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Recent content by Zjiin

  1. Zjiin

    Hello guys!

    This weegee is sick.
  2. Zjiin

    [Dec 6, 2014] IMDB 12: Killing Time Before Perkins (Madison, WI)

    Anyone from IL coming up to this?
  3. Zjiin

    Midwest [Oct 28, 2015] Wavedash Wednesday (Oak Park, IL)

    Is melee first or second this week?
  4. Zjiin

    The Big House 4 Results [Oct 4-5, 2014 - Romulus, MI]

    Didn't know people used this site still, but I'm glad shout out are still a thing. Juggleguy is a monster TO and gave many of us the best tournament experience we could ever hope for. Thanks for your hard work. Hanky Panky for being a beast with Peach and just straight up embarrassing me in...
  5. Zjiin

    ([Chicago Area Smashfests]) MELEE ONLY -4-9-09

    Raised from the dead! Absolutely not but feel free to use the thread to help find smashfests. About 5 years too late for this one.
  6. Zjiin

    [Sep 10, 2014] EXP Summer Ladder (Oak Park, IL)

    Only PM? Cool I idea though.
  7. Zjiin

    The Ultra-Official Illinois MELEE Thread. (new player list, updated tourneys & fests)

    Site is dead. Use Facebook's chicagoland melee group
  8. Zjiin

    The Odyssey Match

    Bringing it back. Zjiin: 68 I am the microwave :38
  9. Zjiin

    The Ultra-Official Illinois MELEE Thread. (new player list, updated tourneys & fests)

    Bwahahaha holy smokes if this is thread was any older we'd be unearthing it live on TV. I'm back but don't expect that classic OP to change.
  10. Zjiin

    [Jul 18, 2014] Wacky Tournament Friday (Oak Park, IL)

    Might come by if I get the itch.
  11. Zjiin

    Chicago-Land Power Rankings (Updated 12/30/2011)

    Scrubs. What's the next local tourney near me? I don't sleep on basement floors.
  12. Zjiin

    Smash @ Rat's 4/12/11

    Totally came on to see when this was gonna happen, and totally missed it yesterday. Hold that $30 MM till next time
  13. Zjiin

    Smash @ Rat's 4/12/11

    I might have to make a celebrity appearance during this. If you ask me for a $MM, i'm gonna punch you square in the face.
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