Dominic "RayOfCannon" William

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Dominic "RayOfCannon" William
Nebulous Launches Tristate Melee Circuit
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New York City's Nebulous Gaming recently announced the Tri-State region's first ever Super Smash Bros. Melee circuit.
Breaking Down the Singaporean Year-End Power Rankings
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A breakdown of Singapore's five best Smash Wii U players according to the 2016 Year-End Power Rank.
Melee Veteran Shroomed Joins Immortals
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The veteran Sheik specialist will be representing the organization heading into 2017.
Emperor Pokemon Empoleon Joins Pokken Tournament
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On November 1, Croagunk was introduced to the Pokken series, gathering all sorts of reactions ranging from disappointment to laughter to joy. A month later the development team has announced a new addition to their family: Empoleon, the emperor Pokemon!
My Smash Corner's Latest Video Discusses the Nature of Bans in Competitive Smash
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Have you ever wondered why certain aspects of gameplay are banned in a tournament setting of games, including every Super Smash Bros. title? My Smash Corner, a popular Smash YouTube channel, uploaded a video shining light on this topic for players to understand why and what causes a ban to happen.
Liquid | Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma Gets Nominated For "Best eSports Player" In The Game Awards!
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As of 17th November 2016, Juan “Liquid | Hungrybox” Debiedma is now the first Super Smash Bros. player to get nominated for “Best eSports Player” in the annual 'The Game Awards' or TGA.

You can vote for Hungrybox here under the category of “Best eSports Player.
Brawl Minus Devs on Sonic: "We think he's perfectly busted. "
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Nearly a week ago, the creators of Brawl Minus released the latest installment of their character introduction videos, this time featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.
Japanese Stars Kie and Ri-Ma to Attend 'Dubai Dojo'
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UAE Smashers, the United Arab Emirates' competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, recently announced that in addition to Kei and 9B, Kie and Ri-Ma are set to attend Dubai Dojo, a regional major to be held from November 25 - 26 at the Ezone Net Cafe in Abu Hail, Dubai..
9B and Kei Confirmed for UAE Smashers' 'Dubai Dojo'
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UAE Smashers, the United Arab Emirates' competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, recently announced that Japan's Kei and 9B are set to attend Dubai Dojo, a regional major taking place on November 25 - 26.
FlySociety Signs Fatality
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As of October 27th, Griffin “Fatality" Miller announced that he has been signed by FlySocietyGG, FlySociety also previously known as Rival Gaming started out in 29.Oct as a Call Of Duty & Gears of War team which consisted of 4 players, now they have FGC titles such as Rivals of Aether and Pokken too. Idealistically they plan to open up to more FGC titles once they have the opportunity to.
State of the Fall Preview: Singapore Now
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On October 22 - 23, Singapore’s Smash Wii U titans will gather to define its power rank and with it, storylines for months to come. Here's everything you need to know about State of the Fall, the country’s latest major.
Glitch 2 Preview: New formats (Triples and more!)
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Six months have passed since Glitch, and finally the time has come. Given the success of Glitch, VGBootCamp brings us Glitch 2. Similarly to its prequel, it will be held at Xanadu, and this time it will host seven events total, instead of the previous four; one of them will be done for charity."
Last Stock Legends Enter the Compendium of The Big House 6
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The Big House 6 just added 2 Last Stock Legends rewards into the Compendium! If you guys haven’t seen the Compendium, be sure to check it out here!

The Last Stock Legends are a Super Smash Bros. content production studio who have released professionally made content such as Top 8 Intro videos and trailers for big events like GOML and have recently started a series call “Last Stock Legends” featuring a player’s experience, which has made a huge impact on the Smash scene.

Now back to the 2 LSL rewards. Each person is...
KWAM$TACK$ - My Doc's Too Good
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Doctor Mario, known as Doc by fans, has been known as "Worse Mario" ever since the game came out. KWAM$TACK$ is one of the guys who still chooses Doc despite this fact and is ready to show the world what this character can do
Hometown Hero 'KEN' Defends Japan at Umebura SAT
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Against a field of local and international threats, Tokyo-native KEN successfully managed to defend his hometown and win Umebura S.A.T, Japan's second international Super Smash Bros. for Wii U event.
The Birth of Smash in Singapore (“SmashG”)
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This is the story of how SmashG, Singapore's competitive Smash community, started. From its humble beginnings to where it is now, its come a long way.