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  • Since you probably don't have a wildcard (required to buy tickets for young people - a wildcard costs 180 and lasts a year) you need to buy tickets early and aim for orange tickets if you want to travel to Copenhagen as cheap as possible. You can find and buy tickets on dsb.dk - Århus station is Århus H, Copenhagen is København H.
    If you go by train it should take 3-4 hours to get to CPH central station. From there it's like 15 minutes to the Headstomper venue.

    There'll only be a Smash tournament if we gather enough people for a side tourney (min. 8 people), and that's not hard to reach :)
    It hasn't been formally announced yet, but there's going to be a news post or a forum post about it on Gamerslounge.dk. The event will be called Headstomper IV :)
    The event is only 1 day, but last time the smashers were allowed to sleep at the venue, so we'd probably be able to do that again.
    There's a big SSFIV/MvC3/Tekken 6 tourney in Copenhagen in May if you're interested :)
    A few smashers will also probably show up for a Melee side tourney.
    Ah, I know you stopped playing a long time ago because i've seen you say it a couple of times before :p
    Anyway you're in Århus? Not very active here in Jutland then. It's only me who also live in Århus (center), tomber (Odder - Near Århus, but he's not very active either), and Jonas who lives in Thisted which is 3 hours away by train =/
    Would be fun if you tagged along for something in Copenhagen sometime though. Or maybe something in malmø where we've started playing with the swedes (doing it for the second time on friday actually). :)
    thats cool man if you do end wanting to get into elfen lied
    i recommend watching the anime first
    then the manga, because the manga is much longer and will
    make the anime less than it is.
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