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  • AiB is def not a ****ty site lol. Sure a lot of its online players but some of the best players in the US hang out there. Its good for connections.
    But he's on AIM usually later at night. I heard you guys played today or something.
    I don't know Jinx's but you can find him on AiB. He's somewhere in the top 30 on the online ladder. My brothers is Taigacan.
    any place that people are playin brawl sound like an alright place to me lol
    Yeah I live right next door to Rock on East 1. I don't have AIM though so if we plan to play for any substantial length of time I'll send you a message on here.

    Actually, I think my roommate Jamal and I are going to Turlington this Friday night, and then we'll probably have a bunch of people over to our room to play for a few more hours. I don't know if Rock or harriet will be here, but if you and Mask want to come that'd be awesome.
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