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Recent content by Ziodyne

  1. Ziodyne

    Official Captain Falcon Video Critique Thread

    At the moment, your movement is alright, but not quite up to par for a good Falcon. Keep smoothing that tech skill out, I noticed some awkward timings on your SHFFL's. Also, work on WD OOS, I swear to God you will see instant improvement being able to move out of shield so freely. Dthrow ->...
  2. Ziodyne

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    Hey, I'm trying your code for using up on the Dpad to skip into the stage select screen, but instead it goes to the stage select screen without input. I checked my controller settings in Dolphin and they appear fine. Any idea what the issue may be?
  3. Ziodyne

    Choosing a main

    Keep an open mind as you play. As you get better, you kind of "unlock" things about the game because you know more when you get better. And when you get better, you might drift away from your original pick just because you know more about the game to make such a choice.
  4. Ziodyne

    Social C. Falcon Social

    I've CC'd aerials into grabs. Punishes sloppy fox nairs hard and prevents them from going gung ho nair plane status on your ass
  5. Ziodyne

    Could some explain "neutral game"?

    The part of the game that isn't combos or edgeguards. It's when the two players are kind of poking each other, looking for openings to capitalize on and start up their punish game. Basically, if you wanna cut the game down into two black-white phases, there's neutral game and punish game...
  6. Ziodyne

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has done extensive research into Falcon's crouch-cancel, especially against getup attacks. I noticed both Lord and Hax using it at TNE and I'm watching some YT videos of Lord doing it against a Falco. They CC getup attacks into dash -> regrabs. It looks like...
  7. Ziodyne

    Throw Follow-ups Against Spacies and Other Fast Fallers

    Your early throw combos against spacies are tech-chases. Dthrow/uthrow -> follow their tech roll -> grab/knee/stomp. If they don't tech, you punish them for it (jab/knee/stomp). You're right that grabs are very good in this MU, but you gotta be consistent on your tech-chases to get the full...
  8. Ziodyne

    Q&A Captain Falcon FAQ and Training Guide

    Use right thumb for A/B/C-stick Use right index finger for X/Y jumps Use right middle finger for Z-button and R-trigger Pretty sure this is the claw they are talking about
  9. Ziodyne

    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    Have to wait, move as soon as you're able. Remember what characters and percent ranges these combos may or may not work on.
  10. Ziodyne

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Gravy, you are so good! Why didn't you beat Dazwa? Why did you insist on those hail-mary raptor boosts and dair approaches!? I dunno how you've calculated the risk-reward on those, but please, my advice is to just straight up remove em from your gameplay. Apart from those, your Falcon is...
  11. Ziodyne

    Falcon Kick

    For disrespect, I once stomped a fox at ~120%, and instead of going for the knee, i went for aerial falcon kick.
  12. Ziodyne

    Falcon Kick

    I use it very occasionally to get back to stage. If they're spaced from the ledge to catch most other ledge options, falcon kick can surprise them a lot with its pull back, and the initial hit is strong enough to knock them down, so it's a free get away from the ledge. If they dodge it though...
  13. Ziodyne

    In case you missed it... A Fly Amanita Combo video!

    I don't know how you can say Popo fthrow -> Nana fsmash -> Popo REGRAB -> Popo fthrow -> Nana fsmash is not HYPE. Fly is on some next level **** dude
  14. Ziodyne

    Social Melee Social Thread and stuff

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