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  • actually i'm pretty sure its just moving locations in geneva. sucks though, you could just walk out and get pizza before <_<
    wow, it only took you that long? You've got some serious skills man. oo

    If you ever decide to make another sig shop, hook me up. =P
    haha, **** son. How long did that take you? Cause honestly, that's so insane. Best sig i've seen ever, imo.
    hey im prolly going, i might take train with "fro" ,but hes being housed by vro, and i need to know if u or trail or even vro could house me....
    he ive got some practice in, and me and kitsune (both used ganon), and got first in doubles last weekend, also do u know who all is going to the chicago tourney from lafayette, cuz my grandma said i cant go, then i talked to here about the tourney more, and the smash community, and she said if she meets the purdue crew (who alls going) and talks to them shell let me go if i ride with them, if they take a train i just wont tell her =), but even if they train she might let me go if theres an "adult" with me, so get back to me on who all is going , and hey i might have her call u tonight and talk to u about it k?

    clear ur message thingy.... (u dony have to, lucky i was smart enough to copy / paste this
    hey this is dustin(ganon also) i cant go to the tourney srry....i really want to go. and add me
    hey this is dylan (ganon) i will prolly go to chicago tourney, check the purdue thread i have singles vids on there =) i got 3rd
    hey this is the same samdvds from allisbrawl. are u guys still planning on coming to FAST and wanting housing before the tourney?
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