something that he doesn’t know how to.
Lloyd: What’s that Genis?!
Presea: I suggest attacking when it is vulnerable. Perhaps after dodging one of its attacks.
Lloyd: G… good idea, Presea!
Genis: You’re so smart, Presea.
Presea: oh… thank you.


The Tales series may not be as iconic as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but it has certainly earned its spot on the list of great RPG franchises. Its games have been on a variety of systems with a wide audience both in Japan and the Western world. Tales of Symphonia, in particular, is noted as being one of the main games within the franchises thanks to it being the first with Western release. Lloyd Irving has gone on to become what Cloud is to Final Fantasy. With the absence of his Mii Fighter costume and a lack of a second Bandai-Namco representative, it’s possible we could see him and his series make an appearance as downloadable content.
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


Pretty cool read. Only concern is that could be considered too little content as we usually get at least 9 or 10 and songs around the same
Great I like all of this music spirit battles, the conversations with his party members.

Loved Tales of Symphonia hope he gets in.
It's cool, but I think Mithos should be a Legend class since he's the main villain. For the songs, maybe add Fighting of the Spirits and Like a Glint of Light. Like a Glint of Light actually played during Lloyd Mii costume reveal in Smash 4, so I think that's gonna get in.
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I never played the tales game but if I had to choose, the character "Genis" i'd pick because I like that he has a different weapon thats not used quit as much in smash. It would be interesting to see more of these weapon types and a yoyo style(or ball whatever it is lol) attack would be cool. I just wish the character aesthetics werent anime since its been used a lot in smash already but who cares it doesnt matter if the character is different and fun. Great post overall. Great job at putting this together.
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Really like this. I think the world tree is also a very likely stage option and it is a place that has appeared in other tales games too.

I will forever find funny whatever is going on with Emil's arm right there, lmao.

Praying for a Genis mii, my boi, the true pancake boi.

ToS was indeed my favorite gamecube title growing up, followed closely by metroid prime and twilight princess. We NEED that Motoi Sakuraba music goodness!!!
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