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Recent content by Zoalord

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    Can't Nair with C-Stick

    Hi! So I am using a Switch Pro Controller where my C-Stick is set to Tilt Attack. I am having a problem where I cant ever do a Nair with the C-Stick. Funny thing is 1 week before Ultimate released I played Smash4 on an emulator and linked my switch pro controller to my pc and I could with...
  2. Z

    is K Rool broken?

    Thats just flat out wrong, even at 150%, down throwing someone wont buy you enough time to do a down smash against a proper player
  3. Z

    When C-Stick is mapped to Tilt Attack: When does a Jab/Nair happen?

    Hi! So I've been trying some stuff in training and and my jump button is on L and tilt attack to the C-Stick. Now when I press C-Stick to the side while pressing L at the same time I wont to do a Fair or Bair, however in some occasions its doing a Nair, which is quite annoying. Why does it do...
  4. Z

    Do the Pro players have Tap Jump on or off?

    So I loaded up SS4 to get used to the controls again in preparation for Ultimate. I thought this would be a good time to learn playing the "right" way (if there is such a thing). Now I am used to jump by tapping and not using a dedicated jump button. Performing uptilts is hard this way, so I...
  5. Z

    Possible to connect Wii to PC Screen?

    This might be a little off topic/off forum but you know this forum kinda has a lot of members so Im just asking it here, I'm a huge SSBB fan too :) Anyway, is it possible to connect my Wii to my 19 Inch PC screen? If so, will I get better graphics if I buy a special needed cable for it...
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