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Recent content by Zibosta

  1. Zibosta

    Is it too late to play Melee?

    I actually showed one of them the melee documentary "The Smash Brothers" by Samox! The second one was playing wolf in ultimate, and was talking about how the lack of kill confirms was really putting him off. I took that as an opportunity to show him melee Falco haha. I got two others to try by...
  2. Zibosta

    Is it too late to play Melee?

    I started playing Melee in 2015, so only been in it four years. The main "catch up" you need to worry about is just tech skill, but that's no different then grinding and learning combos in ultimate. Being a beginner is very difficult yet extremely rewarding. I've introduced three of my friends...
  3. Zibosta

    In a meta of space animals...

    In a meta of space animals...
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